Year 2

Year 2


Teacher: Miss Tharme

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hougham 


Click to download the Year 2 Curriculum overview: Year 2 Curriculum Letter – Summer 2019

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Enterprise Week


We had great fun during Enterprise week! We made marshmallow pops which were delicious, created a photo booth and costed everything up ourselves! We made £62.20 profit, which we are very proud of! The children were fantastic sellers on the day and very enthusiastic about their products! Well done Year 2!

Year 2 Photo Booth-1 Year 2 Photo Booth-2 Year 2 Photo Booth-3 Year 2 Photo Booth-4 Year 2 Photo Booth-5


Junk Modelling


From now on Year 2 will have the choice to do junk modelling during their golden time. Please send in anything that would be suitable, we would really appreciate it! Pringles tubes, boxes, paper bags and anything too good to throw away! Thank you in advance.


Fun in the sun


We have been celebrating our fantastic hard work and determination throughout the May booklets by eating yummy treats, painting and playing parachute games in the sun! I would like to say a huge well done to the children who have been super stars and thank you to the parents for your support during this time!


National Curriculum Tests – Information for Parents


Please see below our  informative guide to help you understand the 2019 national curriculum tests at the end of key stage 1.

SATs Information for Parents


Our decoupage Easter eggs!


We really enjoyed creating these decoupage Easter eggs. We ripped up tissue paper and used PVA glue to stick it to the egg. Then we placed our decoupage eggs inside our ceramic egg cups. We loved decorating these too! We used sharpie pens and were very careful when decorating them so that we were proud of our egg cups!


Learning about Flotsam


In Literacy we have been reading the wordless book Flotsam. Flotsam is things that have been washed up on the shore. We are absolutely loving reading the book and exploring all of the different pictures. Every time we look we find something different! Our favourite page so far is the aliens.



In P.E. Year 2 have been learning and applying their gymnastic skills. We have learnt how to L Sit, tuck, straddle, front support, back support and v sit. We have been learning how to balance with a partner and transition between different balances smoothly and safely. We have been working with a partner to create a sequence of gymnastic moves! Our favourite so far, was learning how to jump like a frog over our partner, who was sat in a L Sit!


God Matters


In God Matters we have been learning about Lent. We had pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and thought about what we will give up or begin for Lent. Some of us are going to help Mums and Dads more around the house and some of us are going to give up our favourite food.


Movie Week


We had such fun during movie week. We watched lots of different movie trailers and even created our own for one of our favourite class books. It is called ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ written by Maurice Sendak.


Papier Mache planets


We chose our favourite planet and paper mached the balloon with newspaper and PVA glue. We loved getting messy hands! Miss Tharme was so impressed with how fantastically we cleaned up the classroom!


Science – Germs Away!


In Science we learnt about the importance of washing our hands so that we wash all of the harmful germs away. We did not wash our hands after playtime and handled a piece of bread. Then we washed our hands and nails thoroughly and then touched a new piece of bread. We couldn’t believe how much mould the germy bread grew in comparison to the clean bread! Don’t forget to wash your hands!


World Book Day


Wow! You all looked so fantastic. Well done and thank you to you all for making such an effort. We had a super day!


2019 World Book Day-10

2019 World Book Day-9


Snow Day


We had a very fun snow day! We headed outside for some snowman building, snowball fights and lots of playing in the snow!




Life Education Visit


The Life Education Van visited Year 2 to teach us about feelings.

The main points that we learnt were:

Recognising, naming and understanding how to deal with feelings (e.g. anger, loneliness);

Understanding the difference between bullying and isolated unkind behaviour.

Understanding that that there are different types of bullying and unkind behaviour;

Naming major internal body parts – heart, blood, lungs, stomach, small and large intestines, brain and know how food, water and air get into the body and blood.

Understanding that medicines can sometimes make people feel better when they’re ill and understand issues of safety and responsibility

As well as learning about all of the issues above, Year 2 learnt that the body gets energy from food, water and oxygen and that exercise and sleep are important to our health.

Thank you for the advice and lesson which was extremely interesting. It’s always great seeing Harold!!