The New developments in the Early Years’ Area

The New developments in the Early Years’ Area


We are very pleased with the new developments both inside and outside. The Ducklings’ classroom has been totally transformed by the addition of a whole wall of windows. The light now streams in and creates a spacious feeling to the room.

We have a smart new storage system in our shared, ‘creative area’ and an increased number of basins for hand washing. The flooring in the corridors, toilets and classroom is much improved.  We have chosen to have a section carpeted and the rest laid with washable vinyl, this will allow more messy art and craft activities to take place within the classroom.

Both in Swallows and Ducklings rooms the layout allows easy access to an outside canopy and enlarged garden space that includes grassed, hard surfacing and a spongy surface. This allows the children to treat the outdoors as an extension of the indoors; they are able to move freely between the two. From the adults’ point of view we are able to monitor the children’s activities in a much wider area than before. So they are more likely to develop the skills of negotiation, independence and generally encourages social development.

We also have a freestanding, outdoor classroom in which to run activities and this provides a permanent seating area for informal use during play. This outdoor classroom is available for any class to use and it is a very healthy development to see the older children coming into our area to have lessons and this serves a good social function for all the children to respect the needs of others within a shared space.

Visit our Gallery to see photos of the children enjoying their new outside learning area.