Sports Premium Coaching


P1010458We have been very lucky in having coaching in sports from Rachel Lambon from Christchurch Tennis facility. She has organised some super sports activities during Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes that have made a big difference to the children. They now have zones in which different sports are represented with all the equipment they need. The lunchtime supervisors report that children are enjoying the activities and they have fewer incidents to sort out. The children themselves were asked how they liked it and they were very enthusiastic about having much more fun things to do in their playtimes. Rachel even managed to organised a ‘watered down’ version when it was raining hard.

P1010460Our Games lessons are now very exciting, with lots of new equipment and lots of new ideas for teaching the skills for a variety of sports. Rachel has been coaching the teachers in tennis, athletics, cricket, rounders and golf… yes , golf!

Rachel suggested that golf is a sport that is good for learning the skills of hitting a stationary ball where others hit a moving one. There are large swings and controlled putting to practise. It also has an interesting scoring system because you are aiming to score the least you can.

We are using a system called ‘Tri Golf’. The clubs are all plastic and there are white rings to use as holes. All the activities teach the children to respect the ‘safety zone’ behind person swinging the club and they have even learnt the names of the clubs, the hazzards on the course and if you shout ‘FORE!’ they all duck down to take cover.

We can make the holes as tricky or easy as we like and we lay out a selection so that the children learn to go around the course in order. All this on our own school field. It is great fun and the children seem to be managing to change into PE kits quicker than for any other sport.