Years 3 and 4 learn about rainforests

This half-term in Years 3 and 4, the children have been learning all about rainforests. The topic got off to an exciting start as part of Year 3’s classroom was transformed into a rainforest. Year 4 turned their classroom into an aeroplane, travelled to Brazil, before finally journeying into the rainforest to see all the animals and experiencing the tropical weather! The children have had a lot of fun sketching animals and using pastels and paints to create a beautiful rainforest landscape. Year 4 loved learning how to make a powerpoint about their favourite animal from the rainforest and a Big Write entitled ‘My day in the Rainforest’. To draw the topic to an end, all the children made rainforest projects including: paper mache models, rainforest scenes, booklets, powerpoints, fabulous art work and even a rainforest cake! Miss Gauden and Miss Thomas were amazed with all of the projects.

These are some of the fascinating facts that we learned:

*        The rainforest is called ‘the world’s biggest pharmacy’ as over 30% of medicine is made from rainforest plants.

*        A howler monkey can be heard from over 3 miles away (that’s the same distance from school to Southbourne!)

*        Rainforests are known as the lungs of the Earth because they produce lots of oxygen.

*      Thousands of animals are losing their homes because they’re being destroyed when trees are chopped down.