Year 4

Year 4


Class Teachers: Mrs Whyte

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jung


Click to download the Year 4 curriculum: Year 4 curriculum letter spring 2020

Have a look below to see what we have been up to!




Autumn Term



Have a look below to see what we have been up to in the first 6 weeks of term!


Our first Science module is called ‘Living things and their habitats’ and last week Year 4 took to the school grounds on an insect hunt. They worked brilliantly in pairs running across the playground to different areas to find different types of habitats to investigate. They spotted ants, a butterfly, a bee an assortment of bugs and beetles and some spiders. These were all accurately detailed and drawn and their habitats were described.



We have taken inspiration from our work on Ancient Egyptians and have been having great fun this term creating Egyptian cartouches and have made a start on making Egyptian death masks. This will involve some fairly messy papier mache lessons to create our basic mask shapes and paint work to add detail to our masks. Keep an eye on the website for some pictures of our finished work!



In music the children have been exploring human percussion – using their bodies to make sounds! From slapping their knees and tummies to clapping their hands, children have been learning about the number of beats in a bar and making a rhythm.



In PE this term, we are doing tag rugby which gets the children very noisy, active and muddy! They are loving the competition element as well as learning the important skills of passing and safely tagging each other.



In Year 4 we received an email from Miss Tharme in Year 2 saying that some of the children in her class were scared of wolves because all of the stories they read about them always showed them to be big and bad. We decided to investigate further and found out that many species of wolf are actually endangered in the wild and that we should respect rather than fear them. In literacy we all wrote fact files to share the information we had discovered about wolves and next week we will be re-writing the story of the Three Little Pigs to tell the story from the wolf’s perspective. The children will then be presenting their work to Year 2 in a session in the hall.