Year 5

Year 5


Class Teacher: Miss Thomas

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Causebrook, Mr Rickard and Mrs Thomas


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Autumn Term


RE Curriculum Week in Year 5


  • RE Curriculum Week

We enjoyed one of our fun curriculum weeks from the 9th – 13th October. We were thinking about serving like Jesus in the 21st century. The week started with us visiting the Life Education bus, which comes to our school once a year. We had good discussions about the choices we make – they can either be good or bad.

We were lucky to have Mrs Malan and Mrs Walters come into school to talk to us about their jobs and how they serve the community. We had lots of questions to ask both of them as they both have very interesting jobs – a school chaplain and runs a drama group; and an air traffic controller.

On Thursday, we led the Harvest Liturgy for the school. As always, we were amazed and delighted with how much people donated to both the Foodbank and Hope. We especially enjoyed singing two sings during the liturgy.

Our main focus throughout the week was thinking about refugees. We learnt a lot about refugees and what they are going through. We all think that it’s unfair what they have to go through and that they are left with nothing, so we are thinking of ways in which we will be able to help them. We have lots of ideas, and once we’ve written to Miss Buxton, we’re hopefully going to be doing some fundraising to help some refugees.

We welcomed Isabella and Rosemary from CAFOD back into school. They led a whole school assembly and then we had a workshop about refugees. It made us really think about what they go through, as we were given just a few minutes to decide on 6 things that we wanted to take from our homes before we had to leave. We pretended to travel on a lorry and walk a long way with all of our belongings. Once we’d used our food and water, we had to give it up. By the time we reached the boat and had given away our last pennies getting on the boat, which was very squashed, we had nothing left. We are very lucky that we don’t have to go through that, but thousands of people do.

The next day, we did a Big Write, imagining that we were a refugee. Here is Ella’s Big Write:

Lots of people have missed their favourite TV show, or not got their way and called it ‘hard slumber’, but they’ve not been through what I have, experienced what I have. I am a refugee.

I used to live in Aleppo, where we had colours to compete against the autumn leaves – reds and pinks, oranges and yellows, and greens. Then, in the shot of a gun and a clip-clopping of horse’s hooves on the cobbled streets, my life was turned upside down – and not for the best.

A war had started and no one would tell me why. Only Jimmy Shippins, the class clown, who was completely and utterly sarcastic told us, but we didn’t believe him.

Me, my brother and my two sisters were forever asking if we could run away from the war, which had started gently and got more and more violent everyday. A few days after it started, a missile hit Malta Meatball, a restaurant just two streets away. We still didn’t leave. Two days after that, we saw the smoke from a few cities away. We stayed calm; it would take them a few days to get to us we thought.

The next day, soldiers appeared out of nowhere at our house. Me, my three siblings and Mum were out. Dad was home. They took him. The moment we got home, we guessed. No note. Mum gave in and we left. I packed my teddy, a family photo to keep me strong, a money bag, food, water, a tent and a thick blanket to keep me warm. Granny came with us too. We drove to the airport and Mum managed to book a plane to Antalya in Turkey. Relief burnt like fire inside me. No matter how I tried however, longing was always there for Dad and home.

We boarded the plane and took off. It was bliss to soar through the air and watch the world go by. But that longing was always there. When at last we landed, I didn’t feel quite so scared anymore. I was excited for the new adventure, and a small part of me was angry, as the thought occurred to me that we left Dad behind.

As soon as we left the airport, we were walking for minutes, which stretched into hours, which stretched into days. Finally, slowly, we arrived in the dockyard; it was an eerie place, with a smell of stale tobacco.

“Well,” said a voice from the shadows. No one moved a muscle. Could this be a soldier who knew we were escapees? Then a man stepped out from a darkened corner of the room. His hat was lopsided and clothes ragged. I was terrified.

“I want money, or no boat!” So we gave him £100, hoping, hoping that it was enough. The man took much longer than necessary to count the money. When he finally finished, he piled us onto a boat made for two, the six of us shoulder to shoulder, and pushed us into the blue mass, where we sailed for 24 hours.



General Election in Year 5


  • General Election Year 5

In line with the rest of the UK, Year 5 had their own general election on the 8th June. They listened to the manifestos of the five parties: Conservatives, Green Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats and UKIP, which were presented to them by groups in year 6. Year 5 had the opportunity to ask any questions of things that they did not understand.

Back in the classroom, Year 5 talked more about the manifestos and discussed the things that they agreed with and disagreed with. The children asked lots of questions and were especially interested in Education and Health Care. They then had to decide who they wanted to vote for.

Just outside the classroom, the children were asked their name, given a ballot form and were able to vote for their chosen party before putting their form in the ballot box. Year 5 were reminded that they should not ask anyone who they had voted for.

The election results from Year 5 were:

Labour 45.5%

Green Party 18.2%

Liberal Democrats 15.2%

UKIP 12%

Conservatives 9.1%

Year 5 then had to imagine that they were running for Prime Minister and had to write their own manifesto. Here are some of the promises that the children made in their manifestos:

Nurses will be paid more money – Giles

I will give 10p of every £1 tax to Education – George

I will increase the prices of cigarettes to hopefully stop people smoking – Emily

Train more police officers, so that they can help to stop terror attacks – Riley

People will not have to pay to learn at universities – Grace

Have another vote to see if we can stay in the EU – Wiktor

Get rid of bedroom tax – Emma

Teachers and nurses will be paid more money, like they deserve – Georgina

Free school meals for all children in primary school – Alfie

Build more homes for refugees, so that they have somewhere safe to live – Zoe

Give schools money to make sure that all children in schools feel safe – Erin

NHS nurses will earn more money as they save lives every day – Lucy

Get rid of tuition fees for university students – Ollie

SATS will be banned for children as it can make them stressed – Yasmine

16 and 17 year olds will be allowed to vote – Finley

I promise to pay teachers more, as they give education to millions of children. They also do things in their own time, with their own money for the children they teach – Daisy

Year 5 clearly had listened very well and had strong opinions, as conversations about this were heard during lunch time. Let’s hope Year 5 continue to show an interest in politics!


Parliamentary Visit


On May 3rd, we welcomed Roz Birch who works for our UK Parliament as a schools’ officer. Roz came and led an assembly on the importance of democracy and followed up with two sessions for Years 4 and 5. Two of our Year 5 pupils wrote this account of the day:

‘On Tuesday the 3rd of May, Roz  from the Parliament Education Services came into St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. She did an assembly on the Houses of Parliament and what goes on inside. She told us that every law starts off as a Bill in the House of Commons. Once the Bill has been debated and there is a majority vote it gets passed onto the House of Lords. After the House of Lords agree with the Bill they pass it onto the Queen. She then signs the Bill and makes it an official law for the whole country.

 ‘Year 5 had a workshop with Roz and we did a timeline about democracy and who was allowed to vote and when. The next thing we did was talk about the future of voting in the UK. Then we had a debate about whether 13- year-olds and up should be allowed to vote. We had a Speaker. The Speaker’s job was to choose people to state their opinion on the matter and to keep everyone quiet when they were not stating their opinion.

To conclude our session with Roz we voted on the subject of our debate. The majority of the class voted against. We hope the June elections go well!’

Written by Daisy and Emma, Year 5.


Leeson House


  • Leeson House 2017

On the 26th April, we set off on our first residential to Leeson House. Our first bit of excitement was whilst we were on the coach. We were all very busy chatting and talking about what we would be doing over the first few days, that we didn’t realise we were about to drive on the chain ferry at Sandbanks to take us over to Purbecks. Some of us had never been on a ferry before! If Miss Thomas hadn’t told us, we would never have known we were even on the ferry as we couldn’t feel it moving at all!

Once we arrived, dropped off our suitcases and had been introduced to Amelia, our group leader for the next few days, we set off on our first walk. We were all wearing many layers which we kept taking off and putting back on again for the next few hours! After about an hour walking, we arrived at the top of a very steep hill that would take us down to Dancing Ledge. The view was incredible and we were all very excited to get to the bottom so that we could eat our lunch! Miss Thomas was also pleased as she’d already heard, “When are we going to be eating lunch?” at least 30 times!!

We had to walk in single file an arm’s length apart down the hill. It was extremely steep and took us about 20 minutes to get all the way to the bottom, which included navigating our way down some very steep and bumpy steps. We stayed down on Dancing Ledge for at least an hour and after our lunch, we had an opportunity to look for fossils. Some of us were lucky enough to find a rock with a fossil in. Whilst we were looking for fossils, Amelia took us in groups to show us the quarry below us.

Next, we picked up our bags ready to head back to Leeson House. It was at this point that we realised we were going to have get back to the top of the hill and it was not going to be easy!!!!  We were all so relieved to reach the top, but also exhausted, so we collapsed on the grass! We were pleased that the rest of the walk back was relatively flat! Throughout the walk, Amelia told us many stories, lots about smugglers and about the places where we were.

On the walk back to Leeson House, the next question that Miss Thomas was getting fed up of hearing was, ‘when do we find out who’s in our room’? Luckily, once we arrived back and had been to the toilet (some of us had been desperate for at least an hour and hadn’t been able to go) we found out the answer.

After being shown to our rooms and having a fire drill, we had a little bit of time with our friends before dinner. Dinner was delicious and we definitely didn’t go hungry! We all sat in a dining hall with another school. After dinner was the interesting part, which was unpacking and making our beds! Some of us did this very easily. Others of us made quite a mess of it!

We enjoyed team building games before hot chocolate and bed. This was great fun. There were 12 different games for us to do. About half an hour before the end, it started to rain. It didn’t dampen our spirits and actually made some of the games more fun! The teachers all hid under the tree. We didn’t mind getting wet as we headed inside for hot chocolate, followed by showers.

Bedtime – the part that the teachers were dreading!! Despite what we might have come home and said about not getting to sleep until at least 2 o’clock in the morning, we were all asleep by just after 10.30 and we slept until about 6 o’clock, when we decided to make lots of noise. This resulted in us getting told off by Miss Thomas!

On Thursday morning, Mrs Clifford joined us and we were driven to Durlston Country Park. We had a couple of hours to explore Durlston, including looking at The Globe, visiting the Visitor Centre and walking along the timeline. The timeline was incredible. It started 4.54 billion years ago, when the Earth was made and we walked right up to a huge stone at the end, which represented present day. We couldn’t believe it at the end when we found out that for the whole distance we had walked, humans had only been around for a quarter of a millimetre!

We spent some time just looking at the view and seeing what we could see. Mr Rickard, Mrs Hills and a few children spotted a peregrine falcon. After lunch, we had some spare time before Amelia met us. We spent this running around and rolling down hills. I don’t think we realised that we were going to be spending another 8 hours outside, also running around!

On the walk back to Leeson we had to walk through a field that had some cows in it. We had to walk in a straight line in silence through the field. When we got across the stile at the end of the field, Miss Thomas said that we should walk through another field with cows in, as she enjoyed the silence!!

We had a couple of hours free time when we arrived back at Leeson House. We spent this time running around, exploring and playing handball as Mr Rickard had brought the equipment with him.

After dinner, we went back outside for orienteering. Miss Thomas explained to us what we had to do and gave us the map and a clipboard with our sheet to fill in. We then spent the next hour and a half running around the grounds of Leeson House trying to find the symbols. It became even more fun when it started to get a bit darker and we were allowed to use a torch! Yasmine, Daisy and Emma were the winners and the only ones who managed to complete all three sheets. George, Jack and Jayden were very close behind.

It was now time for hot chocolate, showers and bed. It is safe to say that we were all shattered from all the exercise that day. To the relief of the teachers, we were all fast asleep (and some of us snoring!) by 10 o’clock.

We stayed asleep till about 7 o’clock. As soon as we woke up, we had to pack everything as we had to be out of our rooms by 8.15 for breakfast. We are pleased to report, and I’m sure our parents will be pleased to hear, that we all managed to pack our own suitcases, organise our things for the day, hoover our rooms and not lose anything, all before breakfast!

For our last morning, we went pond dipping. We were given keys to look at to help us identify different animals found in the pond. One person from each group at a time had a turn pond dipping. They then took their nets to their groups and emptied the contents into a container filled with pond water. We looked carefully in the water for the creatures and moved them into another container. We had to identify what we had caught. Harry, Giles and Charlie all caught small newts. Lucy caught a rare great crested newt. We had a great time pond dipping.

Our final activity was a geology workshop. For this, we were in a classroom and we had lots of different activities to do involving ordering, identifying and touching different rocks. Sadly, our time at Leeson House had now come to an end and we got on the coach to come back home. We had so much fun and loved our trip.


Cookery Demonstrations


  • Cooking Demonstrations Year 5

Year 5 had a lovely afternoon on March 7th with Mary Reader and her team, cooking some delicious food. They listened to where different foods came from and why it is important to eat certain foods. The children were then split into three groups to chop, prepare and cook three different meals before being able to try what they had made. All of the children tried the different foods, some were even surprised that they liked what they tasted. Lots of Year 5 said that they wanted to make and eat these dishes at home. I look forward to hearing from parents that the children have done this!

Thank you to Mary Reader and her team of chefs, plus our parent helpers for a fantastic afternoon.


World Book Week


  • World Book Day

Year 5 had a fantastic week celebrating Book Week. We had a fantastic start to the week with Mark Robertson, author and illustrator, leading a whole school assembly. Later on that day, he led a workshop showing us how to draw a dragon. We were all amazed at our own abilities to draw a dragon and Mark’s was incredible!

Throughout the week, we planned, wrote and illustrated our own Paddington stories to read to our Year 1 buddies. They enjoyed listening to our stories and we loved coming up with adventures for Paddington. We also made and coloured bookmarks with them.

We have spent a lot of time reading this week – Miss Thomas would tell us to drop everything and read, and we would read for 15 minutes at a time. Miss Thomas even sat and read as well!  We also took part in a reading buffet. We were all given 8 minutes to look at the blurb and start reading a book that we wouldn’t normally read. More than 20 of us wanted to carry on reading the book that we were given.

Each class decorated their classroom door. We voted and decided to make our front door Hacker by Malorie Blackman. We all helped to put it together. Miss Thomas agreed that this was a good choice as we had read the book last year as a class and we loved it.

Thursday was World Book Day. We all looked fantastic in our costumes. We chose which classroom we’d like to go to, to hear a story. Later, Miss Thomas read us a story without showing us the front cover or the title and we had to draw what we thought the front cover would look like. Rob Stevens, author and pilot, came to speak to us about how he started writing books. It was very interesting listening to him. We especially liked hearing him read from two of his books. We were really pleased to hear that the process Rob Stevens goes through to write a story was the same as us, with lots of editing and improving!

We had an amazing week and have loved spending time exploring and reading lots of different books.


Science fun!


  • Science Fun in Year 5

We had a brilliant Science lesson with Mrs Walls. We were learning about chromatography. Mrs Walls had a message written by someone in school, but the message had got wet, so the ink had run.  We had to find out who the person was who had written the message. We had different black pens from lots of the adults and children around school. We had to draw a big black dot on special chromatography paper and dip the end of the paper in the water to see what happened to the dot. The different pens made the ink run a different amount.

After doing lots of experiments, as a class we discovered the message had been written by Mrs Crook.



Please Miss Buxton! Writing persuasive letters


Year 5 were very upset when Miss Buxton told them that they wouldn’t be able to take part in Bikeability, as all of the previous Year 5’s had done. Immediately, they came up with reasons as to why they should do it! As we were working on persuasive writing, they decided to write some persuasive letters to Miss Buxton, in the hope that she would change her mind! The children wrote some fantastic letters, using persuasive language and clearly explaining their reasons as to why they should be allowed to do Bikeability.

When Miss Buxton read them, guess what? YEAR 5 ARE NOW ALLOWED TO DO BIKEABILITY!!! They are all very pleased and can’t wait for it to start.

Here are some of the letters written by Year 5:

Bikeability Letters Year 5

Bikeability Letter Year 5-2

Bikeability Letter Year 5-3

Bikeability Letter Year 5-4

Bikeability Letter Year 5-5

Bikeability Letter Year 5-6

Bikeability Letter Year 5-7

Bikeability letter Year 5-8




Year 5 have made a fantastic start to the new school year and have been working extremely hard.

Anti-Bullying Week


The whole school took part in this National Week and in the Year 5 workshop the Police Safety Team spoke to the children about the different types of bullying and that they need to take responsibility for their actions, especially as they will all be ten years old this year. This really hit home with the children and was a fantastic reminder about how they should be behaving. In class, we thought about the effects of bullying on the victim; how they would be feeling and thinking, as well as how they might act. Year 5 were then given six different scenarios of children being unkind to each other. They had to give advice to the children in the different situations and think about what they would do. Some of the children did freeze framing with the problems and then with the solutions. They all had brilliant advice and know exactly what they should do.

CAFOD visit


During our week learning about the Year of Mercy, CAFOD visited us. After an assembly in the morning, they came into our classroom to do a workshop with us about the harvest. We were split into groups of four and we had to imagine that that we lived and worked on a farm, growing our own corn. We had few tools, but we had to produce as much corn as possible. After ten minutes, disaster stuck for most of the groups. Either a drought came, flood or we were taken over by a big factory who needed our land. We had less resources to continue to make corn. We all worked well as part of a team and realised the effect that the money we raise for CAFOD has on these people.

Year 5 CAFOD workshop



In our lessons with Mrs Walls this half term, we have been learning about forces. Most weeks our learning has involved carrying out experiments, which are always fun and we definitely learn a lot from doing them. We sometimes find as well that our predictions are very different to that actually happens. One of our favourite lessons was making and testing parachutes.




One of our maths lessons was an investigation, using our addition and multiplication skills. We had to make a dinosaur using multilink that was worth exactly 540. Each of the colours of multilink was worth a different amount. Once we had worked out how we were going to make 540, making sure we showed our working out, we had to build our dinosaur. We then had to make 540 another way to make a different dinosaur.

Also, we have started work on fractions. We really enjoyed our first lesson making our own fraction walls. We started by making 1 whole one. We were able to make halves and from there make quarters and eighths. At the end of the lesson, we were all able to spot many equivalent fractions.

Year 5 Maths



Our class book at this term is Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. The book is mainly set in a jungle in Indonesia, so our art has been jungle themed. One lesson, we had to create many different shades of green. We had to work together and did this by adding a small amount of another colour to our green to create the different shades.

We have also sketched and used watercolours to create a jungle animal. To make the background, we found leaves around the playground and field, and then using different media we created our leaf backgrounds. We used a mixture of leave rubbing with pencils and crayons, painting and pastels.

Year 5 Art



In gymnastics, we enjoyed using the equipment. We had to work in small groups to make bridges. It was amazing to see all of the different ways in which we did this. All of the groups created different bridges. Dan Moody came in to teach us how to play handball. It was a mixture of basketball, netball and shooting into a goal like football. We learnt the rules very quickly and after practising in small groups, we were able to have two big matches. It was so much fun and we absolutely love handball and can’t wait to start playing properly after Christmas.

 Year 5 PE