Year 2’s trip to LV Streetwise

StreetwiseKitesBuzzards 020StreetwiseKitesBuzzards 021 (1)StreetwiseKitesBuzzards 007StreetwiseKitesBuzzards 012StreetwiseKitesBuzzards 003On Thursday 7th of November 2013, 36 excited children and 11curious teachers and helpers went to LV Streetwise Safety Centre.

The trip to Streetwise linked beautifully with our recent topic, electricity.  Furthermore, the trip to the centre covered topics such as road safety, bicycle equipment, fire safety and stranger danger.

Crossing a real pedestrian crossing including waiting for the beep and the green lights was a great experience.

The staff from Streetwise made our trip memorable and children still remember it and learnt a lot. Here is what they have enjoyed most and what they’ve learnt:


“I enjoyed when me and my friend went into the phone box.”

“I enjoyed when we had our lifejackets on.”

 “I liked the house best, in the living room, where we could be (danger) detectives.”

“I learnt that when there is smoke going up, we go down.”

“You don’t leave litter in the park.”

“I liked calling 999 because I was feeling grown up and knew what to do.”

“I liked learning about being a lifesaver.”