Year 6 Residential Trip to Rookesbury Park 2015

Picture45Year 6 enjoyed five days away at Rookesbury Park. While they were there they attempted kayaking, raft building, abseiling and archery to name but a few of the activities. The pupils were a credit to St Joseph’s, facing new challenges and working as a team. The instructors commented that they were the quickest group they had ever known to complete the Run Around Quiz. The weather was glorious and the children were happy but exhausted by the end of the week. Thanks to Mrs Rippon for all her hard work in organising the trip and to many members of staff for giving up parts of their week to help out.

Here is an account of the week, as told by the children:-

“At the end of June Year 6 went on our residential to Rookesbury Park, Hampshire. We enjoyed many different sports and activities, as well as learning songs and sharing rooms with our friends. (Yes we did talk a lot on the first night – sorry teachers!

Here are some of the things we got up to;


We found kayaking really fun. As well as learning how to kayak we learnt how to splash one another which cooled us down! It was really funny because the instructors were also in the kayak, so as we splashed they too got soaked!


Abseiling was one of the best activities. Firstly you would walk up many metal stairs to the top of a high tower. When you go over the top it felt like you were on the Eiffel Tower! Next you would be strapped on the edge, then you would fall backwards- having to trust the instructor but we were safe. Finally you had to kick against the wall and slowly push yourself down to the ground.


In Fencing you are suited up with a mask (that makes it very hot), a glove to state which hand you use, two protectors for your body (as that’s what you are aiming for) and a suit over the protectors. In fencing you have a foil as that’s how you get point. You have to aim for the chest to get a point but you’ve also got to defend yourself against your opponent.

Sensory Trail

At Rookesbury Park we did an activity called “Sensory Trail” where you had to go through a muddy obstacle course. You had to do it blind folded- and trust one another. Mrs Rippon chucked water all over us.


When doing survival we were split into groups. We had to make a small model on what our team den/shelter would look like. My team made a tee-pee den, which was covered in sheets and held together with a bit of string. After that we went down to the fire making area. Working in pairs we used flints to make a fire. We all struggled doing this so were then given Vaseline and cotton wall to the first fire was then made.

“Have a look at the photos on our Gallery page!”