Year 2 Visit Streetwise

On Tuesday, 3rd February, Year 2 went to Streetwise. They identified all the hidden dangers that can be found in our homes – they found lots of dangers in the living room such as a burning candle near the curtain, rubbish and paper by the fire, a hot iron and a box of matches left in the reach of children. They also found lots of dangers in the kitchen such as a hot hob, wires near water and medicines left on low shelves. They learnt what to do if there is a fire in the house and were shown how to make a 999 call!!

They also had a very important talk about safety on the roads. The volunteers at Streetwise explained how important it is to travel safely in the car and how tall you have to be before you no longer have to use a booster seat. The children were then shown how to cross the road safely and how to use a pedestrian crossing properly. They learnt how important it is to wear a helmet when you are riding your bike, especially, when you are on the roads. One of the volunteers demonstrated how a cycle helmet can help protect heads from injury should we fall off our bikes. After looking at the dangers that are found in the home and on the roads, the children were taken to a seaside scenario.  They identified all the dangers at the beach and talked about how to have fun at the beach safely.

Year 2 had a great day at Streetwise. We would like to thank all the volunteers, our parent helpers and of course Mrs Corallo and Mrs Wooller who made it all possible.