Year 5 experience life as an evacuee

On Wednesday 13th November, Year 5 went to Nothe Fort.

On the 13th we had to be at school for 8:15 because it was an hour and a half coach journey.


It was a bit boring on the coach as it was such a long time but once we had got there we had a ten minute walk where we met the people at Nothe Fort. We had all dressed up as evacuee’s.  During the war years you must always carry an identity card to make sure you weren’t a German spy. First we had shown our identity and after we had spoken to a man you had to say sir or for a lady you had to say madam.

nothe 1Next we all went into a room and were shown a PowerPoint of pictures to what it would have been like to have left our parents.  Next we were all assigned to our first activity.  My group went to washing first.

The lady who taught us how to wash was called Mrs Mop. She taught us how to wash collars , shirts and sheets. Mrs Mop also said “In the war years you only had bath night every Saturday and only then were you allowed to change your clothes .” Some of the equipment was called :a dolly, a Mangle, a washboard and tongs. She also mentioned whatever was put in front of you, you would have to eat it.


nothe 2Next was school with the headmaster. Then we had to write postcard to our parents and use a dippy pen to write Sophia (my name) and good bye sir. Excitingly he chose me to ring the school bell. That meant on to our next activity!

This next one wasn’t too fun but we learnt a lot. It was called Weymouth at war. We saw a scene and got to go in a Morrison shelter.

nothe 3








nothe 4

The penultimate one was learning about working with the A.R.P (air raid precaution). We learnt a lot about different bombs and we heard one so we ran to the Anderson shelter. Nervously  waiting… Suddenly a huge crash and scatter came banging down. BOOM! CRASH! BANG! We heard the all clear signal but we were surrounded with fire. The man made up a game. Who could put out the fire first, my team won.

nothe 5nothe 6








The last activity was shopping. I got to use an old fashioned till and ration book and learnt the currency of shilling and pounds. I had a great day and learnt a lot.

nothe 7nothe 8

By: Sophia