Year 3 Visit to Montacute House

A recount by Pietro, year 3:

Last Friday we went on our school trip to Montacute House. We had to be at school at 8.15am because the coach left at 8.30! I took my MP3 player on the coach to listen to music.

On the coach I was sitting next to JJ. I really couldn’t wait! In my group was JJ, Peter, Sydney, Jocilyn and Jasmine. The helpers were my Mum and Jasmine’s Mum. After 2 hours (on the coach) everyone was very excited!

When I got there, the first thing I saw – right in front of my eyes, was a massive house! We went in and there were 60 steps we had to go up. When we were in the place where they ate, we were told it was rude to put your bones back on your plate if you had a chicken leg you needed to just drop it on the floor!

We went into a place called the long gallery. It was 52 metres long. There were portraits of Tudors. The long gallery was for archery. They did it inside because they didn’t want to go outside and get sun burnt. Then we went into the kitchen and saw what plates they used. Then we got on the coach again and then I sat next to Aaron. I got home and I was exhausted!