Year 5 have become teachers

Learning to tap dance

This term, as part of our SEAL topic, ‘Going for Goals’, Year 5 have been learning about what makes good learners. For homework, they planned their own mini lessons, to teach another pupil in the class a new skill. Skills included: football, cricket, drama, karate, mending bicycle punctures, caring for baby tortoises, Irish dancing, street dancing, tap dancing, magic tricks, origami, weaving, art and playing musical instruments.

“It was fun to teach someone a new skill,” Catherine Y5.

“I enjoyed being the teacher,” Freddie Y5.

“Working with other people, where they become our student, was interesting,” Olivia Y5.

“ Having time to teach people was really fun,” Alicia Y5.

“I found it quite scary, having to learn a completely new skill from another child,” Milly Y5.

Visit our Gallery for some more photos of Year 5’s teaching each other.

Learning to weave