Swans (Year Two) Visit to Steamer Point Nature Reserve

On Thursday 7th of October, our intrepid Year Two class, Swans, braved the uncertain weather to make an educational visit to Steamer Point; a nature reserve on the cliffs near Christchurch harbour. We had been praying for a dry day and were indeed fortunate to enjoy a lovely, sunny morning.

Our visit was linked to our science topic of Plants and animals in our local area. We all met up at the nature reserve, along with our fantastic mum helpers. We walked to the Rangers office and met the Ranger, who told us about the nature reserve and explained the activities that we would be doing. We set off on our woodland walk, collecting various leaves and twigs ready to identify later on. We played an interesting game called ‘Meet the tree’ in which some of us were blindfolded and led to a tree, which we then had to touch and remember the feel of. We were led back to our starting point and then had our blindfolds taken off. We then had to look at the trees around us and decide exactly which tree we had been led to. This made us all think about the texture of bark and the size of the tree and its roots.

We also made woodland perfumes from the various plants that we found in the wood.  Some of us invented interesting names for our efforts such as ‘Eau de Moss’ and ‘Woodman by Chanel’.  After that we went to the pond to investigate the water creatures.  Back at school, we were all very tired but exuberant and had lots of things to talk about and write about. 

We had a great morning at Steamer Point and enjoyed the first hand experience of looking at plants and animals in our area.