Year 5’s Anglo Saxon Day

On Thursday 9th October we held an Anglo Saxon day and we had a guest, his name was Ryan, the archaeologist. anglo 1

anglo 3When we walked into class there was a horse skin rug and lots of swords, spears, shears and axes. He had bought in loads of Anglo Saxon artefacts. He talked to us about Anglo Saxons and Vikings. He then told us that some of the words we say today actually originate from Anglo Saxons like fed up actually come from a raven having eaten too much.

After that he talked about where Anglo Saxons come from; apparently they came from Germany and Holland but the Vikings come from Denmark.

After break we had our picture taken for Miss Buxton and we posed like an angry Anglo Saxon!

anglo 5After that we made friendship bracelets on a trollen wheel.  It was fun but quite difficult. An hour passed but after numerous attempts we finally got them finished, by then it was lunch!

anglo 6Straight after lunch we went into class and there was a wooden box filled to the brim with paper and we had to pick one. It was a settlers and invaders game and we were split into three groups. We had to choose words which had useful items on them. I picked swords because we need swords to fight with and get useful items!

After that we made runes, runes are like Anglo Saxon letters and I made my initials, it was fun! And for our final activity we heard (well, made) a story about flying pigs sent from the gods!

And well, that was our Anglo Saxon day. We know lots more about the Anglo Saxons now!

By Teddy