Year 2 visit the zoo


On Tuesday, 7th of October 2014, Year 2 went on a school trip to Marwell Zoo. It was a fantastic experience for all the children. First, we visited the Humboldt penguins sitting around the penguin pool and then we walked down to the underground cave where we could see the penguins swimming underwater.

Next, we visited the cheetahs and we were shown all the different animal skulls. We learnt that cheetahs have a small and light skull so that they can run fast.

marwell 1

marwell 2We were also fortunate enough to listen to a talk given by one of the zoo keepers about the giraffes at Marwell Zoo. We found out that there are 9 female giraffes and just one male. Matilda is the giraffe with a very short tail. A hair got caught around her tail and stopped the blood supply. Poor Matilda’s tail then dropped off!!


We all enjoyed the meerkats, the Amur tigers and Tropical world.



The highlight of the day was the education center where we were allowed to touch and examine all the different animal furs. The children also had the opportunity, if they so wished, to touch Freddie the python and the hissing Madagascar cockroach.

 marwell 3marwell 4

The zoologist then talked about the different dangerous animals around the world and at the end of the talk, the children were free to ask any further questions.

 We found out lots of interesting facts such as:

 the python feels and smells with its tongue,

 giraffes have brown tongues so they don’t get sunburnt,

 meerkats have brown circles around their eyes to protect them from the sun


 the cheetah is the fastest land animal.


We were blessed by the sunny weather and the children had a truly amazing day.

 A big thank you to Mrs Wooller and to all the parents who joined us and made this day unforgettable! Thank you!!