Year 1

Year 1


Class Teacher: Miss Wright

Teaching Assistants: Mrs James, Mrs Dibden


Click to download the Year 1 Curriculum : Year 1 final curriculum letter spring 2020

Useful websites for Year 1  – An excellent site good for maths, literacy, phonics,
topic and science.   –  Great for phonic games, some are free
without having to subscribe. – A fabulous all round site covering all areas of the
curriculum – Has phonics, literacy and maths games – Great site for phonics,
literacy, speaking and listening. It is really good for songs and rhymes.

Have a look below to see what we have been up to!





Year 1 trip to Marwell Zoo


On 3rd July, our Year 1 pupils visited Marwell Zoo in the beautiful sunshine. The children were very excited to be able to touch a snake and a stick insect during a special workshop. During the day the children were lucky enough to see giraffes, rhinos, penguins, ostriches, flamingoes, leopards and a cheetah. What an amazing day the children had exploring the wonderful natural world. Well done to Year 1 for great behaviour and thank you to the parent helpers who came along on the day.
The children said this about the day:

  • “It was the best day. We got to touch a snake!” Luca
  • “I loved Marwell – the giraffes were so funny!” Eden
  • “I want a pet snake now!” Aviah
  • “We got to touch animals’ fur. Some of them had been killed by hunters.” Quinn


Day of Reflection


On Wednesday 19th June, Year 5 and Year 1 spent a day at Church and the Parish Centre for a Day of Reflection. The day started with a few craft activities, including decorating their own prayer cross. This was followed by Mass in Church, where the children joined parishioners. Many parishioners and Fr John commented on the children’s fantastic behaviour and reverence during Mass. Fr John was especially impressed with the spontaneous prayers that Year 5 shared.

After Mass, Fr John and Deacon Hugh held a questions and answer session for the children – the children asked some quite challenging questions! The children then spent time exploring Church, answering questions about what they could see and what was in Church. Lots of the children were amazed at the things they miss seeing when they are at Mass on a Sunday!

In the afternoon, Year 5 led Year 1 in worship, which they had planned and prepared themselves at school, having only been given the scripture and a template of the format they are used to. Finally, the children had an hour reflecting and praying in the many prayer stations that had been set up around Church, including: duplo prayers; thinking about special people in their lives and making a pipe cleaner person; writing questions that they would ask God; and using a cardboard box, thinking about injustices in our world and praying for those people who do not have homes.




In maths, we have been starting our introduction to multiplication. We started off by writing repeated addition number sentences, and today we all used the ‘X’ sign for the first time!




In literacy, we have been learning poems about Pirates – we learnt one by heart and performed it to the class! We then read a book called ‘Molly Rogers – Pirate Girl’. We imagined what life would have been like for Molly, being captured by nasty pirates, then we wrote diary entries for our big writes!


A visit from Sydney


Mrs Wooller came in with her dog, Sydney! She taught us about dog safety, and how to treat animals well. We learnt what do do if we see a dog we want to stroke when we are out in public – and we even got to cuddle Sydney! Thank you Mrs Wooller and Sydney!



R.E. – making candles



We have been designing our own Paschal candles. We talked about what needs to be put on the candle: the cross, the year, the 5 spots with incense and the Alpha and Omega. Then, we made our own 3D versions!





We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the events from Bonfire Night in literacy. We created freeze frames for each part of the story to show our understanding.

Then, we did a ‘conscience alley’ to decide whether Guy Fawkes did the right or the wrong thing. We tried to persuade each other to come to our sides.