The Romans have arrived …..

The Romans have arrived ….. at St Joseph’s School !

This term year three and four have been learning about the Roman Empire and have enjoyed trips and activities which have helped a part of ancient history come to life.  One of the highlights of the topic was the visit to Cranbourne Ancient Technology Centre.  The children were able to experience ‘first hand’ what life would have been like in Roman Britain.

“We did some weaving and we had to put the twigs in a big box of water so they would be flexible.” Ana

 “We made a fire without using matches.” Maria

 “We found out that you can eat stinging nettles and they were used for medicine.” Acacia

“We sat down and had our lunch in the round house, it was great fun!” Alex

Back in the classroom the children learnt how the Romans made pots from clay and created their own designs.

On a sunny afternoon they researched Roman buildings and construction, then planned, made and tested their own aqueducts.

Another highlight was Roman food tasting when the children learnt about the sort of foods that the Romans brought to Britain. They prepared some dishes such as cheese in honey and broad bean humous.  Some of the food was really enjoyed, some, such as liquemen or fish sauce was not quite so popular !!

They learnt about Roman houses and studied some of the intricate mosaics used to decorate the villas of the rich Roman citizens, then made their own mosaic sample.  These were all beautifully designed and each unique.

Finally they dressed in Roman fashion and took a stroll to the forum!