Year 5 and chocolate lava lamps


Chocolate week took place the week beginning 14th November 2011 and all the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the wide range of activities on offer. On Monday, they watched the film, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” from which all the activities stemmed for the next 4 days.

During the week, all KS2 children had the opportunity to work in all 4 junior classes on a range of Science and DT activities. They were able to investigate how different chocolate melts, make their own chocolate cakes and design their own puppets based on the novel. In Year 5, the children made their own lava lamps using water, food colouring, vegetable oil and alka seltzer tablets. It was wonderful to watch their reaction when they dropped the tablet into the mixture which made the food colouring rise through the oil just like a real lava lamp.

As well as the rotation of activities, the children wrote a description of their own chocolate room, based on chapter 15 of the novel. They were also asked to imagine they were in their own glass elevator and had to write their own ending to the novel. They were literally out of this world! As well as Literacy based activities, the children also had to design their own theme park, given a budget of £100,000 and work out the value of chocolate bars given various offers. On Friday, the class was divided into 2 groups and took part in a debate, “Should chocolate be banned?” The ideas were very interesting and it was surprising to see that the side which the majority of children voted for were those arguing for the motion that chocolate should be banned!

On Friday afternoon, parents and grandparents were invited into school to see the wide range of work that the children had been doing during the week. It was lovely to see the children reading their stories out aloud and to see them explain how their lava lamps worked. All in all a great week was had by all.