Year 5

Year 5


Class Teacher: Mr Curran and Mrs Loader

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Causebrook and Mrs Thomas


Click to download the Year 5 curriculumYear 5 Curriculum Letter – Spring 2020

Have a look below to see what we have been up to!


Year 5 Class Photo-min




Enterprise Day


Year 5 had a fantastic Enterprise day on Wednesday the 13th November. We welcomed four visitors, Emily, Gail, James and Isobel who really helped us with our project.

The day began by being told about the reason why they were with Year 5 all day and how they were linked to the charity SAMEE ( We were asked about what we knew of the world of work and what being self-employed was. We were taught skills of work such as communication, listening and teamwork.

 We had to choose a team leader per group (of which there were 6 groups) who delegated jobs. We did this in different ways but most of us voted, thinking of our British values of democracy.

The whole day was based around the children designing our own animal park. We worked in groups to design a park map considering disability access, made an animal mask, created a logo and jingle for our park. We created an animal adoption pack for a penguin, made a penguin flanimal, discussed money and budgets thinking about staffing and who would work for us, e.g. cleaners, groundstaff, cashiers, shop assistants etc. We wrote some interview questions and asked them to two of the adults who had very different ideas about their attitude to work.

We enjoyed making a mocktail for our park and alongside this we created our own meal and decided how much we would charge for this. The final part of our day was when we presented our park to the rest of the class. Year 5 had such fun and learnt a lot about business, organisation skills, communication and teamwork. Y5 would like to pass on our thanks to all of the adults from SAMEE charity for the day that they prepared.


London Day

  • London Day Year 5

On Friday 15th November the whole school had a London Day as part of our History learning. The aims of the day were in line with our history teaching. They are:

To investigate and interpret the past;
To build an overview of world history;
To understand chronology;
To communicate historically

All classes focused on a specific location within London or an era of London’s history and engaged enthusiastically with many different activities and learning challenges. Please see our photos to see what Year 5 created.


Design and Technology


St Joseph’s follows the national curriculum for design and technology, and through a variety of creative and practical activities, pupils are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making. In our Autumn term Year 5 were able to carry out research to help them design their very own Greek pots. The results were fantastic and the children proudly displayed their pots to the whole class. Please see our creations below.

Y5 Greek Pots - Oct '19...4-min

Y5 Greek Pots - Oct '19...3-min

Y5 Greek Pots - Oct '19...2-min

Y5 Greek Pots - Oct '19...1-min



Citizens Advice Hate Crime Project


st.josephs 5


Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole (BCP) visited St Joseph’s to give an interactive information session about how to recognise a hate incident and how to get in touch with one of the Citizens Advice trained advisers. The visit was funded by the Home Office as a one year programme raising more awareness about, and supporting people who have experienced, Hate Crime. Thank you Citizens Advice for visiting St Joseph’s and giving our children an information morning.


Life Education Bus visits St Joseph’s

Life Eduation

The Life Education Van visited Year 5 to teach us about being assertive through body language, eye contact, being friendly, making suggestions, explaining and walking away. They also talked to Year 5 about drugs in the categories, medical and non-medical, legal and illegal.

The children really enjoyed visiting the bus and learning about aspects of personal and health education which is such an important part of their learning.