Years 1 and 2 down on the farm

In June Years 1 and 2 visited Longdown Activity Farm. It was a fun and educational day out! We did some great recount writing about our trip.

Katy wrote:

On 26th of June we milked cows. I held a bunny and a chick. My favourite bit was seeing the guinea pigs. We had lunch in a farmers den. We went to feed the calves and we fed the goats too. We also fed a horse. I was a really fun day.

Ben wrote:

On 26th June we went to Longdown and my favourite thing was holding the duckling. My second favourite thing was feeding the baby goats and milking the cows. I liked feeding the horses and the cows and last of all I really liked the tractor ride. It was bumpy and really fun.

Aimee wrote:

On Tuesday I went on a school trip. We put our bags down and then we milked some cows. My favourite thing was when we held a lamb called Lolly. We saw a big horse called Ben. We went on a tractor. We had our lunch in a barn. I played on some monkey bars. It was funny when the goats came running to the gate when we went to feed them. We held some baby chicks and Miss Gauden wanted to take the bunny home.  I had a fun day.