Year 6

Year 6 – 2018-2019


Class Teachers: Mr. Curran & Mrs. Loader

Teaching Assistants: Mr Rickard & Mrs Thomas


Year 6 Class

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Year 6 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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2018 – 2019



Life Education Visit




The Life Education Van visited Year 6 to teach us about making the right and most appropriate decisions.

The main points that we learnt were:

 Identifying risk factors in a given situation (involving alcohol) and considering outcomes of risk taking, including emotional risks that we take;

Understanding information about alcohol use or misuse;

Understanding the law in relation to drugs and that all drugs (legal or illegal) can cause harm;

Recognising and empathising with patterns of behaviour in peer groups;

Identifying popular fun, leisure activities that most young people enjoy;

Recognising basic emotional needs and understand that they change according to circumstance;

Understanding ways in which medicines can be helpful or harmful and used safely or unsafely;

Understanding the dangers to our circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.

As well as learning about all of the issues above, Year 6 were reminded about being healthy and what this meant. They said that they needed food, water, sleep and exercise, fresh air and a good education, all of which would allow them to have good mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health: Year 6 looked at different areas that included:

Being mindful (stop to take time out from technology and enjoy what you’re doing. Play with friends, read, have fun, but most importantly, stop and think before making a decision)

Keep learning

Give to others

Be activeConnect (not just online, but with people, face-to-face. Make sure you only connect with people you know and trust).


Following the sessions, we completed questionnaires to show our understanding. Thank you for the advice and lesson which was extremely interesting. It’s always great seeing Harold!!


You can check out more about Life Education here:

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


Democracy Day – Voting for House Captains





In order to embed the British Values (Democracy, The rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect, Tolerance and respect for all) within Year 6, there was a whole school election. Twelve of the Year 6 children bravely put themselves forward to be elected as one of the House Captains representing the four houses:

  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • John

The potential house captains began their day by visiting the Ducklings and Year 1 classes and persuading the children to vote for them. This involved the children standing up if they wished to elect that person and their house captain. In the afternoon, the candidates gave their speeches in various locations to children in Years 2-6 from their respective houses.

Voting took place and all were very excited as they used election boxes and voting slips. All of those who stood did themselves proud. Results were announced during the Year 6 class assembly on Friday 28th September. Well done to those who were elected:

St Matthew – Ella and Leo

St Mark – Alex and Hughie

St Luke – Oscar and Katelyn

St John – Katherine and Gabriel


“First of all, then, I urge that prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” 1 Timothy 2:1-2


2017 – 2018


Year  6 Curriculum Learning


Please click on the link above to find out and enjoy what Year 6 have been working on.

Click to download the Year 6 curriculum: Year 6 Curriculum Letter – Autumn 2018

End of Year Expectations – Parent Leaflet – Year 6

Year 6 Leavers’ Poem


Thank you Year 6 Leavers’ Committee for writing this wonderful poem!

Y6 Leavers Poem




In class, Year 6 have been planning and designing a mobile app. In order to do this, they considered the capabilities of Smartphones and tablet computers, and how these could be used purposefully. They became aware of some of these capabilities, including how they could be used to record and share location information. They used search engines safely and effectively. The photos below show the Year 6 children designing their apps with the help of Dr Barry, our ICT Governor.

They also used PowerPoint to present their ideas for their apps and pitched their proposals for their apps to the rest of the class. Please enjoy looking through our ideas for our apps which we will be creating later on in the year.


Summer Fayre – Year 6 Stalls


On Friday 8th June, Year 6 helped the PTA with several stalls including:

Can Knocking, World Cup Mania, Doughnut Bobbing, Lucky Dip, Guess the Celebrity, Balance 20p on a lemon, Apple / Flour bobbing, Straw lottery, Can Knock Down,
Colourful Winner, Unlock the Box, Burst a Balloon, Stop the Stopwatch, Sweet Pong, Rubber Duck Surprise, Hook a Duck, Jelly Bean Challenge, Spaghetti Slime, Archery

They organised themselves into various groups and decided what they were going to encourage people to spend at their stalls. The children were extremely enthusiastic about what they would do and resourced all of the items needed, as well as the prizes. Through Year 6’s hard work and selling techniques, they raised a grand total of £421. An amazing achievement! The children wrote detailed descriptions of their stalls – please see their work below:

Year 6 Stalls-1

Year 6 Stalls-2

Year 6 Stalls-3

Year 6 Stalls-4

Year 6 Stalls-5

Year 6 wished to thank their parents for their help and support pre and during the event.

The PTA wanted to thank Year 6 for their hard work and effort and congratulate them on the amount raised.

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” Hebrews 13:16


Avon Tyrrell Information Evening


Following on from the Avon Tyrrell Information Evening, please see the Powerpoint Presentation and Clothing and Equipment List for your information.

Avon Tyrrell Parents ppt 2018

Clothing & Equipment List 2018


Curriculum Week – Superheroes March 2018


In early March we were provided with a challenge during a curriculum enrichment week. The week started off with a dramatic message from a ‘villain’ who had abducted Mrs Dayantis’ pet Chihuahua, ‘Percy’. The villain sent the school a ransom video and we all watched Percy plead for help. Help however was at hand in the form of a band of superheroes who burst into the school hall (aka our superteachers)!

Throughout the week each class based their learning around the theme of superheroes, creating characters, designing comic strips and writing stories. Art work included mask making, stick puppets, paintings and drawings of superheroes. In P.E. sessions we had superhero dances to Bonnie Tyler’s famous track, ‘Holding out for a hero’! We also finished off our superhero theme by dressing up. On one of the mornings we also invited parents in to class to share some of the work that we had completed.

You will be able to see how we dressed up (below), either in comic book or movie superheroes, or as everyday heroes. We have also included some other photos of Y6 and Y2 reading with their prayer buddies in Year 2 where they shared a comic book and asked lots of questions about who was the strongest! We also wrote a written piece about being a superhero and carried out some maths based on hiring a superhero(es) to pay off the Joker’s ransom.

Miss Buxton wrote: “I was particularly impressed with some of our childrens’ choices of superhero on our dress-up day. It was great to see one of our children coming in in his Cub uniform, a child choosing to come as a Guide Dog, an RAF Officer, doctors and nurses and the most obvious superhero of them all – our Mums (even a Year 5 boy!). Finally, and probably most touching is a child who decided to come as a farmer, as last week with the heavy snowfall, the tough job they faced, made them true heroes.

The children were also asked to write a discussion piece around the question: ‘Would you like the job of being a superhero?’. Please see their work below:

Superhero Week-1

Superhero Week-2

Superhero Week-3

The Year 6 children also enjoyed some superhero maths! Here are some examples of their work below:



CAFOD Lenten Visit – ‘Give it Up!’


On Thursday 22nd of February 2018, Cafod came in to school and presented a talk about giving something up at Lent for others. We learnt about the people from Zimbabwe who need to be able to  grow their own food supply and access fresh water.

At first, Isabelle and Rosemary introduced us to a boy and his mum. They started asking us questions like, “What do you use water for?” The children answered with: brushing their teeth, showering, washing their hands/face and for drinking hot/cold drinks. Another question they asked was: “What games do you play?” The answers they received were: football, tag, rugby, tennis, hide and seek and etc.

Next, they asked for volunteers to come up to the front of the hall (where our session was held) to hold either some items or a piece of card with a word on it. Then, they created a chain of boys and girls by linking their arms. The reason for this was to show how they train people to farm the land for themselves, i.e. subsistence farming.

Finally, each class carried out an activity following the assembly, for example Year 6 were split into 6 different groups to work on colouring and cutting buckets to get dirty water for different things that would be needed. This showed us all how important water actually is when we waste it and take it for granted.

We would like to thank both Isabelle and Rosemary for teaching us and letting us know about the CAFOD 2018 Lenten appeal, ‘Give it up!’

Please find below some photographs from our day and a powerpoint from CAFOD about the Lenten appeal. You can also find out more about CAFOD’s work here:

Give it Up 2018 Assembly


Holocaust Visit – The Evacuation of Jewish Children


Year 6 Holocaust Visit-min

On Wednesday 21st February 2018, Year 6 welcomed Josephine to tell us about Kindertransport evacuation, the Holocaust and her dreadful and at times, joyful stories.

Kinder Evacuation

Josephine explained about the downhearted children that felt blue because they had to evacuate far away from their homes and families. Before the war started, some countries tried to get as many Jews as possible out of the country before they were harmed. England received the most Jewish children, approximately 10,000 Jewish children. This was a true story!


The Holocaust was when Jews were placed in camps called concentration/death camps. These camps were surrounded by barbed wire which meant they could not escape. Even though they were surrounded by barbed wire, they had security circling round the camp. Josephine also told us that she was a Jew and she was one of the lucky ones in that she could live in England and could get away from the terrible horror. 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered and 6 million Jews died altogether (which is a third of the worldwide Jewish population)!

The Terrible but Joyful Stories

Josephine informed us about stories from families who were separated from each other. There was one girl who lost 64 relatives; they were put in death camps and some were placed in smoke chambers and choked. She soon sadly discovered that her family died. You will be able to see what we were shown and what was discussed.

We would like to thank Josephine for her visit and educating us about the Holocaust. Please see the pdf presentation below:

Year 6 Holocaust Memorial Day presentation


Safer Internet Day 2018


As part of Safer Internet Day 2018 Y6 welcomed a police officer from the local branch of the Safe Schools Communities Team (SSCT) – Meredith. The children wrote a report about what they learnt and you will see some photos of the visit below. Wiktor and George wrote:


“On Wednesday, a police officer (called Meredith) came to teach us about being safe online. Before the lesson we didn’t know that everything we type online leaves a digital footprint that can’t be washed away and that can be traced if needed. Year 6 became aware that some everyday websites we use have a restricted age limit, which can vary from 13 onwards. These are apps such as Facebook, Musically, Twitter, having a YouTube account and many other apps.

We talked about cyber bullying and how it can affect your social life. You can avoid it by not giving away any of your personal details and if it spirals out of hand, remember to ZIP IT, BLOCK IT, FLAG IT! After Meredith left, we felt a lot safer and we would know what to do if an online stranger began to follow us on the internet. Hopefully, after you have read this, you will also feel safer too.”



SATs Information Evening


On Thursday January 11th we held a SATs Information Evening for parents of our Year 6 pupils, to provide more information about the SATs and how parents can support their child.

Please see our parents’ guide to Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar below:

SPAG Booklet.2018   SPaG KS2 Glossary

Please see our Presentation for Parents below:

Y6 SATS Presentation for Parents




Autumn Term



CAFOD Visit – Harvest


CAFOD visited Y6 on Wednesday 11th October to raise awareness of harvest time. The theme this year is ‘Brighten Up’ and focused on food, poverty and sharing: everything we think of on a daily basis when we offer up thoughts for those before we enjoy the food we receive.

Harvest 17 Brighten Up Assembly-1


Please see the powerpoint below that Isabella and Rosemary, who visited us from CAFOD, shared during a whole school assembly.

Harvest 17 Brighten Up Assembly

  • We learnt that we should give thanks for the Harvest and understand that poverty stops people from having enough food.
  • We understood how CAFOD is working with communities around the world to grow their way out of poverty and build a brighter world.
  • We learnt about the relationship between taking action and supporting communities overseas.

Later in the afternoon, both Isabella and Rosemary visited Y6 to carry out an ‘On the Move’ refugee workshop. As you can see from the photos, we had to make our way, as refugees, around the classroom, a much shorter trek then those who are currently making such perilous trips today! We had to decide, from a list of items, what we wanted to take with us on a journey. We certainly learnt an awful lot about the plight and challenges of refugees. We offered up a prayer for all those who need to have brighter world. Please say this prayer and offer it for those in need.

Loving God,

Help us to work together to build a brighter world,

where each of us can become the best person we can be.

Let us learn from communities around the world,

who are working hard to grow their way out of poverty.

We pray we may share generously all you have given us.


You can find out more about CAFOD here:


Curriculum Week – Serving others in 21st Century Britain




 One of the main parts of our School Mission Statement is to “…serve as Jesus taught us.”

We lived this out from those in the school community, including a number of parents, who visited classes across the school to talk to us about the job they have and allow us to start really thinking as Y6 pupils what career choices we might choose when we are older. Mr Tarling visited Y6 and showed us some of his plans as an architect. As we entered the classroom, we were surrounded by giant posters that showed plans of buildings. Mr Tarling even wore his hi-vis jacket and hard hat, his uniform that helps to keep him safe when he makes his site visits to check on the status of buildings.

We were asked to mind-map our ideal school, considering what it would look like and what would be in it. We came up with some amazing ideas including a sleeping room, swimming pool and changing rooms to name a few. Check out our photos to see what else we thought would be great additions to St. Joseph’s! Finally, we drew some aerial plans, not to scale of our ideal school.

We would like to thank Mr Tarling for the time and effort he put into the lesson which we really enjoyed learning about.

 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, working for the Lord.” Colossians 3:23



Gifted and Talented Day at Ballard Day


  • Year 6 Gifted and Talented Day at Ballard School


Ballard School invited six of our Year 6 children to take part in a full day of workshops including Music, Science, Technology and Maths in a Gifted and Talented Day. Here is an account of the day from one of our Year 6 pupils:

“On Friday the 24th of November, six Year 6 pupils went to Ballard school. The first subject of the day was Maths. We had to map out our own farming business and see who could make the most profit. After that, we went to DT. We had to construct a dome which could be on the moon. It had to have an air lock and we had to build it out of midget gems and cocktail sticks.

In music, we had the John Lewis Christmas advert but it had no music. We had to create our own music to go with the advert. The next subject was science, which was amazing. It was very satisfying to see all the chemical reactions. We created our own sizzling sparklers and fascinating explosions. The teacher, who was Head of Science, owned a bubble machine. We were told to grab two rulers and with them we scooped up some bubbles while another person was lighting a match. When they both combined together it made a huge eruption of flames which explodes in thin air.

In the afternoon, we made our way into the sports hall. As we sat down we met a man called Mr Marshall, who was the P.E teacher. He taught us how to play volleyball.

During lunchtime, we went to the main hall and saw an amazing variety of acts performed by students that went to Ballard school. There was dancing, drama and a spectacular 13-year-old who played the harp who had received an award.

We all really enjoyed our day at Ballard and thank you for taking us Mr Rickard. We all really enjoyed ourselves at Ballard school.”

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God.” 1 Peter 4:10


Anti-Bullying Week


  • Anti-Bullying School Safety Team Visit at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


On Friday 10th November we welcomed a member of the Safe Schools and Communities Team (SSCT) as part of Anti-Bullying week 2017 to talk to us about the different forms of bullying. We learnt about what we should do if we face any type of bullying and what we have around us to support us in our school, talking to any of the adults, using our worry boxes and communicating to those at home. We learnt lots and it was good to be reminded of what we can do. We will welcome the SSCT back in February to talk to us about keeping safe online.

Here are some quotes from a few of our Year 6 pupils: “Everybody is the same on the inside” – George; “Everyone is as special as everyone else and deserves the right to be respected” – Daniel; “Everyone has the right to feel safe” –Lucy; “Even if people look different and believe in different things , they still have a heart” – Ollie.

The workshops have been arranged for Anti-Bullying Week where following a special assembly children will complete work in class on how to be a good friend and what to do if they feel unhappy or bullied.

We have included some links below that can help you find out more about anti-bullying:

Anti Bullying Week

“This is my commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.” John 15:12

Christmas Time!


Father Christmas paid us a visit as he smoothly drove up to the school gates in his red sports car as we enjoyed our last Christmas at St. Joseph’s. We welcomed his eager elves as well to class who ably assisted Santa with some singing and the handing out of a gift for each of us. Thank you Fr. Christmas!


Some of us even made table centre pieces as decorations, all of which were appreciated by those who saw and judged them. These were placed in the hall and a lucky few even won a prize for our efforts!

Some of us also went Carol singing at Somerford Arc ( We even met the local Councillor who gave us lots of compliments about our singing and getting the crowd involved in actions to ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’.  We would like to thank the Somerford ARC for asking us to join them for their Christmas Dinner and to support them in their work for the local community. We hope to work with them again soon to continue this valuable community link.


“A virgin will become pregnant and have a son, and he will be called Immanuel” (which means, “God is with us”). Matthew 1:23