St Joseph’s Time Capsule 2013

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations we decided to bury a time capsule with items in it that showed future generations what life at St Josephs was like in 2013. We are hoping that the capsule will be rediscovered in 25 years’ time! Each class had to prepare a certain item, which was placed in the capsule in a special assembly.

These are the items that the classes put in:

Ducklings: A school jumper with a school logo on

Swallows: school calendar 2013 and a Rosary

Kingfishers: School prayer, newsletter and mission statement

Swans: Aerial and street view of the school and Big Write

Year 3: News stories from 2013

Year 4: PowerPoint tour of the school

Year 5: PowerPoint of typical day at St Josephs

Year 6: Video of what makes St Joseph’s special

School council: Deflated balloon with messages on

Miss Buxton: words to favourite hymn and copy of 50th anniversary Mass

Mrs Miccoli: Favourite current children’s book

After all the items were placed in the Time Capsule and it was sealed up, Mrs Dayantis and Mr Rickard buried it under the St Joseph’s sign to be discovered in the future…  We wonder what future generations will think of life in 2013 !!