Year 3 visit a Roman Village

This year our class took a trip to Cranborne! We had been learning all about The Romans so we were really excited to be going to visit a Roman village.

We went on the coach and had a good time because we were chatting and having fun.

When we got there we met the people who worked there and their names were Antony and Jo. We put our bags on the floor and watched them make a fire. He talked about the animals skins that we were sitting on. Some of them were scaly and furry.

We split into groups and did different activities. The activities were, making bread, building a Roman road and making wool. My favourite was building the Roman road because it was very tiring but really fun.

After that, we headed back to the Earth House and had our lunch, near the fire. He used special tools from the Roman times to make the fire. He also showed us a Roman helmet and it was very heavy on our heads when we tried it on. There was also a Roman sword, sandals and what they would wear in battle.

It was a really brilliant day. We all really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go again.

By Izzy