The Ducklings learning and exploring outside

The Ducklings have been having great fun learning and exploring outside.

DuckWe all helped to create a bug hotel and love using magnifying glasses to discover the creatures that have made it their home.  Going on bug hunts around our outdoor classroom is exciting but we have had to learn to look after God’s creatures carefully!  We see what colour they are, count their legs and use our bug charts to identify them.  Making sure we have clipboards handy is great for recording our findings.

Duck 2








Sprinkling bread on the grass and putting seed on the bird table has meant that lots of birds come to visit us.  We can hear them and use the binoculars to see if we can spot them. We have to be very quiet so they are not scared away!

‘I found 2 sparrows in the tree!’

Duck 4 Duck 3



Duck 5Duck 6Building with real bricks and materials means we can be just like Bob the Builder!  We carry the heavy materials, make walls and build houses and boats.  We love mixing mud and water to make cement so the walls are even stronger.

‘We make 3 houses using the wood as the floor and then we can play the 3 little pigs!’






Duck 7We enjoy using the materials to design our own climbing frames and obstacle courses. Sometimes it can be tricky but we are learning not to give up.

‘We made a see-saw with a tyre in the middle and wood on the top’.






Duck 8Digging in the mud kitchen is a great way of finding cement for our walls and making mud cakes for our friends’ birthdays.








Working our way along the trim trail helps us keep strong – we have to use our arms, legs and balance carefully. Some of us can walk along the plank without falling off!

‘I like pulling myself up and swinging like a monkey’

‘I like learning to balance’

Duck 10 Duck 9


We also enjoy climbing in the trees, seeing how high we can climb and then getting down again safely.

‘We get to go really high and see the sky’

Duck 11


Duck 12We have great fun using  the bikes and scooters and like changing the track using chalk.  We decide which way we want to go, where the roundabouts should be placed and always park them in the right place.  Having races with our friends is great fun-we even give out medals to the winners.







We love using the water – filling, tipping, squirting and mixing. Writing recipes for potions is a great way to use our maths and writing skills!

‘I’m making a potion to turn everyone into frogs!’

Duck 13 Duck 14


We love learning outside and can’t wait for a new season to begin so we can explore the changes that will be taking place!