Year 6’s visit to Scaplen’s Court

On the 7th November 2012, Year 6 went to Scaplen’s Court. We all arrived there at 10:00am. Suddenly, we came to the old, rusty door, Mrs Loader bravely knocked on the wooden door. Then suddenly a loud-voiced lady (named Mrs Jelly) came rushing out and said “GET INTO A SINGLE FILE IMMEDIATELY!” Straight afterwards, we were introduced to a mysterious man called Mr Stern.

Secondly, we all went in and put our heavy bags away and then we went into a 400 year old room. Then Mrs Jelly turned back to 2012 again and told us a story about a young girl called Effie. She had 8 sisters and 1 brother. Including her parents, that makes 12 altogether. All 35 of us were divided into 5 groups: Pancakes, Soup, Bread, Scones and Clean and Shine. Anashe was in the bread group and Hollie was in the pancake group. Unfortunately, the pancake group got screamed at the most. Anyway, we got everything together and in no time we were finished. The last job, which was to tell Mrs Jelly we were done, was handled by Anashe.

After lunch, which was at 12:30, we went into a small, cramped and squashed classroom. Mr.Stern (aka Gary) shouted and shouted and shouted. He made us say the alphabet but Miss Jones forgot the “p.” Mr Stern screamed at Miss Jones (aka Mrs Rippon) and started saying “Do you need a P Miss Jones. Do you need a P?” Miss Jones got the D hat. A few minutes later, Anashe, Patrick, Archie and Chiara had to recite a poem. Miss Threadneedle’s (aka Mrs Loader) favourite poetry reader was Chiara. After that, three boys got told off, Freddie and Ryan got whipped (not really) and Ben had to wear the Dunce hat.


WE REALLY ENJOYED THIS, FUNNY, EDUCATIONAL AND SCARY SCHOOL TRIP. It has definitely been the best school trip ever.



By Hollie and Anashe   Year6