Year 1

Year 1


Class Teacher: Mrs Hills

Teaching Assistants: Mrs James, Mrs Dibden


Click to download the Year 1 Curriculum : Year 1 Curriculum Letter Autumn 2017

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Have a look below to see what we have been up to!


Summer Term 2017


New Forest Conservation Team Visit


On Monday, we had Sue visit us from the New Forest Conservation Team. To begin with, Sue talked to the whole school about how important it is not to litter in the New Forest. We looked at different objects and talked about why it is important that we don’t leave them there. For example:

Plastic bottles can be dangerous as animals might try to eat them or get stuck inside them.
Leaving human food can be dangerous as it makes some animals sick.
Some animals try to eat plastic bags and some get trapped inside the bags.

There aren’t many bins in the New Forest so we must take our litter home.

After the assembly, we worked with Sue to learn about ponies and horses in the New Forest.

We learnt that:

Pigs are let out to eat the acorns as they make the ponies and horses sick.
We must drive carefully in the New Forest as ponies and horses sometimes stand in the road.
We must not leave litter on the floor otherwise they might try to eat it.
We should be careful when taking dogs to the New Forest so they don’t scare the wild animals.

We had to sort different items into ‘good for horses’ and ‘bad for horses’. We said that leaves, grass and gorse bushes are good for them and ice-cream, acorns and wild crab apples are bad. We made a horse to remind us about what we had learnt.

Thank you to those that help to look after the New Forest! We really enjoyed our activities and will be sensible and thoughtful when visiting the New Forest.

  • New Forest Workshop


Spring Term 2017


Book Week in Year 1


This week, as a school, we have been celebrating our love of books. Across the week we have taken part in a variety of activities relating to books and dressed up for World Book Day on Thursday. Here are a few of the things we have been up to…

Visit from an author and illustrator.

On Monday, author and illustrator Mark Robertson visited the school. First, he talked to us about how he writes his books and where he gets his inspiration. We couldn’t believe that he had drawn the amazing illustrations!

After play, we sat around tables in the hall for a drawing workshop. Mark taught us how to draw a dragon, giving us step by step instructions. He had a small camera filming him whilst he was drawing so we could watch and follow on the big screen. The drawings looked fantastic!

  • World Book Week Year 1

‘Book Buffet’

During this activity, we worked our way around 4 tables, spending 10 minutes at each. Each table had a variety of books from a particular genre – story books, information books, folk tales and traditional tales. We had to fill in a form for each table, recording the book title, author and our star rating. It was great to look at a range of books, some that we don’t often look at, and decide which we liked the best.

  • World Book Day 2017

Our Favourite Books

Our homework was to bring in our favourite book from home. We sat in small groups and told our friends about the book and why we liked it. It was fantastic to see a huge variety of books and lovely for the grown-ups to see the children so excited by books!

  • World Book Week Year 1


All week we have been looking at the story ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl.

We decorated our classroom door to look like a BFG book cover.

The BFG Classroom Door

We designed our own giants. To give us ideas, we listened to Roald Dahl’s descriptions of the giants in the book. We had to think about what ours might look like, what it would eat and where it would live. One of our favourite parts of the book is when the BFG catches dreams and then blows them through his trumpet to children when they are asleep. We all made our own dreams using special potions and sparkles. Each dream was different and we had to be careful when putting it into our jar so none of the dreams spilt!

  • World Book Day 2017

Shrove Tuesday 

During the week it was also Pancake Day! We used pancakes to help with our maths. We had to cut our pancake into halves and quarters and use this to help us work out questions such as ‘How many pieces do 4 children have?’ At the end, we covered them in yummy sauce and ate them!

World Book Day

On Thursday, we all dressed up to celebrate world book day. The whole class looked wonderful!

We had a brilliant week and have loved enjoying and learning through books!


Three Little Pigs


In Year 1, our Literacy lessons have been based on the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. To begin the week, we listened to the story and acted it out. We thought of actions to accompany the story and used different voices to be the…

Wolf: ‘Little pigs, little pigs, let me in.

Pigs: ‘Not by the hair on our chinny chin chins’.

Wolf: ‘Well I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’.

We used deep, loud, mean voices to be the wolf and high, squeaky, scared voices to be the pigs.

We then worked in groups to act out the story. One of us had to be the narrator and tell the story whilst the rest of the group listened and acted when it was our turn. We then performed to the rest of the class and they had to guess which child was which character. The next day, we talked about how the different characters felt at different points in the story. We tried to use different words to ‘happy’ and ‘sad’. We thought that the Mum was upset when the pigs left home but pleased that she had more space at home. We thought that the pigs would be terrified and worried when the wolf came to their houses. They would be angry when he blew their houses down. Finally, we thought the wolf was annoyed when he couldn’t blow the brick house down and eat the pigs.

Once we had told the story, acted it out, looked at all of the characters and what they say in the story, we were ready to write the story. We had to remember to write the story in the correct order and think carefully about how we write sentences.

Some of our writing is attached…

Three Little Pigs 1 Three Little Pigs 2 Three Little Pigs 3


Autumn 2016


Year 1 & 2 ‘Waterwise’ Afternoon


This week, we had a visit from Bournemouth Water who came to teach us about water. We looked at pictures of the rivers in the area that provide us with water – the River Avon and the River Stour. We must be very careful around rivers as they can be dangerous – they may be deep, there may be hidden rocks underneath the water and strong currents that can pull us under.

We answered questions about what we use water for – brushing our teeth, having a bath, drinking, cooking with, washing the car and many more. But for this to happen, we need clean water through our taps.

Our challenge – to make a container of dirty water, clean. First we passed it through a sieve and the rocks, stones and leaves were trapped so the water looked a bit cleaner. But it was still dirty.

So, next we poured the water through sand. This made it look a lot cleaner as it didn’t let the small bits of debris through. But we then learned that there are chemicals in the water that we can’t always see so we had to put the water through one more stage – pouring it through coal. By the end of this process the water was much cleaner and safer for us.

After filtering the water, we looked at how the water gets to our taps. We joined different pipes together to see all the different parts that need to fit together to get the water to us. We are very lucky to have water coming straight through to our taps. Water is very important so we must not waste it. We learnt some facts about wasting water:

  • 2 big bottles of water are wasted if we leave the tap running whilst brushing our teeth
  • On average, one household uses 80 big bottles of water a day – we thought this was a lot!

Ways to save water:

  • Have a shower instead of a bath
  • Use a water butt to store rain water
  • Turn taps off when we aren’t using the water
  • Be careful not to spill drinks
  • Reuse water when cooking
  • Only use as much water as you need
  • Have a small paddling pool instead of a huge one

We all learnt a lot about water and rivers and enjoyed the visit from Bournemouth Water.




Brother Sun, Sister Moon – Enrichment Week


Year 1 have been recycling carrier bags by making collages to celebrate the life of St Francis and God’s creation. We thought this was a lovely way to think about “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” and how we can look after God’s world.

Year 1 Green3 Year 1 Green4 Year 1 Green1
Year 1 Green Year 1 Green2

Teddy Bears Picnic


We have been reading stories about lost toys and we brought our own toys into school for a teddy bears picnic. We made labels for our toys so that they wouldn’t get lost. teddy bears
teddy bears 2 Marty was very naughty though and disappeared. Luckily we found him hiding behind the P.E shed! We have written our own books about our own toy getting lost. We learnt about being an author and an illustrator.

Materials Topic


We have had fun learning about materials. Why did the three little pigs build their houses out of straw, wood and bricks?! We predicted, then tested, whether an object would float or sink.

Materials Materials 1





During the summer term the children have been learning about plants. They have studied the different types of plants that they found in our local environment and looked closely at the structure of flowers. They have identified some of the plants that we eat and have grown their own bean sprouts, broad beans, cress and tomatoes. Here the children are watering the tomatoes!

IMG_2059 IMG_2053

Year One’s trip to Longdown Activity Farm


We had a wonderful time at Longdown. Kerry was our guide and she told us that we would be farmers for the day. If anyone didn’t want to be a farmer they had the choice of being a toilet cleaner for the day, so as you can imagine we all became farmers!

We soon discovered how busy and tiring a farmer’s day is as we had to feed the calves, pigs, kids and the huge horse named Pearl. Being a farmer can also be wet and bumpy as we found out on the tractor ride!

The cutest animals were the baby chicks which we all got to hold and Kerry even used us to carry buckets of chicks into the barn. By lunchtime we were starving and the ‘germinator’ checked whether our hands were clean enough. Kerry left us then telling us we were wonderful farmers and that she always looks forward to St Joseph’s school visiting because we are so well behaved!

After lunch we had earned some free time so we then played on the trampolines, park, go-carts and indoor play area. By the time we got on the coach we were exhausted and I think a few of us even fell asleep. We have created maps, leaflets, paintings and written lovely thank you letters to Kerry following our trip.

  • Longdown Activity Farm