RE and Worship


R.E. at St Joseph’s

Jonah and the Whale Week – Year of Mercy

As a Catholic School, we consider the teaching and practice of the Catholic faith to be very important.  As well as being taught during lessons, it is practised regularly and frequently in all other aspects of school life. Everyone in the school aims to live out the St. Joseph’s mission statement, ‘We are all God’s children and will try to live, love, work and serve as Jesus taught us’, in their daily lives.  We encourage all in school to be the best that they can be by always working hard and treating others as they would like to be treated.

Throughout their time in school, children are given opportunities to develop their own prayer life through a variety of experiences.  Every day begins and ends with class prayers. As well as this, there is either a daily assembly or class worship, all of which are based upon scripture.  Throughout the year, we also celebrate masses and liturgies, which parents and friends are always welcome to attend.  Every classroom has its own prayer table, covered with a coloured cloth representing the time of the liturgical year, which is the main focal point during class worship.  Also, each class has their own R. E. display, sharing the story and asking key questions relating to the unit being studied.

We follow the Portsmouth Diocese ‘God Matters’ programme of work to teach R.E. throughout the school.  This programme helps the children to learn about scripture, the messages the scripture conveys and most importantly how it is relevant to them in their lives today.  It both challenges the children’s thinking and encourages reflection.  Over the year we cover ten different units, following the Catholic Church’s liturgical year, starting with Creation in the autumn term and ending with Sacraments in the summer.

R. E. is celebrated through the school.  At the end of each of the ten units studied, each teacher chooses one piece of work to go in the R. E. Best Book for everyone to see.  This book is displayed in the school. In June, one child from each of the KS2 classes is chosen by their teacher for outstanding work in R. E. to accompany Miss Buxton to the Good Shepherd Mass celebrated by the Bishop at Portsmouth Cathedral.

Our aim for all of the children is to develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith and a loving relationship with God.


Dear Heavenly Father

Friends of all children

Bless our school here in


Bless the pupils

and the staff

who work here.

You chose St. Joseph

to be the father of Jesus.

Help us to serve you as he did,

and to live, love, work and serve

as Jesus taught us.