Year 5’s Residential Visit to Leeson House

Leeson 14 1On Wednesday 11th June 2014 we went to Leeson House. We travelled by coach, it took longer than we had expected because of the huge traffic delay. As soon as we had got there we put our luggage in the games hall then we went straight on a walk. Dinah (one of the workers at Leeson) lead us on our walk. We walked through lots of fields and a few meadows.

They were very beautiful but very long. Relieved we took a break and ate our lunch at Dancing Ledge, which many people know of. Although we didn’t stay long because we got chased away by an angry heard of cows, we really enjoyed it. In total the walk was 4 hours long. During the walk we saw a bee orchid, a bull, dry stone walls and a quarry.

Once we had got back to Leeson we did fire dill for safety reasons and found out who we were staying with. We un-packed, had dinner, and did some team games and diary writing.

Leeson 14 2We had supper then stayed in our in our room. At 10:00 it was lights out.

The next morning the bell went off at 7:30am. We didn’t get much sleep because of the boys were jumping around upstairs. Room inspections were at 8:00 am. I think my room did ok (fingers crossed). We had breakfast. YUM! After breakfast we got on a mini-bus and went to Durlston Country Park.

Leeson 14 3Simon (the ranger) showed us different types of moths which were surprisingly interesting. A little while later we went on a walk through some meadows and saw a lighthouse. We had also seen another quarry. We had lunch and Dinah met us there. After we went on a ridiculously long walk, we stopped at the Globe then did more walking. We came back to Leeson and did pond dipping. We had dinner and supper then at 10:00 it was lights out.

On our last day we were pleased to hear that we weren’t doing anymore walking. Instead we were doing orienteering and a geology work shop. It was then time to go back to school and we got back on time.

Leeson 14 4