Year 5 Visit Leeson House



Leeson House is a very extraordinary place. Children of all ages go there for a residential trip with their class. Years 5 experienced this in May 2011 and we enjoyed it very much.

We left for Leeson House on the 23rd of May to the 25th of May, and stayed there for 2 whole days and nights!

On the first day when we arrived we went out for a walk in Langton Matravers. We learnt about the history of the village and made comparisons to Christchurch. Then we came back from our walk and finally found out who was in our rooms. That is when the fun really began!

On the second day, we were very tired as we did not sleep much! We took mini buses to Durlston Country Park. We had a talk on habitats in the classroom. After they had told us a bit about the animals there, we had a tour and visited the Globe.

Simon took us to the edge of the park where there was a nest of some lovely birds. After that we had our lunch and then we walked back to Leeson house along the cliff top. A walk which took about 3 hours. During the walk, our guide told us some smuggling stories as many years ago, the area was famous for smuggling.

On the third day we did orienteering and geology workshops.

We had great fun, and on the way back we sat next to their friends and chatted until it was all over! We will always remember Leeson House.

By Isabelle and Lucy (Year5)