Years 5 and 6 enjoy a Cookery Workshop

On January 28th 2013, the team behind the Christchurch Food and Drink Festival came into school along with three local chefs. They put on a special workshop for the children in Years 5 and 6. This involved demonstrating how to cook simple, delicious, healthy dishes using locally bought and produced food.

We then had chance to attempt the recipes ourselves in groups. We had to chop and prepare the ingredients, then cook them according to the instructions of the talented chefs. We then had chance to sample each of the dishes, which included a goats cheese salad, a potato and leek omelette and pork steaks cooked with apples and Asian spices. They were truly delicious and we each enjoyed second helpings!

The focus of the visit was the importance and many advantages of buying food produced in the local area. We learned that it’s important to buy food from local growers, producers and independent retailers to ensure the money remains in the local economy. This creates and supports jobs in the local community. Local food is also fresher, tastier and better for the environment as it has less distance to travel to reach the plate.

It certainly made us all think about our buying choices and our responsibility to support businesses within our community.

A Report by Year 6:

In January, our school had a cooking demonstration ,with Food Festival president Mary Reader and Local chefs, to show the children how to cook healthy recipes.

 At St. Josephs School they used local produce such as locally caught Sea bass, Dorset Goats cheese and Hampshire Water Cress.

The mayor of Christchurch, Mr C Peter Hall,  joined us for the wonderful workshop. He commented, “It’s great to see how much enjoyment the children get out of actually cooking something themselves and how much they have learned in a short space of time.”

Many of the children tried different foods that they had never tried before. Ian Gibbs, the head chef at the Kings Arms, also talked to the pupils about his use of locally-sourced products in his restaurant. The children, chefs and helpers cooked food connected to the Country they were learning about.  At the end of the cooking session  everyone thanked Mary Reader, Ian Gibbs and the other chefs, and enjoyed the food that they had cooked.

By Katie, Josh and Ruby

Why not have a go at cooking these delicious dishes at home?  Click here to view the recipes: Local Produce Recipes