Year 4

Year 4


Class Teachers: Mrs Callister and Mrs Whyte

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jung


Click to download the Year 4 curriculum: Year 4 Curriculum Letter Spring 2018

Have a look below to see what we have been up to!





Year 4 visit to The Pig Hotel


On Friday 9th March 16 of us were lucky to spend the morning at The Pig, a gorgeous “restaurant with rooms”, in Brockenhurst. Chef Director at The Pig, James Golding and Sarah Howard, from The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts invited us as part of their ‘Adopt a School’ week. We were treated to a tour of their kitchen, the gardens, we peeked inside the smokery and said “Hello,” to the animals.

During our time in the kitchen the children made some amazing bread rolls which were made so beautifully and carefully that they rose to a very impressive size, the teachers were treated to a delicious coffee while watching their skillful work. In the greenhouse we got to taste some plants and flowers before we potted our own pea seeds, some of which we are carefully looking after in class. Due to the care and sunshine they are getting in the classroom many have already pushed through the soil. We finished off with some tasty treats in ‘The Green Room’ before heading back to school in time for lunch.



States of Matter – Science


Science continued this term with experiments. Children were looking at various solids and liquids in groups to discuss their properties and see if they could identify them. They touched, poured, smashed and smelt many items including vinegar, pasta, metal, milk, honey and wood. At the end children shared their thoughts on the properties of solids and liquids and they were using some very scientific terms to do this. Next is gases and then the changing states of matter.


The Creepy Crawly Show


On Friday 24th November we were all (children and staff) so excited to welcome The Creepy Crawly Show into our classroom. AJ taught us so much about some wonderful creatures, their habitat and how they live in a very funny and engaging way – this all linked in with the children’s learning in Science and Topic. At the start of the session some children were wary of what we would see and were sat at the back of our classroom – however, we are so proud of their bravery which resulted in one child holding a snake that she was visibly afraid of at the start of the morning. Children got hands on with all manner of creatures including Madagascan cockroaches, snakes (a variety of corn snakes and pythons including a gorgeous Burmese), giant African snails, lizards and a barn owl. We got to observe a scorpion and a rose tarantula from the safety of their travelling homes. All animals were well cared for and all but one were rescued and taken in by AJ from people who bought the animals but couldn’t care for them properly or hadn’t researched what caring for them meant. Staff also got in on the act at lunchtime and had a photo opportunity with some of the animals – though Miss Buxton gave the snakes a very wide berth!

Here are some quotes from our Year 4 children about the show:

“It was cool when George held a barn owl.” Beau

“Luleya was really scared when she held the snake. Poor Luleya! Matilda said she wasn’t scared when the African snail went near her face.” Ellie

“I enjoyed The Creepy Crawly Show, it was amazing. A lizard jumped on me.” Scarlett

“I loved The Creepy Crawly Show because I held an African snail.” Matilda

“I loved it when AJ showed us the barn owl and said that a giant African snail can eat a field of grass faster than a cheetah can eat an animal was amazing.” Tom

“The Creepy Crawly Show was brilliant because AJ was really funny and we got to see loads of different animals.” Patryk

“I liked it because AJ (the instructor) made impressions of celebrities. I especially like the humungous Burmese python because I got to hold him by the torso.” Anonymous




RE Advent work


As part of our RE unit of work on Advent, we created these beautiful stained glass windows featuring different symbols from the Jesse Tree. We also created our own class Jesse Tree and used this to find out more about Jesus’ ancestors. Please look at our work below:


Christmas Play


Auditions took place early in November and rehearsals are now well under way. The children are amazing us with their acting, singing and dancing skills, with many already having learned their lines. Thank you to the support of parents with this. A letter will be coming home to see if you are able to support with any costumes.


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


In Year 4 we received an email from Mrs Corallo in Year 2 saying that some of the children in her class were scared of wolves because all of the stories they read about them always showed them to be big and bad. We decided to investigate further and found out that many species of wolf are actually endangered in the wild and that we should respect rather than fear them. In literacy we all wrote fact files to share the information we had discovered about wolves and also rewrote the story of the Three Little Pigs to tell the story from the wolf’s perspective. Here are some extracts from our stories and also some of the amazing art work that we did as part of our home learning.

‘Most people think they know the story of the three little pigs but you’ve got it all wrong. It only started because I eat meat. Maybe we should call you the big bad human! I just want people to know the truth. Two months ago, as snow fell, I decided to make some pancakes but I didn’t have any lemon or sugar so I went to me neighbour to see if they had any. Did I mention I have an underground house? I climbed outside and set off to my neighbours with my jug for the sugar and my small container for the lemon. When I got there, I saw that they had been stupid enough to make the house out of straw. I said “Little pig, little pig are you in? “Go away!” the first little pig answered. I was about to go home when I felt a sneeze coming. Ah ah ah CHOO! My sneeze blew their house to pieces!’ Thomas


‘You’ve heard the pigs’ side of the story and now it’s time for my side. So make sure you listen well! I’m the wolf. Dave T Wolf, but you can all me Wolfie. People say I’m the ‘big, bad wolf’ but I’m really just the same as you. Maybe you are the big, bad human! Maybe it’s our diet. Yes, I know we might eat cute animals but that’s not our fault. We do have sharp teeth but you would if you were a carnivore! The whole ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’ thing is nonsense. Absolute nonsense. The real story about a survey and a misconception. This is the real story.’ Alex


Egyptian Masks


Take a look at our fantastic Egyptian Masks which we have been making in our art lessons this half term! We made them using papier mache and then added extra details using masking tape and newspaper. We then painted them, taking inspiration from the death mask of Tutankhamun.




In PE this term, we were lucky enough to have two coaching sessions from Rippa Rugby based at Bournemouth Rugby Club. We focused on developing our tag rugby skills and thoroughly enjoyed the drills and mini games that we played.

“I have liked rugby this term because it keeps you healthy and fit and it’s really fun. I enjoyed it.” William




We have taken inspiration from our work on Ancient Egyptians and have been having great fun this term creating Egyptian death masks. This involved some fairly messy papier mache lessons to create our basic mask shapes and we are now starting to add details to our masks before painting them. Keep an eye on the website for some pictures of our finished work!

 “In Art I have enjoyed making papier mache Egyptian death masks. I can’t wait to paint them and decorate them.” Florence




In our Science lessons this half term we are learning about ‘Animals, including Humans ‘ and are specifically looking at teeth and the digestive system. The children were very knowledgeable about dental hygiene and know that they should not be eating or drinking too much sugary food and drink and they understand the need to keep teeth sparkly clean. More recently we have been looking at the digestive system which involved a very detailed simulation of how the digestive system worked – this involved some crushed crackers, a banana, orange juice, water, a pair of old tights and a bowl. The children talked about how the teeth bite and grind up food, the oesophagus moves the food to the stomach where the stomach crushes and digests the food before it moving to the small intestine. All of this demonstration and discussion made a few of our more delicate children feel quite ill and one poor boy (who will remain nameless) was sick! Therefore Mrs Whyte stopped at that stage and, rather than use the remains of the food and a cup to complete the demonstration, we only talked about the end result! The following week to see what the children could remember we went out into the sunshine to ‘act’ the digestive systems in small groups.

Here are some quotes from our Year 4 children:

“I like learning about the digestive system and everyone was grossed out.” Antonio

“When we did the gross Science lesson I thought it was very interesting learning about our body.” Chloe




  • Clarinet lessons Year 4

With the support of the Dorset Music Service Year 4 children have been given the fantastic opportunity of learning the clarinet. Every child has been given a clarinet that they take home each  week to practice. Then every week we welcome Mr Holly into class to give expert tutorial to the children. Some Year 4 pupils who show a particular flair for music will then be asked to continue to learn a musical instrument being supported by the Dorset Music Service.

Here are some quotes from our Year 4 children:

“I really enjoyed doing clarinet because we learnt the song Jingle Bells.” Luleya

“I loved playing the clarinet but it gave me a headache every time.” Oliver


RE Curriculum Week


Many exciting things happened for Year 4 during our RE curriculum enrichment week. We started off with a session on the Life Education bus during which we learnt how choices we make can affect what happens in our bodies. We also considered the importance of making our own choices and that we can still be friends with people despite of, and even because of, their differences!

Later in the week we were very happy to welcome Miss Kenny (a playgroup worker), Mr Cassidy (an officer from the merchant navy), Mrs Lawson (a nurse) and Mrs Stevens (air cabin crew) who talked to us about how they serve our community. Miss Kenny shared with use how fun her job can be working with toddlers and how she helps prepare children for Infant school. Mr Cassidy gave an interesting and informative talk about his career in the Merchant Navy and the children particularly enjoyed learning about all the different jobs that take place on a ship. They also learnt about Apostleship of the Sea, a Catholic charity supporting seafarers worldwide, and the important work that it does in providing practical and pastoral care to all seafarers.  Mrs Lawson talked to the children about her job as a nurse and bought in lots of ‘tools of her trade’ with her to make for a very engaging and fun session for the children. Mrs Whyte was astounded at how well travelled and how knowledgeable Year 4 were about the world, during Mrs Stevens’ session where she talked about her cabin crew role for British Airways.

During the week we were also grateful for all donations bought in by children for our Foodbank and Hope collections.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their week and it really helped us to think about serving like Jesus in the 21st century. Many thanks to all who were involved!

Here are quotes from some of our Year 4 children:

“I also liked when the parents came in and told us about their jobs.” Chester 

“I loved the talk about the parent’s jobs we got to do activities too.” Nahla