Year 2

Year 2


Teacher: Mrs Corallo and Mrs Nicolet

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hougham 


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Autumn Term 2017


Year 2 go to Marwell Zoo


  • Marwell Zoo Year 2

Year 2 had the most wonderful day at Marwell Zoo. The weather was warm and dry and all the animals were out enjoying the sunshine. We saw the red lemurs, the gazelles, the tigers, the Humboldt penguins and our two favourites, the Meerkats and the giraffes.

We also visited the Education centre for a workshop about the different animals and their natural habitats around the world.  Whilst we were there, we were able to take a very close look at a stick insect and stroke its back. After lunch, we went to Tropical world where it was very warm. We saw some of the amazing animals from the rainforest such as the colourful poisonous frogs and the hardworking ants. It was very exciting.

We all had an amazing day and a very memorable school trip.


Summer Term 2017


Sports Day


Year 2 had a fantastic morning on their Sports Day. First we had the running races.

Year 2 Sports Day P1040143

Then we went off to the different activities.  We had penalty shoot out, dribbling, welly throwing, a skipping obstacle and the long jump.  The weather was perfect and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Year 2 Sports Day

Finally we had the house team relay races. The children had a wonderful morning and were excellent role models for good sportsmanship. Well done Year 2!


Spring Term 2017


Book Week in Year 2


World Book Day Year 2


Year 2 had a wonderful week celebrating Book Week at St.Joseph’s. On the very first day, the well known illustrator and children’s author, Mark Robertson visited the school. Year 2 were very fortunate and they had a dragon workshop with the author. We learnt step by step how to successfully sketch dragons. Here are some examples of the children’s work.


On the second day we learnt a poem from our favourite book Strega Nona. Strega Nona poem

We also decorated our door just to look like the front cover of Strega Nona.

Strega Nona


Year 2 also worked with their reading pairs in Year 4. They made their own little books based on the Mr Men series by Roger Hargreaves.

World Book Day Year 2

We had a fantastic week. Well done Year 2.


Year 2 made planet collages


Year 2 have really enjoyed their Space Topic. They have learnt all about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong and all about our very own British astronaut Tim Peake. They then went on to learn some facts about the planets in our Solar System and made a collage of their favourite planet. Well done Year 2!


Year 2 go skateboarding


Year 2 had a fantastic day learning how to skateboard. They listened carefully to all the safety instructions and learned how important it is to wear a helmet and pads to protect their heads and bodies.

They then went on to learn how to push, balance and ride a skateboard safely. They had lots of fun and even James, the class bear, had a turn!

Then they wrote some of their own instructions on how to ride a skateboard:

Skateboarding Instructions -1

Skateboarding Instructions-2

Skateboarding Instructions-3

Skateboarding Instructions-4


Autumn 2016


Anti-Bullying Week


During Anti-Bullying Week, Year 2 talked about friendships. We discussed all the things (actions and words), that make a good friend and how we can be a better friend to the other children around us.

We then split into groups and sorted the pictures of children being a good friend and not a good friend into the different groups. The children really enjoyed this activity. We then finished by talking about how we can be a better friend in the future.

  • Anti-Bullying Week Year 2

Some of the children said:

“If I see someone hurt or sad I will help them”

“If I see someone being unkind I will tell a teacher”

“ I will always share”

We also read the book “People” by  Peter Spier. We talked about how people are different. We come in all shapes and sizes, different coloured skins, eyes and hair. We eat different things, we speak different languages, we dress differently and we like different things.  We also talked about how we can celebrate being different by learning different languages and eating different foods.

Year 2 Anti-Bullying Week-Reading

Jonah and the Whale


This week Year 2 have been learning about Jonah and the Whale. We retold the Old Testament story through drama and then wrote our own prayers of forgiveness. We then created our own whales with our own forgiveness prayers. Here is our Year 2 display.

Jonah and the Whale


Year 2 go to Marwell Zoo


On Tuesday 4th October Year 2 had their school trip to Marwell Zoo. First, we went to the Education Center where we saw and touched a variety of animal shells and skins.

We also learnt about the penguins, giraffes, the poisonous frogs and how they are suited to their habitats. Then we were able to touch a stick insect and a white, furry rat. The children really enjoyed taking part in this activity.


Next we went to the Tropical Center where we saw a number of colourful, poisonous frogs and we learnt that the bright colours are to warn you to stay away. We also saw the hardworking ants and other tropical insects.

Tropical Centre Marwell Zoo

After lunch we saw the monkeys, the Ocelot and the excited Meerkats. Then we were really lucky to see the tiger and her two new cubs prowling up and down.  After that we saw the giraffes. They were really tall and we saw Matilda the giraffe with no tail.

Marwell Zoo

Then, the children saw the Humboldt penguins. We could see them waddling on the side of the water and then we went to the underground cave where we could see them swimming playfully. Finally, it was time to go home. Year 2 had such a wonderful day and the weather was beautiful. Thank you Year 2 for a fabulous day and thank you also to all the parent helpers in making it such a successful day.


Year 1 & 2 ‘Waterwise’ Afternoon



This week, we had a visit from Bournemouth Water who came to teach us about water. We looked at pictures of the rivers in the area that provide us with water – the River Avon and the River Stour. We must be very careful around rivers as they can be dangerous – they may be deep, there may be hidden rocks underneath the water and strong currents that can pull us under.

We answered questions about what we use water for – brushing our teeth, having a bath, drinking, cooking with, washing the car and many more. But for this to happen, we need clean water through our taps.

Our challenge – to make a container of dirty water, clean. First we passed it through a sieve and the rocks, stones and leaves were trapped so the water looked a bit cleaner. But it was still dirty.

So, next we poured the water through sand. This made it look a lot cleaner as it didn’t let the small bits of debris through. But we then learned that there are chemicals in the water that we can’t always see so we had to put the water through one more stage – pouring it through coal. By the end of this process the water was much cleaner and safer for us.

After filtering the water, we looked at how the water gets to our taps. We joined different pipes together to see all the different parts that need to fit together to get the water to us. We are very lucky to have water coming straight through to our taps. Water is very important so we must not waste it. We learnt some facts about wasting water:

  • 2 big bottles of water are wasted if we leave the tap running whilst brushing our teeth
  • On average, one household uses 80 big bottles of water a day – we thought this was a lot!

Ways to save water:

  • Have a shower instead of a bath
  • Use a water butt to store rain water
  • Turn taps off when we aren’t using the water
  • Be careful not to spill drinks
  • Reuse water when cooking
  • Only use as much water as you need
  • Have a small paddling pool instead of a huge one

We all learnt a lot about water and rivers and enjoyed the visit from Bournemouth Water.


Year 2 write about their animals under the stairs


Year 2 really enjoyed reading the story of A  Lion in the Meadow. They enjoyed it so much that the children wrote their very own descriptions of the animals that they would like to find in the cupboard under their stairs.

Here are some of their descriptions.



Year 2 create their own Aboriginal artwork


Year 2 have been learning about the Aboriginals and their wonderful artwork.  We researched many of their designs and talked about the meanings of many of the markings used in their artwork. Here are some of the designs we studied.

Aboriginal Art Markings

We then went on to create our own designs of Aboriginal artwork. Some of which can be seen in our classroom display.


Year 2 Aboriginal Art Display