Year 6 visit Fairthorne Manor

In Year 6 your child will have an opportunity to go to the fun-filled adventure called Fairthorne Manor. You do lots of brilliant activities like raft building, abseiling and lots more.

When I first did rock-climbing I was quite nervous but when I got to the top it was the best feeling ever. It was really nerve wrecking when you have to climb the stairs on your way to the top of the tower to do abseiling. However, once you have climbed down it is so amazing that you will want to do it again! 

You stay in a cosy manor with hot showers and amazing food. You will be there for a week but because you are having so much fun it will only feel like a day. The staff is friendly and will always look out for you they are also very young (some are 17) and are from all over the world. Each day is busy, fun packed and exciting and you will have the time of your life if you chose to go to FAIRTHORNE MANOR!