St Joseph’s Gifted and Talented Day at Twynham


During the summer term 2014, six of our Year 5 children went to Twynham School to experience a day at secondary school and they had a literacy, maths and science lesson along with Year 5 children from other local schools.  They really enjoyed themselves.  Here is an article written by the children:

IMGP0284On Monday the 16th of June 2014 six children went to Twynham School. There were also another three schools there.

We met four year sevens in a classroom where we waited for the rest of the children. Once everyone had arrived we met one of the teachers who told us that we were going to put an open flame by a bottle filled with oxygen and nitrogen, this made it shoot off. Then we put an open flame next to a bottle of oxygen and hydrogen, this made it go twice as fast leaving a small puddle of water. Our science teacher showed us a power point on speed. Our actual experiment was to see how fast a toy car could go down a ramp. For this we needed to use: 

      A toy car

      A timer

      A ramp

       A clamp

      A metal pole 

      A meter stick

      And four people

Once we had done the fun part we had to find the mean average of time and the mean average of the distance the car had to travel.

IMGP0290 At break, the boys went off to play football and the girls talked to the year sevens.

Then our next subject was literacy. The teacher told us the title of the poem but didn’t read the poem itself. She wanted to get us thinking about the poem without even reading it. After a while she showed us the words to the poem, they weren’t in the right order. “I would like you to choose four words in the poem then write other words to try and explain what the original word mean,” she said. We had to write a sentence about what we thought the poem was about using the words that were on the board. Finally we got to read the poem. It wasn’t what we had expected though. We got into groups of three, chose our three favourite parts of the poem and turned them into freeze frames.

 As we were packing up to go outside to eat our lunch; the teachers said “we would eat our lunch in the classroom.”  After we ate our lunch we went outside and had a run around.

 The year sevens lead us to the maths classroom for the third and final lesson of the day. To begin with we were given three sheets, one had a map on it and the last two had empty graphs on them.  We were told we were going to do maths to do with cars and he showed us a website to help us. Firstly we looked at the map and used a protractor to work the angles of the bends. Then we recorded the angles on the sheet. We then used a scale to measure the length of the straits. Using the information we had worked out, we designed a car to race on the computer.  We submitted our race cars to the website and raced each other. One of us and some boys from the Priory School won. After a few good byes it was time to go home.

It was a good day and everyone enjoyed it! We hope we can do it again!

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