St Joseph’s Church


“St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is a delightful place to visit. This is mainly due to the Head Teacher and the staff. I also glean that it is a good place for all the children. Seven years is a long time in the life of a child. It is the responsibility of the school working with the Parents and the Parish to make those years as productive as possible for all the children involved in primary education. That is a tall order that demands time, effort, dedication and patience. The best time to visit any school is play time especially on Friday afternoon. Any organization that can combine productivity with fun is caring for the whole person. I believe that St. Joseph’s is doing that in a remarkable fashion.

As you know only too well the Catholic Church in this country has invested heavily in the Catholic Education of all children. We have a proven record in providing the best for the children in our care. We ignore the spiritual dimension to life at a great cost to every individual. I would like to see greater links between what happens in the class room with what happens at Mass every Sunday. That is why at the heart of our Sunday Masses is a very special place and a warm welcome for all children”.

Fr. Tom Grufferty

Pastoral Co-Ordinator of Avon Stour Pastoral Area and Dean


The Church of the Immaculate Conception and St Joseph is part of the Avon Stour Pastoral Area within the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth.

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