Year 3

Year 3


Class Teachers: Mrs Dayantis and Mrs Walls

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wooller


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Year 3’s Volcano Eruption


Our volcanoes have finally erupted!

After several weeks of making them, painting them and improving them, they were ready for eruption.

We used vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and red food colouring to make the lava. Then we waited for them to erupt. Some erupted quickly, others took their time and we discussed why this could be, perhaps the shape and size of the bottle we used?

We are keen to try other methods at home such as coca cola and mints. Mrs Walls is looking forward to hearing how this goes and seeing any photos. Here are a few photos of our eruptions …


Year 3’s Wonderful World Book Week


  • Year 3 World Book Day


We started our week with the amazing visit from author and illustrator Mark Robertson. He inspired us to create our own stories and dragon illustrations. We decorated our doors as book covers and wrote our own book reviews.

Later in the week we shared book activities with our book buddies in Ducklings including making bookmarks and using ICT to find out about books. Maths and RE were also based around books and we hope you enjoyed us sharing our learning in Friday’s assembly.

One of our favourite activities during the week was ‘Stop everything and READ’. Our books were ready on the table to read whenever the shout went out to stop everything!

‘Name the book’ was also good fun and interesting to have to come up with our own title and front cover, when this was hidden during the reading of the story. We thought some of our titles were actually more exciting than the real one and it taught us that we can be book critics. Maybe some of us will be the authors and illustrators of the future!

Dressing up on World Book Day was amazing and we hope you like our photos. Hopefully we all remembered to thank the grown-ups who helped us create our costumes, a lot of time and effort obviously went into this.


Year 3 Skateboarding


On Tuesday 12th January, Year 3 was very lucky to be able to take part in a skateboarding training day held at our school. We went off in groups of 10 and for an hour and a half we were taught how to skateboard by two professional boarders. We learnt lots during the day and had so much fun! Have a look at our photos…


Anti-Bullying Week


In Year 3 the children created their own anti-bullying posters and produced some brilliant work. Here are some quotes from the Year 3 children: “We learnt about how to be safe.” Rose. “It was good because we learnt how to be a  good friend to one another.” Nahla. “We were told how to recognise bullying.” Alex. “The team reminded us to tell an adult in the school if we are being bullied.” Anthony. “Don’t keep bullying a secret.” George. “We learnt that we should stand up for each other.” Emma

  Anti-Bullying-Poster-2 Anti-Bullying-Poster-1



The Baptism of Jesus


Year 3 have been looking at works of art that depict the scene of Jesus being baptised by John. They used watercolours to reproduce one of these paintings. As they painted they thought about the light and the symbols of baptism such as the dove. Painting the figures was particularly challenging and they really worked hard to show that Jesus is looking up to heaven and that John is stood in the background. We hope you like them.

The Baptism of Jesus paintings Year 3


Year 3 Cave Art


  • Year 3 Cave Art

As part of our Stone Age topic we have been looking at original cave art and copying their techniques. We practised different strokes using different medium and also discussed the kind of scenes that would have been painted. When choosing what to draw we had to remember that hunters were not drawn in great detail and that animals were usually not given facial features. Colours had to be considered as cave inhabitants could only use natural resources to make their art materials.

We also thought about why the paintings have been found. Were they to entertain and relieve boredom? Were they to teach the younger members of the family how to hunt? Were they telling stories? Were they leaving their marks for people like us to find many years later?

We had really interesting discussions during our art sessions!


Year 3 Hindu Naming Ceremony


As part of our learning about other faiths we used role play to learn about the symbols that are important in a Hindu naming ceremony, such as rice, holy water and a leaf. We then compared these to symbols in Catholic baptism finding that some were the same and some were different.

We learnt about how a Hindu family choose the name of their baby and that the date and time of birth is important to the choice of name. We looked at the names for the month that we were born and chose a name that we liked the meaning of.

Take a look at the names we chose!

Year 3 Hindu Naming Ceremony_1569 Year 3 Hindu Naming Ceremony_1570


September 2016


We have had a great start to the year, studying the book, Stig of the Dump, learning about life in the Stone Age, thinking about how wonderful God’s creation is and creating our own cave paintings alongside Maths, Science, French, P.E and swimming lessons.

At the beginning of term, we all went outside and praised God for our wonderful world.

Year 3 Class

We learnt about baptism and had fun doing a role play of a baptism service.

  • Year 3 Baptism Service

Watch this space to see what else Year 3 will be doing this term.