Years 3 and 4’s Day of Reflection

On Wednesday 23rd November, Years 3 and 4 spent a day of reflection at St Joseph’s Church and Parish Centre.

Year 3’s Day of Reflection at St Joseph’s Church and Parish Centre: 

“really very fun”                                        “loads to see” 

“bigger than I knew”            “Great answers from Father John”

 Just a few quotes from the children the day after their visit to the church for a day of activities and reflection. The children spent a full day exploring the church, taking time to pray, sing and reflect together and interviewing Father John.

Here’s a selection of some of the questions they asked!

 Do you feel scared at Mass with all the people?

Do you have another job when you are not at Mass?

How do you feel when you see ill people in the hospital?

How quietly do people come into church?

Do you like lighting the candle?

What did you want to be when you were my age?

Have you ever changed someone’s life?

How do you get ready for Advent/

How often do you pray?

When are you coming into school again?


Year 4’s Day of Reflection at St Joseph’s Church and Parish Centre:

 Following a day full of activities, reflection, singing and prayer these are a few extracts from recounts written by Acacia and Jessica about their day.


 “I enjoyed going behind the altar and I learned that there are lots of different crosses around.”

 “My feelings about the day are that I was happy and loved at the same time because Jesus is around me.”

 “I learned that Father John has been a priest for 22 years.”

 “The thing I enjoyed was the great big crucifix on the top bit of the altar and being allowed to go up to it and see what it is like being a priest and reading the prayers.”