Science at St. Joseph’s aims to promote the development of children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and to foster an appreciation of the importance of science to develop an understanding of that world. We encourage active participation in the gaining of scientific knowledge, understanding skills and language. We seek to promote and develop a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty and balance of God’s world.

We nurture children’s curiosity and acknowledge that they come to science education with ideas, observations and questions about the world around them and use these as a foundation for their learning.

Please read our school Science Policy: Science Policy 2018

Please read our Curriculum Map for Science: Curriculum map for Science 2018

We challenge children to develop and use scientific skills; acquire and apply scientific knowledge, understanding and language; investigate through play, exploration and experimentation; communicate and collaborate effectively with others.

In our Curriculum Enrichment Week in June, we invited Mr G into school to perform a science show with amazing experiments based around sound, vision and magnetism. The children then continued with their own daily scientific investigations all week wowing their classmates and teachers. The children learnt how exciting science can be!

Above all we hope that children will enjoy and be excited by their learning in science.