Year 1’s Creative Coloured T-Shirts!

Y1 Colour 2Y1 Colour 1During ‘Colour Week’ we were very lucky to have been given t-shirts from the PTA that we could decorate.

We had some great ideas including football pictures, rainbows, butterflies, handprints and of course our names. Some of us learnt how to do bubble writing for the first time.

The idea was to make them as colourful as possible using fabric pens. It was tricky drawing on fabric as it moves more than paper. Mrs Walls had to take them all home to iron so that the ink sets and they can be washed.

We were able to decorate the front and back and we got to wear them on Friday for ‘Colour Celebration’ assembly. We then wore them all day and took them home to keep.

We had a fantastic week and especially enjoyed the ‘Colour Feast’ on Friday afternoon.

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