Year 3

Year 3


Class Teachers: Mrs Dayantis and Mrs Walls

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wooller


Click to download the Year 3 Curriculum overview: Year 3 Curriculum Letter Spring 2018

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Welcome to Year 3’s Class Page





Spring Term


French song Year 3

We are learning French in Year 3 and one of our favourite songs is Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.


Fantastic Mr Fox Year 3

In Literacy we are studying stories from imaginary worlds and acted out part of Fantastic Mr Fox.


All About Me Box Year 3

As part of our speaking and listening curriculum we take turns, each week, to tell the rest of the class all about ourselves. We also answer questions from the class about the things that we have brought in.



In PE we are learning the skills of handball. We really enjoy the mini games we compete in at the end of each lesson. We also have a ‘morning run’ each day to help us focus and keep us fit!




Autumn Term


We learnt about fossils!



We were very lucky to have Mr Flack come into school to talk to us about rocks and fossils. He brought some amazing fossils and rocks in which we could hold and examine. He also showed us a PowerPoint about different types of rock and how they are formed. Thank you Mr Flack, we learnt so much from you!


Y3 Science – Forces and Magnets – Using magnets for a purpose

  • Year 3 Science - forces and magnets

In our Science lessons we have been learning about magnetism and finding how useful magnets are in everyday life. We had to design a game that would use a magnet to make it more interesting. There were lots of different ideas such as using the magnet underneath the board game to pull the pieces around or using the magnet on the end of a string as a fishing rod. We made fishing games, racing car games, football games and mazes. We then had to evaluate how good the games were and how we could improve them.

Here are some photos, we hope you like them!