Year 3’s adventures in Wonderland

Throughout the last half term year three did lots of work on Alice in Wonderland. We did a lot of writing on what we imagined our own Wonderland to look like. We thought about the things we could smell, see and touch in Wonderland.

Here are some examples of our writing. We were thinking about similes.

 Wonderland is as lovely as a sunset. The waterfalls are as crystal clear as a crystal dipped in glitter. Wonderland has butterflies made from soft slices of bread. Wonderland has golden sunsets. The sky is as blue as the sea. Wonderland has colours of the rainbow and is as huge as the world. By Emily

 Wonderland is full of buttery butterflies. The water is as clear as a blue diamond. The animals are as strange as elephant with no trunk. The leaves are as green as grass and the trunks are as brown as mud. The dark mud is as dark as silky chocolate. The rivers are so smooth, silky and blue. By Katy

 During Art and D&T, we did a lot of painting, drawing, sketching and building. We used junk modelling to make our own Wonderlands. We also created our own Mad Hatter Tea Party. Here is some of our work: