Sports Reviews

Below are reviews of Netball and Football this season – photos will follow soon.

Netball season summary

This season, year 5 and 6 have had many successful matches and have always tried their hardest through the difficulties they faced.  

One of the hardest matches we had to face was against Mudeford Juniors. Although we lost we tried our best and doing so improved our last match score with them. It was a difference of about 10 goals.

Miss Doohan has always encouraged us through hardships and helped us develop our skills to become better not just with strength but also with sportsmanship.

We are all very grateful for her help and support through the year. We have all had great fun and hope that in future years Miss Doohan’s great encouragement remains strong.

One of our most successful games was against Highcliffe St Marks we had 2 teams and both were triumphant. One match scored 4 – 0 and the other result was 5 – 1 so the overall score was 9 – 1.

We are all very pleased with our performance through the year and have in general have all improved and achieved our goals with special thanks to Miss Doohan. Mrs Moore has also given us strength and helped us to become better at what we wish to develop our skills on. We would like to give them special thanks for all they have done for us.

Boys’ Football season summary

Over the course of this season the year6 football team have come across easy and hard teams. One of our best games was against Somerford when we won 4-3.We also had our worst game against them when we were winning 3-0 and then they managed to score 4 goals! Our biggest win was against Mudeford when we won 7-1. The football team have encouraged one another most of the time but they have had their moments of arguments, however with Mr Rickard’s help and support we have learnt from these mistakes and become better team players as a result. The main team scorers were Daniel, Greg and Olly with Mr Rickard as the team manager. Mr Rickard guided us through many matches, even the ones that we lost. He has been a wonderful manager throughout the season. We have had an amazing football season all thanks to Mr Rickard!!!

Girls’ Football season summary

Girls’ football has had many successful matches all year round. The team was the same in all of the matches: Tilly (captain), Chiara, Emily.s, Ellie, Katy, Catherine, Rosie, Alexis, Jodie, and Roisin. We have really had a great time at football and one of best our results was a whopping 6-0 and our worst was a sad 2-1.We would like to give a special thanks to Anita (parent helper) Stuart (manager) and Frank (coach) who have been amazing coaches. They have been with us through the bad and the good.