Year 6’s 500 word stories

The year 6 children have been busy writing their own short stories ~ inspired by BBC Radio 2’s 500 word competition.

Here are some examples:

The Terrifying Wardrobe

By Lucia

On Friday after school had finished, Lucy was playing out in the park with her friend’s, then came home for dinner. She had macaroni cheese, her favourite.

Later on that night Lucy was laying in bed trying to get to sleep but couldn’t, all she could hear was a loud roaring noise coming from her wardrobe. She wanted to go tell her mum but was too afraid because to do that she had to walk past the wardrobe. “Shouldn’t my mum be able to hear this noise because it is rather loud” Lucy thought to herself. Lucy thought she may be dreaming so she counted to three and pinched herself before opening her eyes but nothing had changed, she could still hear the roaring coming from the wardrobe.

Lucy was so terrified she started whispering out for her brother, it seemed like hours before he answered her and he finally did. He kept making fun of her, making her more frightened and desperate. She tried to ignore him but just couldn’t.

A while later Lucy’s brother went to sleep but Lucy could just not understand how he did. The noise got louder, Lucy got more scared. She stood up looked around opened her top drawer next to her bed reached out for her torch and walked to her wardrobe and whispered to herself “don’t be scared Lucy, there is nothing to be scared about.” Lucy opened the door to her wardrobe and…

A flash of light shot into her eyes, she faced away her brother jumped out of bed and tried to look at Lucy but failed because it was too bright. “What’s happening?” Muffled Lucy’s brother. Lucy shouted “I don’t know! Didn’t you here the noise earlier when you were teasing me?” “I didn’t hear a thing when I was teasing you accept you about to cry” said Lucy’s brother. The suction got harder. Lucy flew into the wardrobe and was spinning so fast, all she could see was black and flickers of light. “Where am I?” Lucy screamed.

She started spinning slower and slower until she wasn’t spinning anymore and landed with a thump on a hard hill. “OW!” Lucy whispered to herself. She rubbed her eyes and then opened them she was in a field in the middle of nowhere. “HELP!” shouted Lucy. But no one came so she stood up and walked to the gate at the bottom of the hill and opened it. And Lucy saw a path. At the end of the path was a little house “a cottage” whispered Lucy she started walking down the path then she heard the loudest noise she had ever heard in hear life it sounded like a lion and a bear mixed together. Lucy looked behind her and didn’t see anything and then heard the noise again but a lot louder so Lucy started running down the path while getting closer and closer to the house. Finally she reached the house and knocked on the door and no one opened the door…… 

What was Lucy to do?  


A window of hope with a Dragon

By Jessica F

The rapid-fire-lava-gun was blasting madly.  The enemy were attacking.  

“Sasky, get to the life-cruisers,” said Sasky’s mother, Alaya.  “There’s not much time left before they destroy the ship!  Grab any vital items; get your weapons and wand.  San! Don’t go near that window!  Where are Nymphora and the twins?”

Sasky groped and fumbled and grabbed anything she would need.  Just before they were to skedaddle and sprint to the life-cruisers, Sasky grabbed her Tigger, Blanky and two favourite ornaments (a snow-globe her grandmother had given her for Christmas and a mini moving statue of a dragon fighting with a unicorn) and dumped them into her leather rucksack.  They ran for it… They were losing height quickly…  Then blackness.

Head buzzing, Sasky awoke with a jolt.  It took a few minutes to remember what happened just 12 hours ago.  The ship, the Dragon Slayers and the others …

“Hello?  Is anyone alive except me?” she said.  Sasky saw that this wasn’t a night-mare at all.  The Angel Tiger was still wearing her leather, ragged-sleeved jacket, which had chain-mail in between the leather on the front and fur-lining inside; on top of her sapphire blue skirt were spike shaped, jewel-lined (light, misty-blue Chie orbs) leather protectors; her top and skirt were both the same colour but in a different pattern; her boots were long, electric-blue, black and leather.  As princess of the Dragon Protector tribe, she wore a chi-jewelled golden, short necklace and a golden tiara with three pieces of chi encrusted in it which rested upon her midnight black hair.  Her name, Sasky, meant dragon-winged warrior and she was a dragon-winged, white tiger striped warrior, an Angel Tiger.  Even her tail had weaponry on it.  It was long and dragon-like but still had the stripes and had a spear blade-shaped spade (the spike on the end of a dragon’s tail), and spikes ran down the sides.  But the two most stunning things about her appearance were her eyes and a scar that ran across one of her eyes.  They were both flaming turquoise with pupils like a dragon has.

Sasky got up and searched for the others.  Thankfully, no-one was dead, only a few broken bones, cuts and bruises.  Only 10 feet away was the ship, all appeared to be still in one piece (all except the places where it was shot and a few broken control panel wires that were vital).

When Sasky first saw the forest they were in, she thought it was on the ground but…

It was a sky-island!

WindowWhat felt like years passed by.  The island was their new home.  One day, when Sasky was on her dragon bike, the young warrior was startled by a thunderous noise! A dragon’s roar.  The Dragon Protector rushed towards where the roar came from and a saddening sight met her eyes.  The creature lay before her, great slashes and cuts all over it, a great tear in the wing and a tail fin gone.  By the looks of it, it was a water-dragon, an Atlantic Hurricane.  Its electric-blue smooth and arrowhead-shaped scales had a rainbow effect, but the dark-blue blood that was pouring down from the wounds kind of spoilt the effect, the front limbs were on the wings (a bit like a bat’s, but with fingers and razor-sharp golden claws) and they were periwinkle blue.  Upon its long neck was a head like a Plesiosaurus but longer and more ridged and spiky but the same 40 feet length.  There were about 5 long, curved, pointed and, like the claws and spikes, golden crest of horns upon its head and it was webbed like it’s four fingers and toes (it was usually standing on its hind legs).

“I think we can help each other out of here” said Sasky.  “You should be migrating to the dragon breeding ground.  We need to get back home too.”  “So you know how I feel?” asked the dragon.  Sasky stared wide eyed at her.  “Hang on.  We can help each other. If I nurse you back to health and train you how to fight properly against the Dragon Slayers, you can help us get back to our home which is on the same ground-island as you are going.”  “Well that sounds like a good plan to me” replied the dragon.  “Come here, I’m gonna fix those wounds for you.” And she took out her wand, muttered “Healio incontato!”, and the wounds were gone like magic.



By Victoria

One sunny day when my family and I were exploring St Katherine’s Hill, I noticed that by the side of me the leaves were rustling like the bush was belly dancing. Thankfully mummy and daddy didn’t see. I got a tiny bit closer peeked over and WHOOSH! Out came about 20 to 30 swallows. I didn’t know what they were all scrambling away from so I got a little closer, peeked over once more, guess what there was a really cute miniature dragon well I think it was.

A couple of days later when I was going out to see him Katherine followed me so now she knows about Grrr as well but if she tells anyone she is dead. If she does I can’t really tell her off because I told a few of my friends luckily they have never seen him because he gets a bit scared of different people that’s why you never see them in the wild.

Every Saturday or Sunday I beg my parents if we can go out on a walk so I can see Grrr again (The baby dragon). Grrr and I always played games together we had great times together but Grrr had a habit of setting stuff on fire so we always played by beaters so whenever he put a tree or bush on fire we had a beater just in case, so I could put it out because you never know, he’s only a baby.

The older Grrr gets, the harder it is to hide him because I always used to hide him because he always followed me home. Why do dragons have to grow? They get too big how do they hide themselves from us humans? I suppose they fly away and come back in the night when everyone is asleep like Santa does on Christmas Eve night.

Sadly, because Grrr isn’t the only one growing up (I am too), I’m getting lots of homework which I never want to do but I have to do it so I’m not getting to see Grrr much which is upsetting for me. Sometimes I sneak out so I could secretly go out and see him once more.

One night when I snuck out… Grrr wasn’t where I put him the other day,
“Where was he?” I asked my self suspiciously. “Grrr were are you I’m back?” I said once, and then once again “Grrr were are you I’m back?” I wondered around for a while. Suddenly it started getting a little warmer and quite a bit louder. I was creeping up to this tree because it was really quite loud. Snuck around the tree there was Grrr well he wasn’t to good he was sort of tied  up on a stick and being turned above a fire surrounded by bigger and older dragons.

I ran up and got Grrr but unfortunately I didn’t think it through so we just had to run.


 My teacher is a spy

By Lily

My teacher is a spy and I know it. I’m not that surprised, actually. I knew one of them would turn out undercover or something like that. (I still think Miss Sparrow is an alien!) Anyway, how do I know I hear you ask? Well, here’s how it started.

  It was my first day in year 6. I was just about to mooch into the playground when something caught my eye. I casually turned around, trying to keep myself looking as cool as possible, but I couldn’t help myself staring. I saw a long, thin figure. I can’t remember quite what she looked like, only her shape because before I knew it she’d disappeared behind a wall. I closed my eyes for a moment. Was it a dream? I had been having some crazy dreams lately.

 A moment later, the bell rang. It was time to go inside.

As soon as I entered my new classroom, something sent a chill down my spine. I was the first to enter. I looked round. I didn’t see any sign of a teacher at first but then a rustling of papers attracted my attention to the store cupboard. I could make out a long, thin figure- identical to the one I had spotted earlier Before I could do anything I tripped. She jumped. I peeked over the table I was hidden behind. All I could see was her pencil-shaped face. Her mouth was screwed up like a cats-bottom. She put a spindly finger to her ear and said something. I wasn’t close enough to hear what , though. As she spoke, she glanced around anxiously with her beady eyes. I ducked down a bit more so that she wouldn’t see me. By now, my heart was thumping out of my chest. Suddenly, a swarm of children burst through the door , startling her. She squeezed past some of them in a panic almost as though she mustn’t been recognized.

Throughout the lesson, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and what she was doing in our school. Was she on a mission? Was she a teacher? Perhaps she wasn’t teaching at all, just picking up clues.

 She came into the classroom again just when lunchtime was about to finish. I was first in the class again. This time she saw me. I was just putting away my coat when I turned around and she was there. Her eyes fixed on me and I blinked. But when I opened my eyes again, she was no-where to be seen. But she had left a small piece of paper and something shining on top. I looked closer. It was her business card and a mirror.  Her business card stated she was a spy. I was right! She was! But, what was she trying to say? I looked in the mirror and stared at myself for a moment. I thought about what I had been doing. I was the real spy.


Alive in Hell

By Jessica C

I felt myself blushing scarlet as I walked into endless rooms of staring faces. My feet hurt and so did my tummy because of the long, anxious wait to see where I was going to sleep.

 When we finally got to my room, I thought it was a joke. A pile of sticks were arranged carelessly with a pillowcase stuffed with news papers and a paper thin quilt that was meant to be a bed. There was also a bowl in the corner and I knew what it was meant to be for.

 Mrs Miller, the owner of the dump, came and knocked on my door when it was supper time and I had to obediently clean myself up and make my way to the dinning hall though I didn’t bother to clean myself all that well because if I did I wouldn’t fit in with the atmosphere.

 Once I had cleaned my face with a drip of water I scurried down the dingy pathways until I reached the hall. Everyone stared at me again, but this time it was not in disgust but as if they were begging me to let them free. I took no notice at first but after a while, meaning once I had seen what we were having for our meal, I had to clench my fists and scrunch up my face in order to stop myself from crying.

 I wondered why my mother had left me to live there so suddenly. Surely she would have known what it would be like, but I guess she just didn’t want me.

 After I had poked and prodded my food so many times it almost made me gag, I got up hungrily and went back to my room. It was when I was stood outside my door that I let myself cry. I had to quickly run into my room because I heard the footsteps of Mrs Miller coming towards me. It was a rule that no one was allowed to cry so I felt ashamed to have broken that one in just a few hours.

 Clumsily, I got into bed and wrapped the quilt around me as much as I could. It was uncomfortable at first but I must have fallen asleep because I woke up at seven in the morning. Breakfast was the same as any old cereal but all the milk was out of date so I had to eat dry cheerio’s with a drip of water in an unclean glass.

 Lunch was even worse though because it was the time when we received letters from our mothers or fathers, and everyone was busy reading theirs cheerily while I sat watching. I broke the rule again, but this time so everyone could see.

 Mrs Miller was onto me like a hawk and she pulled me into a cupboard on my own and locked the door.

 I was on my own in the dark. A sad, motherless child, locked up in a frightening cupboard. 



By Afton

I stood there, a tear traced down my cheek. Silent, my kitten, who has a dark brown coat-like fur with dark blue eyes and no larger than the palm of my hand was sad looking too. I was in my bedroom waiting for my last ever shower (probably) in this house. I will still miss it even with its off -white walls and manky ceilings, I got to admit the worst blow is that I can’t take Silent with me. I have always loved living in New Zealand. He has been with me where ever I go but I guess you only live once, so then you better make the most of it.

Beep, beep. The taxi was here. At the airport, I picked up my bag and put it through the scanner then walked through myself. “All clear”. I boarded the airplane, saying “goodbye” to this sunny country. I had to go, there was nothing for me in New Zealand, since mum disappeared, but she is not dead, no matter what anyone else says. She’d always wanted to go to England; I bet that’s where she was! I got Silent when mum disappeared. She was a real help; always there when I needed her. Now I had to go to live at my dad’s place in England (who’s allergic to cats). Even though Silent can’t come too, I knew that it was only a matter of time until I lose all hope. Aaaaahhhhhhh. I woke up as soon as the plane was descending. I could feel the G-force tearing my skin away like an automated shredder. The speed was phenomenal. I felt like a speed skier racing at the winter Olympics whizzing, whistling, whirling down the slope at 155kph/Mhz. England already! I must have slept for hours. I looked out of the window. I used to think clouds were thick and can’t be broken. I dreamt of standing on a light and fluffy cloud and I had never flown before, so whilst it was breaking through the clouds, Dreams shattered.

I strolled over to dad’s place. Everything was dark there; even the buildings were dark and grey. I knocked and waited and waited and waited. No-one came. Was I early? No. Was I too late? No. So why would no-one answer the door? I phoned dad, but the number was not recognised. His old number, of course!. I sat waiting, wishing Silent was there.

Rain began to fall. A fragile noise came from my bag. I opened it, and there, curled up in the middle, was Silent. The silly cat must have been there for hours sitting on top of the address of my dad’s house. I was at the wrong number, so I crossed the road, then saw dad looking really worried. Somehow Silent had got into my bag.  Did he get here on his own? Since when was he here? All I knew was that those questions do not matter at all. Never again.