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Sport Premium Funding

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School



As part of the Olympic legacy schools have received an additional £8,000 [plus £5 per pupil between the ages of 5-11 years old] to improve the quality of sport and PE for all their children. This funding has been extended until 2020.

This funding (provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport) is ring-fenced in school budgets and provided to improve our provision of physical education (PE) and sport. Schools must ensure that the premium is spent in such a way that the impact leaves a legacy. Therefore we are focussing on coaching staff to improve teaching in the long term at the same time as enhancing sporting opportunities to our children.

At St Joseph’s we are using a large part of our allocation to fund contracts with two local providers. We have bought, for a second year, into Christchurch School Sports Partnership, led by Dan Moody at the Grange School and we have contracted Rachel Lambon, a professional sports coach of Christchurch Tennis Facility to provide our staff with coaching and input on organising a scheme of work for sports. These contracts are providing us with professional training for staff to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport, in-school specialist teaching and regular opportunities for pupils to participate in competitive sports locally. Through this initiative we believe that the health and well-being of our pupils will be enhanced.

Nathan Rickard, an HLTA and our PE Co-ordinator, organises teams to take part in sports competitions and ensures that equipment is in good order. He also organises both intra and inter sport competitions in support of our Sainsbury’s Bronze Mark as well as supporting all our PE lessons.

YST Quality Mark - Silver logo 2014-15 RGB

Gold Mark Achievement


We are delighted to say that St Joseph’s has achieved the Gold School Games Award for the 2016-2017 academic year.


SG-L1-3-mark-2017-goldThe School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.




Sport Premium Funding for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School 2015/16


The 2015/16 funding is being used as follows, much of it continuing from the previous year:-

   Specialist professionals to coach and train all our teachers into delivering high quality lessons. (Individual development plan for each teacher)

       Specialist support in planning the new curriculum.

 P.E. training for all teachers and T.A.s who are involved in sport.

      Improve the sport equipment and resources following the advice from professional coaches.

      Specialist advice and coaching of lunchtime supervisory assistants to organise small sided games and ensure active playtimes.

     Staffing and transport costs for inter-schools sports events and competitions.

   Focus on the gifted and able children, recognising achievement outside of school.

     Providing cover staff to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport.

      Increase pupils’ participation in national school games competitions

         Providing training and payment for midday supervisors to introduce playground games at breaks and lunchtimes using the School Sports Organising Crew

      Using the existing house system to enable regular, inter-house sports competitions during sports lessons.

Replacing size 3 and 4 footballs and purchasing a new netball kit.    

Increased opportunities for SEND and less able pupils (inclusive events)

     Provision of medals, cups and shields for in-house competitions.

     This year we have trialed a baseline skills assessment (A,B,C assessment) for curricular sport in all year groups. Impact is yet to be determined.


·       In 2013-14 we had a 29% participation in all competitions. In 2014-15 we had a 54% participation. In 2015-16 we now have a 94% participation.

  • ·       Pupils are benefiting from specialist teaching during lessons
  • ·       Specialist coaching is enhancing the P.E. curriculum and improving staff confidence and expertise in teaching sport specific skills. (as shown by the staff confidence survey)
  • ·       Improved opportunities for participation in a wider range of sports.
  • ·       Improved opportunities for participation in inter-school competitive sports.
  • ·       Newly appointed sports leaders from each class will represent pupil voice in matters of sport.
  • ·       Newly allocated notice board in prominent position to celebrate sporting achievements within and outside school.
  • ·       Gathering of information about participation in clubs and sports outside school being collated in order to improve identification of gifted and talented pupils.
  • ·       Planned coaching at lunchtimes will enhance playtimes through organised sports led by trained lunchtime supervisors.
  • ·       Termly meetings for PE co-ordinators through Christchurch School Sports Partnership.
  •       Half yearly newsletter from St Joseph’s celebrating our sporting achievements.
  • ·       Half termly newsletter to parents from Christchurch School Sports Partnership celebrating local sporting achievements.
Sport Leaders

Our Bronze Ambassadors


Bronze Ambassadors

Thirteen children from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Bronze Ambassador Leadership training at The Grange. This involved a variety of team leading challenges, along with teaching the children various warm up and cool down activities which they will now be leading our classes in. These Ambassadors will be an important part of our School Sports Organising Crew. Eight of our children have achieved their Level 1 status due to their huge effort in supporting the lunchtime activities and five children have achieved Level 2 status. The children received their certificates in assembly.

Celebrating our Success!

As well as achieving the Silver Mark Achievement the school also enjoyed other successes. Both the school football and netball teams did well in the local league. Meanwhile the range of sports we are now involved in has increased.  The following were all reported in our newsletters:


Well done to all our Year 5s who achieved their Level 2 with our Bikeability training. I hope they enjoy and remain safe on their bikes. Thank you to Karen and her team who led this vital training.

Girls’ Football Tournament

Seven Christchurch schools took part in the Girls’ Football Tournament last week. St Joseph’s played well and with great team work. We are pleased to report that they came runners-up in the end – very well done girls!

Boys Football

The first game of the season was played against Burton Primary. Once again we saw great team work from the boys and we are pleased to say that St Joseph’s won 6-1 – well done!


This week the netball team played at Burton Primary. The team played so well but unfortunately they lost the match. Despite this the team were not too disheartened and are looking forward to the next match. Keep up the great teamwork! 

Multi Sports  

Nine children attended the Multi Sports afternoon at The Grange School this week. They had a great time trying out a variety of sports and games arranged by the Sports Leaders from The Grange.

Years 5 and 6 Football Tournament

Two teams were entered into this competition. Our B team came second overall and the A team came fourth. The venue at Littledown, which we have never used before, was fantastic, as well as the parental support we received. We hope everyone enjoyed it.

Girls Football

Our girls played Mudeford Junior School. We would like to congratulate them for their wonderful teamwork. Particular mention goes to Ella, for her ability in goal. We are pleased to say that we won 2-1.

Indoor Athletics

A team of 18 boys and girls from Years 5 & 6 attended the indoor athletics competition at The Grange. The events ranged from running relays to obstacle courses to various field events. Everyone participated in everything as it was a team event. We competed against Somerford, Burton and Mudeford schools and we are pleased to say that St Joseph’s won the competition and we will go through to represent Christchurch in Round 2. This will be held on 28th January 2016 at the Purbeck School in Wareham.

Congratulations to Jocilyn, Year 7, St Peter’s

Congratulations to Jocilyn, who left our school this summer for St Peter’s. Recently she won the All England National Dance Championship in Guildford. Jocilyn is now UK number one in her Rock and Roll and Disco Freestyle for the under 12s. Even though you have moved onto St Peter’s we are still very proud of your success Jocilyn.


Mr Rickard tells us “The team played a very tough match against Christchurch Juniors. It was 0-0 at half time but St Joseph’s managed to go 1-0 up through superb link-up play between Izzy and Harvey, with Dylan scoring. St Joseph’s were under pressure but despite some fine goal keeping by Josh, Christchurch scored again. Through great defensive teamwork St Joseph’s held off for a well-deserved 1-1 draw. Person of the match was Izzy – well done everyone!”


Rachel Lambon tells us “The SJ Champs have been working so hard as a team over the last eight weeks. Their dedication to improving and understanding the many rules of High Five Netball has been outstanding. It has been a pleasure working with every single girl in the group and seeing them improve every week. The matches have been tough, as we’ve been up against county players and those who have played for eight years rather than eight weeks but the girls are fighters and will never give up. Well done to them all.”

Sports Ambassadors

Dan Moody, sports co-ordinator for our area joined us for last Friday’s assembly to celebrate the work of our Bronze Sports Ambassadors. Issy, Braund, Dylan and Freddie have reached Level 2 – well done! I would like to thank these children for all they do to help both teachers and lunchtime assistants. 

Moors Valley Park

Six children from Years 2,3 & 4 went to Moors Valley for a Gifted and Talented sporting event. The event was organised by The Christchurch Schools Partnership with several schools attending. The children took part in problem solving games and orienteering skills. All had a great time.

Table Tennis Tournament

A Table Tennis Tournament was held at Harewood College with over ten schools taking part. The children watched an impressive match by England Internationals, followed by learning different bat and ball skills and then the tournament. Five girls and five boys from Year 5 & 6 represented St Joseph’s and both teams won Bronze – well done! This result is in part thanks to the PTA who funded the purchase of our table tennis tables here at the school.



Sports Premium Funding: from a child’s perspective 

rachel lambonThis is Rachel Lambon. Some of us already know Rachel because she has been running the tennis club at St Joseph’s for about six years. Her tennis club is good fun and we have all learnt how to get better at playing tennis. She is a sports coach and she has been coming into school to make sure we get the most out of our sports lessons.

Last year Rachel watched each class in their normal sports lesson and now she has come back to coach each class in a lesson about netball. We learnt the names of the lines and sections of the court in netball. We now know how to throw a ‘chest pass’ and we learnt some of the footwork too.

Rachel isn’t just coaching children, she is coaching our teachers too. They are making notes as Rachel runs the lesson and we think that we will be having a lot of fun learning more about netball this half term.

Our teachers have told us that they are going to have some sports lessons after school too and they are looking forward to learning even more ideas from Rachel to make sports lessons super.

Our parents have been asked about any clubs, teams and lessons we go to outside school and so our school now knows a lot more about how well St Joseph’s children are doing at sports.


Sports Premium: Assessing its impact – quotes from children and staff

From Year 1:

“It is very good with Rachel and fun. I like the hula hoops, elastics and the netballs.”

 “I like it at lunchtimes because there is different equipment in different areas. It is easier to know where you can do things and it is more fun at lunchtimes now.”

“I like it because there are lots of things to choose from on a Tuesday and Thursday.”

 “When we do tennis it makes me get better at hitting the ball.”

 “I like the game where one person had a racket and the other person threw a beanbag. If you hit it on your writing side it was a forehand and if you hit it on the other side it was a backhand.”

 “I liked the ‘stopping like a cat’ game when we were sidestepping for tennis, it practised our starting position.”

From Year 2:

“It’s fun doing sports with Rachel and Justin because they do fun things with us.  Sometimes they do tennis, sometimes they do basketball, hockey or dodgeball.”

“Sport is really good to keep you fit.  It’s fun at St. Joseph’s because you can do sport with friends from school.”

“I like playing Dodgeball with other children that are not my age like Year 4s.”

From Year 4:

“We enjoyed playing dodgeball at lunchtime. Rachel really helped us.”

“French skipping is hard, but I’m enjoying getting better.”

“I really enjoy P.E., especially when Rachel comes in.  Lunchtimes are much more fun now on Tuesday and Thursday.”

“I like lots of activities at lunchtime, particularly using the bouncy hoppers.”

“We really enjoy relays in our P.E. lesson and learnt the best way to hold a baton to help our team.”

“I enjoy playing netball because it’s really fun.”

From Year 6:

“Thoroughly enjoyable”

“You can always get involved.  When you win, you feel really proud of yourself.”

“You learn a lot.”

“It’s very useful.  It helps to improve your skills in a variety of different activities.”

Quotes from our lunchtime supervisors following the introduction of ‘active lunchtimes’:

“Team spirit is shown across the year groups” 

“Children are enthusiastic……the older ones lead the younger ones”


Recognising sporting achievement outside of school

The school has recently started collating information from parents on the children’s sporting achievements outside of school.  News is then shared with the whole school community through the school newsletter and on a sports noticeboard.

Recent achievements:

Lewis, Year 6, recently passed his 3rd Kyu, Part 2 in Shukokai Karate. He trains with J H Action Fighters in Southbourne.


Extra-curricular sports and activities

The school is pleased to offer a wide range of additional sports activities to cater for both Key Stages and response from the children has been enthusiastic.  

Active Soccer runs a football club for boys & girls in Reception – Year 4 that attend St Joseph’s Primary School. The session lasts for 1 hour each Wednesday from 3.30–4.30pm. To book or for further information contact Chris on or telephone 07832 266025.

Mudeford Phoenix Girls and Ladies FC have continued their popular football club for KS2 girls after school on Tuesdays during term time from 3.15pm to 4.45pm. The girls are given the opportunity to represent the school in arranged matches against other local schools. All Phoenix coaches are DBS checked. For more details contact Frank Hunt 07957 439091.

Also on offer after school is: 

Netball for years 5 and 6  on Mondays 

Circuits Club for Year 5 and Year 6 on Tuesdays – during one term each year.

Karate, from 3:15pm on Fridays – open to all year groups.

The School Football Team’s training takes place on Mondays.

There are also good cross-phase links with The Grange School and St.Peter’s School, with regular liaison between the respective subject leaders. 

The school is pleased with the enthusiastic pupil response to extra-curricular sports activities and will continue to seek opportunities to extend and improve what we have to offer.


Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium

Evidencing the Impact and Accountability 2016-2107


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