Year 2 Trip to Longdown Activity Farm


IMG_0455IMG_0419On 4th of June 2014, Year 2 went on a school trip to Longdown Activity Farm. It was a great experience for both classes, the Buzzards and the Kites. We all enjoyed feeding and stroking the animals. We also loved the play area with trampolines and the unusual running track out of straw. There were lots of great learning opportunities, such as:

Guinea pigs have a very sensitive hearing. So if you talk too loudly they will start squeaking.

Pigs are very teachable. For example, they came running when they heard us shout ‘Wakie wakie’ because they knew that there will be food.

The biggest horse is a Shire horse.

A chicken’s feathers are very soft.

IMG_0432If kids are happy they wiggle their tail.

Goats like to chew on anything – even our coats!

The part of a cow’s body where the milk comes from is called udder.


Thank you for all the teaching assistants and parents who joined us and made this day unforgettable!