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Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium




Sport Premium Funding

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School



As part of the Olympic legacy schools have received an additional £8,000 [plus £5 per pupil between the ages of 5-11 years old] to improve the quality of sport and PE for all their children. This funding has been extended until 2020.

The funding for this year has been doubled by the Government to tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity and inactivity.

This funding (provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport) is ring-fenced in school budgets and provided to improve our provision of physical education (PE) and sport. Schools must ensure that the premium is spent in such a way that the impact leaves a legacy. Therefore we are focusing on coaching staff to improve teaching in the long term at the same time as enhancing sporting opportunities to our children. We are also focusing on providing all pupils with at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day through active playtimes, active lessons and a daily fun run.

At St Joseph’s we are using a large part of our allocation to fund contracts with two local providers. We have bought, for a sixth year, into Christchurch School Sports Partnership, led by Dan Moody at the Grange School and we have contracted Rachel Cocking, a professional sports coach of Christchurch Tennis Facility to provide our staff with coaching and input on organising a scheme of work for sports. These contracts are providing us with professional training for staff to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport, in-school specialist teaching and regular opportunities for pupils to participate in competitive sports locally. Through this initiative we believe that the health and well-being of our pupils will be enhanced.

Nathan Rickard, an HLTA and our PE Co-ordinator, organises teams to take part in sports competitions and ensures that equipment is in good order. He also organises both intra and inter-sport competitions in support of our Schoolgames Gold Mark as well as supporting all our PE lessons.


YST Quality Mark - Silver logo 2014-15 RGB

Silver Mark Achievement

We are delighted to say that St Joseph’s has achieved the Silver Quality Mark for our sports organisation and quality of P.E. provision.


Gold Mark Achievement


We are delighted to say that St Joseph’s has achieved the Gold School Games Award for the 2018-2019 academic year.



The  School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.  Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the Mark.

During 2018-2019 St Joseph’s retained the Gold Mark for the third year as a result of our increased participation in competitive school sports in both intra and inter-sporting events.  These are the House Competitions which St Joseph’s organise and the Christchurch Schools Partnership Competitions.


Sport Premium Funding for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School 2018/19


The 2018/19 funding is being used as follows, much of it continuing from the previous year:-

  • Specialist professionals to coach and train all our teachers into delivering high quality lessons. (Individual development plan for each teacher)
  • Specialist support in planning the new curriculum.
  • E-training for all teachers and T.A.s who are involved in sport.
  • Improve the sport equipment and resources following the advice from professional coaches.
  • Specialist advice and coaching of lunchtime supervisory assistants to organise small sided games and ensure active playtimes.
  • Staffing and transport costs for inter-schools sports events and competitions.
  • Focus on the gifted and able children, recognising achievement outside of school.
  • Providing cover staff to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport.
  • Increase pupils’ participation in national school games competitions
  • Providing training and payment for midday supervisors to introduce playground games at breaks and lunchtimes using the School Sports Organising Crew
  • Using the existing house system to enable regular, inter-house sports competitions during sports lessons.
  • Purchasing outdoor equipment for KS1 children to ensure they are active during the day.
  • Increased opportunities for SEND and less able pupils (inclusive events)
  • Provision of running track for daily fun run.

This year we have continued our baseline skills assessment (Stability,locomotion and object control) for curricular sport in all year groups. This has shown significant improvements in pupils abilities.

In 2013-14 we had a 29% participation in all competitions. In 2014-15 we had a 54% participation. In 2015-16 we had a 94% participation. In 2016-17 we now have 96% participation. In 2017-18 we have maintained 96% participation. In 2018-19 we now have 100% participation.

  • Pupils are benefiting from specialist teaching during lessons.
  • Specialist coaching is enhancing the P.E. curriculum and improving staff confidence and expertise in teaching sport specific skills. (as shown by the staff confidence survey)
  • Improved opportunities for participation in a wider range of sports.
  • Improved opportunities for participation in inter-school competitive sports.
  • Newly appointed sports leaders from Year 5&6 will represent pupil voice in matters of sport.
  • Newly allocated notice board in prominent position to celebrate sporting achievements within and outside school.
  • Planned coaching at lunchtimes will enhance playtimes through organised sports led by trained lunchtime supervisors.
  • Termly meetings for PE co-ordinators through Christchurch School Sports Partnership.
  •   Half yearly newsletter from St Joseph’s celebrating our sporting achievements.



Christchurch School Sports Award

Our Sports Leader Mr Rickard was delighted to present our Year 6 pupil with the Christchurch School Sports Award which she designed; the theme for this year’s design was Active 30:30. This trophy will be used for all sporting events in the Christchurch area for 2018/19.

Sports Trophy St Joseph's-min


Bronze Ambassadors

On September, 10 of our Year 5 children went to the Dorset Leadership Academy at The Grange School to be trained as Bronze Ambassadors. Together with the 10 Year 6 children they are St Joseph’s Sports Leaders who help promote sport and healthy living throughout the school. They had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Sports Leaders 2019-min


Celebrating our Success!

As well as achieving the  Schoolgames Gold Mark  the school also enjoyed other successes. Both the school football and netball teams did well in the local league. Meanwhile the range of sports we are now involved in has increased.  The following were all reported in our newsletters.


Girls’ Football Tournament

The first  Girls’ Football tournament was held on Thursday 4th October at Christchurch Junior School. Five schools attended and St. Joseph’s started with a goalless draw against Highcliffe but went on to win the next three games against Mudeford, Priory and CJS, and won the overall tournament. Well done girls! The second Girls’ Football tournament was held on Wednesday 17th October at Mudeford Junior School. Six schools attended and St. Joseph’s won three, drew one and lost to the eventual winners Mudeford. Well done to all who took part.


Outdoor Activities Day

On 5th November we took 10 children from years 2,3 and 4 to Moors Valley with 6 other schools from the Christchurch area. The children learnt orienteering and how to read a map, went on the play trail through the forest and took part in a nature walk. The weather was fantastic and the children had a thoroughly enjoyable day.


Football Tournament

On 7th November we took two teams to the Christchurch Football tournament held at The Littledown Centre.Our A team played against six othe schools and finished 4th overall. Our B team played in the development tournament against 5 othe schools and finished 2nd. Well done to all who took part.


Girls’ Active Stepping-Up for Change

On 9th November we took six Year 5 girls to the Girls’ active event which is a Youth Sports Trust initiative aimed at getting girls more active especially as they transition from primary to secondary school. The event was opened by former Paralympic athlete Kate Gray who was very inspirational. The girls had training to be sports active leaders via a series of workshops throughout the day and then presented a 5 minute advertisement to the adults detailing the advantages and benefits of keeping active. Well done to Scarlett, Ellie, Nahla, Mya, Chloe and Emma.


Indoor Athletics Years 5 & 6

On 28th November we went to The Grange to compete in the Indoor Athletics Competition against Somerford, Highcliffe St. Marks and The Priory. This is always an intense competition with teams of 18 boys and girls all contributing to the overall score. The final result was very close and for the first time there was a dead heat with both Highcliffe St. Marks and St. Joseph’s finishing on 122 points. This meant that both teams qualified for the next round at The Purbeck School on 31st January 2019. Well done to all who participated.

Indoor Athletics Years 5 & 6



Handball Festival

On 3rd December we took two teams to the Handball Festival at The Grange. St. Joseph’s team 2 won two and lost two of their games and St. Joseph’s team 1 were undefeated. It was an enjoyable event where everyone participated.

Handball festival

Handball festival 2


Change for Life Festival

On 5th December  we took 10 Year 5 boys to Avonbourne College for a Change for Life Festival. There were 8 schools attending for a full day of a variety of multi sports which the children enjoyed. Well done to everyone for taking part and representing St. Joseph’s so well.

Change for Life Festival


Swimming at Two Riversmeet

On 17th January St. Joseph’s was represented at the Christchurch Schools Swimming Gala winning 5 gold medals. Leo swam brilliantly to claim first place in the 50m freestyle. Next up was Hughie who swam superb races claiming first place in both the 25m butterfly and 100m freestyle. In the team events (25m medley relay) the boys started with Gabriel leading the team out on the first leg giving us a narrow lead and Alex brilliantly brought the team home in first position. In the last race (25m freestyle medley) all 4 boys showed their dominance as a team and again brought home the gold. Some exceptional performances and the boys will go on to represent Christchurch at the County Finals on 15th  June at Littledown.


Football Tournament

On a bitterly cold afternoon on 23rd January we went to Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre to compete in a football tournament against 6 other teams. We won 3, drew 2 and lost 1, drawing with the eventual winners Highcliffe St Marks. Well done to the squad (comprising George, William, Tom, Joshua, Leo, Oscar, Lloyd, Hughie, Freddie and Gabriel) who finished third.

Football Tournament


Multi Sports Years 1 & 2

On 6th February Eight Year 1&2 children went to The Grange and competed in a variety of sporting activities along with 5 other primary schools. For some children this was the first time that they have attended an event representing the school. They all had a fantastic time and represented the school well.



Multi Sports Years 5 & 6

We took nine children to The Grange on Wednesday 13th February to take part in the multi sports event with 6 other schools. The children played benchball, table tennis and rounders. The children had a fantastic time and represented the school well.


Multi Sports Years 1 & 2

We took seven children to Highcliffe Secondary School on Thursday 28th February to participate in the multi sports event which was organised by the Sixth Form students. For some children this was the first time they had represented the school at a different venue and they were all excited to go. One of the children on their return was quoted as saying to their teacher: “I had the best time ever!”


Year 2 Football Festival

We took 8 children to Highcliffe Secondary School where the sixth form sports leaders organised a football festival for 5 local primary schools. The children were shown a variety of drills and skills and they played some mini matches at the end. They all had a fantastic time.



Fair Play Tag Rugby Tournament

On Thursday 7th March we took 12 children from Years 5&6 to the above tournament held at Chapel Gate. This was a whole day event involving 26 schools from across the county. The scoring system was based on TREDS (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship). The children played 9 games in total with some excellent rugby skills on show and at the finish of the event it was announced that St. Joseph’s had come second.  What a fantastic result and well done to all who took part.

Fair Play Tag Rugby Tournament



Football Tournament Year 4

On Thursday 14th March we took 12 children to Christchurch Junior School for a Year 4 football tournament. Eight schools took part. We played a round robin event and managed to come 2nd in our group but lost the 3rd/4th play-off 2-1 to Christchurch finishing in 4th place. Well done to all who played!


Football Tournament Year 4


Year 2 Football Festival

On Friday 22nd March we took eight children to Highcliffe Secondary School for the Year 2 Football Festival which is run by the 6th Form students. The children were taught a number of different football drills and skills and then played some small sided matches against seven other schools. They all had a fantastic time!

Football Festival Year 2



Handball Years 5 & 6

On Thursday 28th March we took seven children from Years 5&6 to The Grange for a Handball Tournament which was a Schoolgames Finals qualifier held at Bryanston. Six teams were involved and it turned out to be a very tough competition. We finished third overall. Well done to Oscar, Ethan, Gabriel, Shane, Mariella, Lyla, Tom and Harrison.



Fair Play Tag Rugby Tournament

On Tuesday 30th April we took nine Year 4 children to the Years 3&4 Fair Play Tag Rugby Tournament held at Chapel Gate. Points were awarded based on the TREDS system-Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. St. Joseph’s played 7 matches winning the majority of them and in the last match the children played so well the referee commented that it was the best children’s match he had ever witnessed. St. Joseph’s finished in 2nd place overall. What a fantastic effort from Henry, Joseph, Aidan, Freddie, Brent, Finley, Seth, Shay And Ben A.

Fair Play Tag Rugby



Multi Sports Years 1 & 2

On Friday 3rd May we took 10 children  to a Multi Sports event at The Grange. The children enjoyed a variety of sports including volleyball, dancing and outdoor games. Everyone had a fantastic time. Well done to all involved. They were a credit to the school.


Multi Sports Years 1 & 2





Tennis Tournament Years 3 & 4

On Wednesday 22nd May we took 4 Year 4 children to the Christchurch Tennis Facility for a tennis tournament. We played against five other schools and are pleased to say for the first time ever we won the tournament! We have qualified for the Schoolgames Finals at Bryanston in June. Well done to Freddie, Henry, Amelia and Hollie.

Tennis Year 4



Tri-Golf Years 3 & 4

On Wednesday 5th June we took 10 children from Years 3&4 to The Grange for the Tri-golf Tournament. The children had a great time chipping and putting and finished 2nd overallwhich means they qualified for the Schoolgames finals at Bryanston. Well done to the team!

Tri-Golf Years 3 & 4



Can Do Watersports

On Monday 10th June we took 7 children from Years 5&6 to the Can Do Watersports event at Poole Park. The children were given lessons in sailing and kayaking and after lunch there were several kayak races with 18 schools competing. We are proud to say that St. Joseph’s won the event for the second year running and all children received medals and the school received a trophy for their efforts. Well done to all involved!

Can Do Watersports


Sports Awards

On Monday 1st July three of our pupils in Year 6 received awards for their contribution to sport as decided by their teachers. These were: Mariella for football and athletics, Hughie for swimming and football and Alex for athletics and equestrian events. All three were chosen for their leadership qualities as they are all Sports Leaders.

Sports Awards


St Joseph’s School Games Finals

The Intra-house Schoolgames Finals were held on Tuesday 16th July and the results are as follows. A big thank you to the Sports Leaders for helping during the day:-



St. Mark’s 3:St. Matthew’s 5


St. Mark’s Year 3  376 points

St. Luke’s Year 4   370 points

St. Mark’s Year 4   269 points

St. John’s Year 4    243 points


St. Luke’s 3.5: St. John’s 6.5


 St. Mark’s 50 points : St. Luke’s 160 points


 St. John’s 6 : St. Mark’s 3

Tag Rugby

St. John’s 9 : St. Mark’s 12


St. Matthew’s 7 : St. John’s 6

Table Tennis

St. Mark’s 384 points : St. Matthew’s 411 points


Mudeford Phoenix Girls and Ladies FC have continued their popular football club for KS2 girls after school on Tuesdays during term time from 3.15pm to 4.30pm. The girls are given the opportunity to represent the school in arranged matches against other local schools. All Phoenix coaches are DBS checked. For more details contact Frank Hunt 07957 439091

Atorro Sports run an after school handball club on Wednesdays during term time from 3.15pm to 4.15pm for pupils in years 5&6.

Atorro Sports run an after school Multi Sports club for KS1 children on Thursdays during term time from 3.15pm to 4.15pm

Rippa Rugby run an after school rugby club for KS2 children on Wednesdays during term time from 3.15pm to 4.15pm.

Atorro Sports run an after school tennis club for KS1 children on Fridays during term time from 3.15pm to 4.15pm

New Forest Football Academy run an after school football club for Years 1-4 on Thursdays during term time from 3.15pm to 4.15pm.


Also on offer after school is: 

Netball for years 5 and 6 on Mondays prior to tournaments 3.15pm to 4.15pm

Football for years 5 and 6 on Mondays prior to tournaments 3.15pm to 4.30pm

Karate, from 3:15pm on Fridays – open to all year groups.

There are also good cross-phase links with The Grange School and St. Peter’s School, with regular liaison between the respective subject leaders.

The school is pleased with the enthusiastic pupil response to extra-curricular sports activities and will continue to seek opportunities to extend and improve what we have to offer.


2019/20 Sports Premium Funding

Sports Premium funding for the current academic year, 2019/20 is £17,830


Please click here to be redirected to the DfE website which gives you further information on School Sports Funding.