Year 2

Year 2


Teacher: Mrs Corallo and Mrs Nicolet

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hougham 


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Year 2 Sports Day


Year 2 had an amazing morning on Tuesday 19th June. We started the day with house races and then we went off to one of the activities. We did welly throwing, penalty shoot out, skipping races, long jump, the javelin, the bucket race and star jumps in 30 seconds. The weather stayed fine too!

Finally, we finished with our house team relay races. The parents and staff cheered us on. It was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who came. We had the most wonderful morning.


God Matters


Since the Easter Holidays, we have been learning about the events surrounding the Easter story. Last week, we thought carefully about how Mary Magdalene must have felt when she found the tomb empty, and Jesus’ grave clothes folded. We think she probably felt very sad and worried at first, but after the angel spoke to her, she probably felt much happier, and very excited to see Jesus again! We thought about questions that we could ask Mary, and Jesus’ disciple Peter, if we were to meet them.


Literacy in Year 2


This week, we have been learning about possessive apostrophes! It is very tricky, but we know we have to put an apostrophe after somebody’s name when we are talking about something which belongs to them. For example:

This bike belongs to Arthur


This is Arthur’s bike.

We practised this new skill by writing a recipe for a perfect year 2 class – have a look at our amazing ideas below!

recipe for a year 2 class.



Superhero Week in Year 2


Year 2 had a fantastic superhero week. We dressed up as our favourite superhero characters.

A super villain had taken Mrs Dayantis’ dog so we wrote our own very special missing posters.

The children worked hard on designing their posters. Please take a look at their work:

Year 2 Superhero Week Posters

Year 2 Superhero Poster-1

Year 2 Superhero Poster-2

Year 2 Superhero Poster-3

We then made our very own superhero puppets and superhero bookmarks.

We had an amazing week and best of all Percy was returned to Mrs Dayantis by the superheroes.



Year 2 Class Assembly



On Friday the 9th March, we had our whole school assembly. It was so much fun; we have been so busy in year two, so we were excited to tell the other children at school and all of the parents what we have been up to!

Our topic this half term has been space, and we have learnt all about Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong. We listed some facts that we have learnt. For example, we know that Neil Armstrong began to pilot a plane before he learnt how to drive a car, and Tim Peake had to live underwater for 12 days before he was deemed ready to go to the International Space Station. We also spoke about how we have learned to write instructions, and how we made Tim Peake some yummy jelly to take to the ISS with him.

We were proud to show off the amazing rockets that we made in DT. Next week we are going to write an evaluation to see what we did really well and what we would do differently next time. Our streetwise trip was also covered, with lots of photos to show what we had got up to!

Music in year two has been so fun this half term; we have been thinking about travel. We’ve learned how to sing an action song in Swahili, as well as another song about different forms of transport, both of which we performed to the whole school. Miss Buxton liked that bit so much, she got us to do it again at the end!

In God Matters, we have been looking at Revelation and the stories that Jesus told us to help us live our lives in the way that God would want us to. We acted out the story; Eduardo made a very good shepherd and Isabella was a very sneaky fox!

Everybody read beautifully and worked hard in the week to learn their lines and memorise the songs that we sang. We had so much fun! Mrs Nicolet was so proud of us all, and Miss Buxton told us that we were an excellent example to the rest of the school. Thank you to all of the parents who came to see us, and we hope that you enjoyed our assembly!



Year 2 Trip to Safewise


Well, what a marvellous day we had! On 8th February, Year Two visited Safewise in Bournemouth and learnt so much about keeping safe, both whilst at home, and out and about. The children were guided by Safewise volunteers, who took us around a home, to a park, to the beach and to a roadside so that we were able to spot dangers and suggest how to keep safe.

The kitchen had lots of dangers which we spotted; somebody had left a fork in the toaster, and a bottle of oil on the hob! We were very surprised when smoke started to spread into the room, and we quickly left the house in order to make a ‘999 call’ to ask for the fire brigade.

In the park, we looked at the sort of things that we might see if people have not looked after the area properly. We know never to touch dog mess and to stay away from any broken bits of equipment, or any cans or bottles that we may find laying around. Whilst we were in the park, a ‘stranger’ came up to us and asked if we could help him find his dog! Luckily we remembered about stranger danger and we knew to find a responsible adult. Mrs Nicolet was very proud of Maddison, who was able to tell her whole group to be careful and remember the rules!

We also had a go at crossing the road safely using a puffin crossing; we know that we should always look right and left, and to keep looking even as we cross. We spoke about car seats and boosters too – we checked to see what sort of car seat we should have in our parents’ cars! At the beach, we learned about how to spot a lifeguard (yellow on top and red on bottom) and how to protect ourselves from the sun. We even tried on a real safety vest!

We were all very well behaved and made Mrs Nicolet and Mrs Hougham proud. Thank you to our parent helpers for their time, and thank you to Safewise for an excellent morning!



Science in Year 2


  • Year 2 Science

In our science lessons this half term we will be learning all about different materials and their properties. Today we took advantage of the fair weather and all headed outside to see which materials are absorbent and which are non-absorbent. We found out that stone did not absorb any water, and neither did the tarmac, but the ground on our field does. The most absorbent thing that we found was a tea towel; it soaked up the water straight away!



Year 2 make jelly for Tim Peake


Year 2 have been learning all about Tim Peake and in Literacy we have been learning all about instructions and different recipes. We have really enjoyed this topic and thought that we would make some strawberry jelly for Tim Peake.

Year 2 make jelly for Tim Peake

Year 2 then wrote their own instructions on how to make jelly.  Here are some of their instructions.

Year 2 Writing Instructions-1

Year 2 Writing Instructions-2

Year 2 Writing Instructions-3

Year 2 Writing Instructions-4

Year 2 Writing Instructions-5

Year 2 Writing Instructions-6

Well done Year 2.  Fantastic instructions!


Autumn Term 2017


On November 24th, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Ranger AJ from The Creepy Crawly Show! He brought in lots of amazing creatures from all over the world, and we were even brave enough to hold some. We loved the barn owl and the giant African snails – they were very slimy! Thank you to the PTA and to Mrs Whyte for organising a very special event, which tied in so well with our learning.

We look forward now to thinking about Advent and Christmas, and cannot wait to be part of the Christmas performance next week!


Year Two have had a very busy half term! We have continued to look at animals in their habitats and have also learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot. We enjoyed our first KS1 Mass of the year with Father John and loved to have the opportunity to share that special time with lots of parents and younger siblings who were able to come to school and join us.

We have been focusing on Saints, Prayers and Feasts in God Matters, and last week we had the opportunity to make our own, very special, Rosary beads. We talked all about the special prayers that we say, and we took some time to pray in class using our beads.

Year 2 Rosary Beads

Year 2 go to Marwell Zoo


  • Marwell Zoo Year 2

Year 2 had the most wonderful day at Marwell Zoo. The weather was warm and dry and all the animals were out enjoying the sunshine. We saw the red lemurs, the gazelles, the tigers, the Humboldt penguins and our two favourites, the Meerkats and the giraffes.

We also visited the Education centre for a workshop about the different animals and their natural habitats around the world.  Whilst we were there, we were able to take a very close look at a stick insect and stroke its back. After lunch, we went to Tropical world where it was very warm. We saw some of the amazing animals from the rainforest such as the colourful poisonous frogs and the hardworking ants. It was very exciting.

We all had an amazing day and a very memorable school trip.