Pond dipping at Honeybrook Farm


The Reception children have now had their first school trip. We enjoyed a fantastic day out at Honeybrook Farm and were lucky with good weather too!

This year we have a large cohort so we split into two groups to do the activities. This helped with the supervision at the pond and not one child fell in this year! All the rain we have had recently meant the pond was very full and soggy around the edges but the mud just made it more fun. We all had dipping nets and everyone found some of the amazing creatures that live in the pond. The children pulled out Toad Tadpoles, Great Diving Beetle Larvae, Pond Skaters and spire snails to name just a few. Some of the children could confidently identify a Spire Snail from a Rams’ Horn Snail at a glance.

We ate our lunch at a long table in the old barn and we had a ride on the huge old rocking horse in there.

There was a visit to the rabbits and guinea pigs and a chance to feed the goats and look for eggs in the hen house. The lambs were really very happy jumping around in their pen and they were even noisier than our children. All this and a play on the large new climbing frame in the play area meant that we had a fun-packed day. Not so surprising then that several children were asleep on the journey home. I think some of our adult helpers would have liked to join them too, given the chance. But those who didn’t fall asleep were still very excited and very chatty about all they had done in the day. Thank you to all those helpers, we could not do it without you.