Year 3 and Year 4 Visit the Tank Museum

On Wednesday the 25th June 2014 Year 3 and 4 went to The Tank Museum for their school trip. The visit linked to our topic of World War 1. Here some Year 3’s tell us all about their day:

Tank 5Tank 1Yesterday we got to school at 8:30am because we were going on a school trip to The Tank Museum. We got into our groups and were told our group leaders. When we got on the coach we all sang ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’. Finally the coach stopped and everyone made their way out excitedly. A lady called Claire led us in and we were put into big groups.

First we went in one of the tanks, it was a Mark IV Tank, and it was COOL! A man called Dave told us all about it. He told us that there were two different types of tanks: a male and a female. We also found out that being a solider inside a tank would have been very uncomfortable and cramped!

Sadly we found out that some horses died, and Jazz got run over by a tank, when we were looking at the War Horse Exhibition. We listened to what the horses had to say: Molly, Henry, Jazz, Hector and Bessie. We looked at all the medals and read about James Morris and his brother. We saw some letters that were actually written at war, it was very hard to read their handwriting.



Tank 2Tank 4Before you even knew, it was lunch. We all bundled into a little room were our lunches were kept. We were all told to walk on the left hand side. We ate outside. Then we went to our next activity. Ours was the trench experience and I dressed up in a WW1 soldiers uniform, it was really rough and itchy. The helmet was so heavy it felt like a heavy brick had been balanced on my head, he gun weighed m down a bit as well.

We had a great day at The Tank Museum and we learnt lots about World War 1!

Tank 3