Year 4

Year 4


Class Teachers: Mrs Callister and Mrs Whyte

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jung


Click to download the Year 4 curriculum: Year 4 Curriculum Letter Autumn 2017

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Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre


Last week Year 4 went to Cranbourne Technology Centre to find out about ancient Roman technology as part of their topic. They learnt about bread making – including grinding the flour, weaving, cob brick making and found out about the importance of fire-making and life in a Roman roundhouse along with road building. Thank you to all who helped with these trips. Please see pictures of our trip below and a write up of the day from one of our Year 4 pupils.

Cranborne Visit Year 4

  • Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre


A visit from Parliament


  • Visit from Parliament Year 4

Last week we welcomed into our school Roz Birch who works for our UK Parliament as a schools’ officer. Roz came and led an assembly on the importance of democracy and followed up with two sessions for Years 4 and 5. Two of our Year 4 pupils wrote this account of the day:

‘On Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 a lady called Roz came in from the education department of the Houses of Parliament to teach us about: The House of Commons, The House of Lords and how all the laws get made. She told us laws are like school rules, if we break them we get punished. We then named all our school rules and the UK’s laws we knew. Roz then told us some old laws which we may still use a bit today, for example: when we had horses and carts you always had to have a hay bale in the back to cover your horse’s poo on the street.

‘After that, Ros explained to us how laws were made and this is how they made them: First, the Bill (The Bill is what the law is called while they’re still making it a law) goes to The House of Commons for them to discuss. If they agree with it, then The House of Commons passes it to The House of Lords and if they disagree The House of Lords would pass it back to The House of Commons. This is called ping pong. If they agree the Bill will get passed on to Queen Elizabeth for her signature.

‘Roz then set up a workshop for Year 4 and Year 5. Roz picked 8 people to get out 4 benches, so it was like a court. We then had a few practice debates. Soon it was the real debate but, before we did that, we had to choose a speaker . We had an argument about keeping school uniforms or not. The answer was to get rid of school uniforms. If we agreed with the argument, we had to stand behind the yes bench and if we disagreed with the argument, we had to stand behind the no bench. This is how MPs vote in parliament.’

Written by Lyla and Mariella, Year 4



Cooking demonstration and taster session


Cookery Demonstration

Year 4 enjoyed a very exciting morning on Tuesday 7th March as budding chefs.

Mrs Mary Reader and her team of three chefs visited both Year 4 and Year 5 to carry out some cooking (and tasting of course) based on their topic themes. Year 4 enjoyed food that had a more Egyptian flavour and were shown a tagine which would have been used for slow cooking. They began by watching a dish being prepared by a top chef,  Fruity Pork Steaks’ using a mixture of spices and herbs. We then decided to prepare different dishes in our groups. Y4 were involved in preparing the food using colourful knives and developing their cutting skills, adding ingredients, mixing the various ingredients together and finally tasting the product of their efforts. They made:

Leek, Bacon and Potato Omelette,

Chunky Vegetable and Pearl Barley Soup and

Trout with Ratatouille

They had a thoroughly enjoyable morning and would like to pass their gratitude to Mrs Reader for organising this wonderful learning experience, the chefs for their efforts and the adult helpers. Please take a look at our gallery below of the children enjoying the day.

  • Cookery Demonstration Year 4
    Cookery Demonstration Year 4

The recipes that were used, as well as a few others we didn’t have time to cook, are below:

Healthy Eating Recipes

If you cook these at home please let us know in class!


World Book Week


On World Book Day, the whole school dressed up as their favourite book characters and we saw some wonderful costumes from children and staff! Also on this day, Mr Stevens, one of our parents, came in to tell our older children all about being an author. He’s written books, such as The Mapmaker’s Monsters so the children were keen to know all about the editing and the re-drafting that a writer has to do.

  • World Book Day Year 4


The week began with the author M.P. Robertson joining us for the day, beginning with a whole school assembly and then holding workshops with all the classes. He has written many children’s favourites – including The Egg and The Great Dragon Rescue. His day began with a wonderful whole school assembly and he then went on to lead drawing workshops with all our children.


  • World Book Week

Here’s the Year 4 diary of their experiences during Book Week. Y4 Book Week


Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst


On Friday 10th February, 16 lucky Year 4 children spent the morning at The Pig Hotel, Brockenhurst. The competition involved designing a three-course menu, promoting healthy eating and sustainability. All the children had the chance to look around the kitchen gardens then to plate and eat the food they had designed, which included crab cakes, gammon and trimmings followed by fruit salad, marshmallows and ice cream. The children had an amazing time, most of them sampling some of the produce for the first time.

A huge thank you to James Golding, Chef Director at The Pig for organising the competition as part of Adopt a School Week and for giving our children such opportunities. Here is the menu designed by James:

Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst 1

Here are the three-course menus our Year 4 children designed during their wonderful morning at The Pig Hotel.

Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst 2

Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst 3

Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst 4

Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst 5

Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst 6

Year 4 visit to The Pig, Brockenhurst 7




Anti-Bullying Week


November 14-18: This week we have been taking part in the national awareness of Anti-Bullying Week, and the Police E-Safety Team visited the school to deliver anti-bullying workshops to our Years 3-6.  Year 4 enjoyed circle times with a focus on friendships and then created their very own superheroes. Each child designed their own superhero who concentrated on making sure everyone felt safe and always had someone to play with and talk to. The children linked their powers to the school’s golden rules and Mission Statement.

One of our Year 4 pupils wrote this about the day: “On Tuesday 15th November 2016 two policewomen came to St Joseph’s Primary School. We talked about our names and nicknames that we liked. Then we talked about put-downs. This is when someone calls you a name or says something that makes you feel rubbish. We were then introduced to put-ups. This is when someone says something that makes you feel good. They then told us we had a challenge. We had to say something nice to someone we don’t talk to.” Ella


Our Skateboarding Day


November 16&17: This week Years 4 and 5, won a day’s skateboarding tuition for their St Josepharian attitudes and enjoyed learning not only basic skills but also the importance of padding and head protection, along with the etiquette of skate parks. Matt and Hamish, the instructors, said that the year groups were the best they have ever taught. Here is an account of the day from our Year 4 pupils:

Our Skateboarding Day


Making Death Masks


Everyone in Year 4 enjoyed their project making Death Masks. Here they describe how they did it.

  • Making Death Masks Week 1

How we made our death mask by Amelia and Freddie

How we made our death mask by Isla and LLoyd

How we made our death masks by Bella and Gabriel

How we made our death masks by Bethany and Hughie

  • Making Death Masks Week 2

How we made our death masks by Ella and Alex

How we made our death masks by Ethan and Jack

How we made our death masks by Felix and Katelyn

How we made our death masks by Josh and Addie


  • Making Death Masks Week 3

How we made our death masks by Mariella and Leo

How we made our death masks by Oscar and Jasmine

How we made our death masks by Rio and Santino

How we made our death masks by Shane and Katherine


  • Making Death Masks Week 4

How we made our death masks by Theo and Dom

How we made our death masks by Thomas, Lauren and Willow

How we made our Death Masks byAnna and Sam

How we made our masks by Lyla and Harry