Year 4 visit Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre

Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre by Ellie-May

On Friday 24th June Year 4 went to the Cranborne Technology centre. We set off at 9.00am and arrived a little while later.

A man called Anthony gave us a nice welcome and then we walked over a bridge and on the other side were lots of houses from different times in history. There was Roman, Celt and two more. There were also 2 pigs and 4 chickens. We had to stay away from the pigs because they bit people, but they were still cool!

We went inside the Earth-House which was a big house under a hill. Inside of the Earth-house there were animal skins on the benches. There were two pigs, a beaver, a fox, a cow and a sheep. We had to sit on them. Anthony told us about the Romans.

 Next we split into groups. My group went to the blacksmithing first. We made a bit of a Celtic brooch. It was really, really fun, and because we had some time left Reg made us a mini-axe.

We then moved on to weaving where we had to go and collect the branches. When we did that we went on the water wheel. It was so fun! After we did the awesome weaving we went on to make flour which we added into a paste which was the most important part because it made bread. We then all came back together and cooked the bread on the fire and ate it.

Finally we made our way home. I had the best day ever!

Cranborne Ancient Technology by Patrick

It is the 24thJune 2011 and Year 4 in St. Joseph’s are going to the Roman technology centre!  We left at 9.00am and were there at 10.00am.

At first Anthony told us which house was which. After that we went into the round house and got into our groups.

My group’s first activity was blacksmithing. It was really fun, I got to hit the metal with the hammer and push the bellows!

 Our next activity was sewing the straw through the sticks. Our last thing to do was making bread by crunching stones on top of the wheat.

At the end we gathered together and looked at some animal skins. We all said goodbye and we were off! On the way home I sat next to Archie and I sang some songs and before I knew it we were back at St. Joseph’s primary school! My best day ever !!