Year 6

Year 6 – 2017-2018


Class Teachers: Mr. Curran & Mrs. Loader

Teaching Assistants: Mr Rickard & Mrs Thomas


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On Thursday January 11th we held a SATs Information Evening for parents of our Year 6 pupils, to provide more information about the SATs and how parents can support their child. Please see our Presentation for Parents below:

Y6 SATS Presentation for Parents




Autumn Term


Gifted and Talented Day at Ballard Day


Ballard School invited six of our Year 6 children to take part in a full day of workshops including Music, Science, Technology and Maths in a Gifted and Talented Day. Here is an account of the day from one of our Year 6 pupils:

“On Friday the 24th of November, six Year 6 pupils went to Ballard school. The first subject of the day was Maths. We had to map out our own farming business and see who could make the most profit. After that, we went to DT. We had to construct a dome which could be on the moon. It had to have an air lock and we had to build it out of midget gems and cocktail sticks.

In music, we had the John Lewis Christmas advert but it had no music. We had to create our own music to go with the advert. The next subject was science, which was amazing. It was very satisfying to see all the chemical reactions. We created our own sizzling sparklers and fascinating explosions. The teacher, who was Head of Science, owned a bubble machine. We were told to grab two rulers and with them we scooped up some bubbles while another person was lighting a match. When they both combined together it made a huge eruption of flames which explodes in thin air.

In the afternoon, we made our way into the sports hall. As we sat down we met a man called Mr Marshall, who was the P.E teacher. He taught us how to play volleyball.

During lunchtime, we went to the main hall and saw an amazing variety of acts performed by students that went to Ballard school. There was dancing, drama and a spectacular
13-year-old who played the harp who had received an award.

We all really enjoyed our day at Ballard and thank you for taking us Mr Rickard. We all really enjoyed ourselves at Ballard school.”



Anti-Bullying Week


On Friday 10th November we welcomed a Police Community Support Officer who came in to speak with our Years 3-6 children about bullying, the impact it can have on individuals and what to do if you feel you are being bullied. Here are some quotes from a few of our Year 6 pupils: “Everybody is the same on the inside” – George; “Everyone is as special as everyone else and deserves the right to be respected” – Daniel; “Everyone has the right to feel safe” –Lucy; “Even if people look different and believe in different things , they still have a heart” – Ollie.

The workshops have been arranged for Anti-Bullying Week where following a special assembly children will complete work in class on how to be a good friend and what to do if they feel unhappy or bullied.