Year 1 Swallows at the Oceanarium

Year One Swallows went to the Oceanarium to find out lots of information for their topic on ‘Seas and oceans’. We had a fantastic morning and here are some of their recounts of the trip:

Yasmin – First we went on the coach. We were nearly at the Oceanarium. When we got there a girl took us to see the fish. Then we went up the stairs to see more fish. An octopus was in a tank. It was doing nothing. He was up the other side of the glass and I liked it because it was funny. After that we went back to school.

Oliver – First we got off the coach. Then we saw stingray and catfish. Then we saw sharks. Next we saw an octopus and turtles. Next we saw eels. Next we saw piranhas.  Finally it was time to go.

Imogen – First we got on the coach. Next we went in the Oceanarium. Then we saw Holly. Then we went to the fish. We saw red belly piranhas and stingrays and an octopus. We went in a dark room and saw the crabs. Next we went with our Mums or Dads or teachers where we wanted. Finally we went to school.

Jamie – First we got on the coach. Then we got off the coach. Then we got to the Oceanarium. Then we saw fish and otters. We saw stingrays swim. Then we saw catfish and turtles. Finally we got the coach and came back to school.

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