Year 6 design a chocolate theme park


Chocolate week in y6 started off on a high note when on the Monday we watched Charlie and chocolate factory to prepare us for the week ahead. It was a classic film with a giant blueberry and a land of edible delights.

 The following Morning we made a rather unusual chocolate drink, embedded in the bitter brown liquid lay a mixture of: nutmeg, cinnamon and chili powder! This drink first originated from the Aztecs which they drank on special occasions.

Tuesday; making flavoured chocolate cheesecake was the y6 activity. We cut out baskets to put our school-made cheesecake in and decorated them so they are unique. Y6 all agree, a well-earned treat for a hard day at school.

 Our y6 project for the week was to build our own Willy Wonka theme park (not literally) we made our own chart and rides that would attract visitors to our theme park.

Making chocolate lava lamps was our first science activity. We poured vegetable oil into a cup followed by water and food colouring; this produced a lava lamp like effect.

With Mrs Egan we did some fun chocolate melting experiments. We found out which chocolate would melt first out of: milk, white and dark. The results were: white, milk and dark chocolate in this order.

 Finally, there was no better way to finish Chocolate week than with some puppet making! We sketched our Willy Wonka related drawing on to some card and cut it out. We then stuck on pieces of fabric to give the effect that the characters are popping out of the card. Taping them to a lolly pop stick, we pushed the stick into the polystyrene cup so they can stand up and be put on display.

Sadly, we came to the end of chocolate week, but at least we have a whole lot more learning to look forward to, and hopefully another chocolate week soon!!! 

 Written by Emily, year6