Year 3

Year 3


Class Teachers: Mrs Dayantis and Mrs Walls

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wooller


Click to download the Year 3 Curriculum overview: Year 3 Curriculum Letter- Autumn 2018

Have a look below to see what we have been up to!


Welcome to Year 3’s Class Page





Design & Technology

In D&T we made volcanoes, which were linked to our geography topic of Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. We made the volcanoes and then erupted them using vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda. We had a lot of fun.





We became film makers in our ICT lessons, using i-movie to film and edit our clips. We chose presenters to show off our lovely school.


God Matters


God Matters Pentecost

In RE we have been thinking about Pentecost and how the disciples must have felt when the Holy Spirit came down. We also thought about how we can change to be more like Jesus in our everyday lives.  We looked at the importance of Pentecost  and wrote down what we thought in our Big Book.




History of British Clothing-2

Our humanities topic this term has been the history of British clothing. We have looked at how clothing has changed over the years and made models of clothes from Cromwell’s era and fans from the Georgian era. At the moment we are designing our own mourning brooches from the Victorian period.




In PE we have been trying out different balances. We are proud of how strong our core is!


Brain Academy Maths in Year 3


We love completing Brain Academy missions in Year 3. They are problem solving missions that require us to use a variety of thinking skills and team work skills to solve tough problems.

Brain Academy Maths Year 3

We have to gather information and discuss our ideas and most effective methods with each other. We then decide which is the best idea, implement it and then evaluate our results. We talk to each other about whether we have succeeded and reflect on what we have learned. We discuss whether another way would have been better and if so try that new idea. A mission can take several days to work through as each mission is divided up into different parts.

Here is an example of one of the missions we have completed.

Brain Academy Maths Year 3-2


Year 3 Art in the Summer Term




As we are studying plants and flowers in Science, we have been linking our Art to this and exploring the school grounds with our sketch books. We have been looking at flowers in fine detail and also looking at wild flowers in their environment. These photos show us sketching the lovely bluebell wood in the Ducklings area. We hope you like them!


Superhero Week in Year 3


At the beginning of March we celebrated superheroes in style! Our week started off with a search for a ‘stolen’ chuhuahua and culminated in a Big Write based around the superhero theme. We did superhero warm ups and poses, we made superhero masks and stick puppets, we all drew a superhero from an online tutorial, and at the end of the week we all became superheroes! Please take a look at our photos below:


Painting in the style of William Turner


Year 3 looked at the work of William Turner and painted in the same style. Please take a look at our paintings:




Fossil Art with John House


  • Fossil Art Year 3 Curriculum

Thank you PTA for funding an amazing session with John!

The morning started with John explaining his background and how he had been collecting fossils since he was a young boy, just like some of us who love collecting fossils! He then got us working on our art straight away. We had a piece of wood and we were creating a Brittle Starfish using string, wood, glue and paint.

Whilst our art was drying John then demonstrated with his tank how a fossil develops using a model dinosaur, sand and water. This was really interesting. He also showed us some of his fossil collection and told stories of how he found them and what the marks on them tell us about the creatures. We returned to our art and spread sand over it to make it look like a real fossil. John then passed the fossils around for us to touch and hold, such as a huge mammoth’s tooth. They were amazing! At the end of the session we all got a real shark’s tooth to keep.

John answered all our questions (we had lots of them!) and was really interested to find out what we already knew and what we had found on the beaches around here. He helped us with our art if we were finding it tricky and looked very cool in his fossil hunting gear!

Thank you John for a fascinating morning, we hope you will be able to come and visit us again soon!



Spring Term



French song Year 3

We are learning French in Year 3 and one of our favourite songs is Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.


Fantastic Mr Fox Year 3

In Literacy we are studying stories from imaginary worlds and acted out part of Fantastic Mr Fox.


All About Me Box Year 3

As part of our speaking and listening curriculum we take turns, each week, to tell the rest of the class all about ourselves. We also answer questions from the class about the things that we have brought in.



In PE we are learning the skills of handball. We really enjoy the mini games we compete in at the end of each lesson. We also have a ‘morning run’ each day to help us focus and keep us fit!




Autumn Term


We learnt about fossils!



We were very lucky to have Mr Flack come into school to talk to us about rocks and fossils. He brought some amazing fossils and rocks in which we could hold and examine. He also showed us a PowerPoint about different types of rock and how they are formed. Thank you Mr Flack, we learnt so much from you!


Y3 Science – Forces and Magnets – Using magnets for a purpose

In our Science lessons we have been learning about magnetism and finding how useful magnets are in everyday life. We had to design a game that would use a magnet to make it more interesting. There were lots of different ideas such as using the magnet underneath the board game to pull the pieces around or using the magnet on the end of a string as a fishing rod. We made fishing games, racing car games, football games and mazes. We then had to evaluate how good the games were and how we could improve them.

Here are some photos, we hope you like them!