Year 1

Year 1


Class Teacher: Miss Wright

Teaching Assistants: Mrs James, Mrs Dibden


Click to download the Year 1 Curriculum : Year 1 Curriculum Letter – Autumn 2018

Useful websites for Year 1  – An excellent site good for maths, literacy, phonics,
topic and science.   –  Great for phonic games, some are free
without having to subscribe. – A fabulous all round site covering all areas of the
curriculum – Has phonics, literacy and maths games – Great site for phonics,
literacy, speaking and listening. It is really good for songs and rhymes.

Have a look below to see what we have been up to!







We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the events from Bonfire Night in literacy. We created freeze frames for each part of the story to show our understanding.

Then, we did a ‘conscience alley’ to decide whether Guy Fawkes did the right or the wrong thing. We tried to persuade each other to come to our sides.

PHSE in Year 1


PHSE Circle Time-min

Year One have been doing amazing PHSE work. We have been celebrating each other’s similarities and differences. Here is Year One during their circle time discussing how we are similar and different in our tastes, our likes, our dislikes and our opinions.

Music in Year 1


This week in music, we followed the theme of ‘waves’ as we have been learning about Tiddler.

First, we did some acting and pretended to be a wave. Then, we watched a clip of waves crashing and had to listen to the change in volume as the wave drew back and then crashed. It was very quiet as the wave settled and drew back and it got louder as it rolled and crashed to the shore. We moved our hands together and apart to show the change in volume as we watched the waves.

Once we were confident understanding the change in volume of the waves, we got the instruments out. We sat in groups with different instruments and Mrs Hills was the conductor. We had to watch really carefully to when she pointed at each group because that meant we could play and when she pointed at us again, we had to stop. The volume of the instruments built up like the wave and then went back down again. We were brilliant at watching and listening to the instructions!



Geography – following compass directions


We have been learning about the directions: north, east, south and west. We had to move in different directions using a compass and then directed our partners around the field using compass directions.


Year 1 trip to Longdown Activity Farm


Year One visited Longdown Activity Farm as part of their science project. While at the farm they participated in a range of hands-on experiences with a variety of animals including cows, horses, chickens, pigs and bottle feeding goats. Kerry, the guide, said the Year 1 children were fantastic farmers and we were very proud of how well behaved they were. Thank you to the teachers for organising this trip and to all those who helped.


Curriculum Enrichment ‘Wow Week’ in Year 1


Year One planned lots of experiments in Wow week. Mr G visited us and gave us lots of experiments to investigate. We could see rainbows, made things move with balloons, picked objects up with magnets and used an electric toothbrush to move an elastic band in different ways!

We arranged skittles around the edge of a plate in a colourful pattern. We covered the plate with water and waited to see what happened. We were amazed by the rainbow patterns you can see in the photos.

We used water and washing up liquid to make our very own tornadoes and used magnets to pick up the metal on our tables. We investigated how the flower stem transports water to the flower by putting the flower in some water with food colouring and how the white flower turned to the colour of the food colouring….

We also tried to break our very own world record of how many hula hoops we could do without them falling to the floor. Our record was 5. Wow!! Well done Year One.

We had a fantastic week and we created our very own wow week book.


ICT in Year 1



Year One have had a fantastic year learning about all the different ICT programs. One of our favourite programs has been the 2Simple Software. We really enjoyed learning how to use 2Animate. We created our own animations and during ‘Wow’ week we created a moving slideshow of someone trying to do the Guinness Book of Records’ hula hoop challenge.


God Matters


Year 1-class

Year One have been learning about Pentecost in God Matters. Pentecost is when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. We talked about the symbols of the Holy Spirit which include flames, wind and a dove. The children made their own flames and acted out the story of Pentecost.

Well done Year One.


Spring term


We have had an amazing and exhausting start to the spring term! In Maths we have made our own clocks and have started learning to tell the time to the hour and half hour. We had a great time deciding what we could do if we travelled in time!


This linked rather nicely to our Topic this term, Inventors. We learnt how Leonardo Da Vinci designed the first parachute and how the Wright Brothers invented the first airplane. We looked back in history and found out how transport has changed. We wrote instructions on how to make our own model cars from different materials and objects, with real working wheels.

With our cars made we decided to see which car could travel the farthest, which we measured using cubes.

To end our ‘Let’s Build’ Topic, we imagined what it would be like to live in a world where houses were made out of different materials. We built our ‘alternative’ houses for the Three Little Pigs to live in, out of food!!

In Literacy we drew the most amazing pictures of a pigeon by listening to the instructions given by Mrs Smith.


In all we have all had a great start to the New Year and Spring term. We all very much look forward to the rest of the Spring term.



Autumn Term 2017


A great start to the year!


The children have had a great start to year one.  After saying goodbye to Mrs Hills, they have welcomed Mrs Smith as their new teacher.  The children have all settled well to the change.  In maths, we have been practising our numbers, both how to write them in the correct order and the spelling, as well as knowing our number bonds to ten.

  • Number Bonds Year 1

In literacy, we have been looking at rhyming words, sequencing of familiar stories and punctuation of simple sentences.  We continue to learn and secure many of the phonics sounds learnt during last year in Ducklings.

Our topic this term was all about the Great Fire of London.  The children very much enjoyed learning a new song with actions included, which was performed at our class assembly.

We also were very excited when we were lucky enough to see the Creepy Crawly Show at our school.  Most of the children were happy to touch the reptiles and some even had the chance to see a land snail very up close!!

In all we have had a fabulous start to year one, albeit hard work, and we are all looking forward to next term.