Policies and Forms

We are committed to the Equality Act 2010 and also to a culture of inclusion, support and awareness throughout the school. Our school’s Accessibility Plan is compliant with current legislation as outlined in the Equality Act 2010. It outlines how we support pupils, staff and visitors with disabilities in our school. The Accessibility Plan also explains the facilities available to assist access to the school by pupils with disabilities. This includes access to the physical environment, the curriculum, to auxiliary aids and equipment and to written information. The school also has three Equality Objectives each year within the School Improvement Plan that support our commitment to equal opportunity. In relation to the admission of disabled pupils, the school’s Admissions policy takes account of the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998. The governing body administer the policy with fairness and with impartiality. Equality Impact Evaluations are completed for all policies ratified by the governing body of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

Paper copies are available upon request.


School Policies

To view our policies please click on the following links:

Admission Policies                                Admissions

Accessibility Strategy and Plan            Accessibility Plan 2017-18

Assessment Policy                               Assessment policy 2017 (1)

Child Protection Policy                          Child Protection Policy 2018

Health and Safety Policy                      Health and Safety Policy 2016

Equality Objectives                               Equality Objectives 2017-18

Attendance Policy                                Attendance Policy and Guidance 2017-18

PE Policy                                             Christchurch PE Policy 2019-2020

Home School Agreement                    Home School Agreement

Handwriting Policy                               Handwriting Policy 2019

Homework Policy                                 Homework policy 2017

Behaviour Policy                                  Behaviour Policy (for update with CPOMs) – Updated Feb 19

Medical Conditions                              Supporting children with medical conditions and managing medicines – model policy – October2014 (amended Oct 2018)

Charging Policy                                    Charging and Remissions Policy 2016 re-ratified Jan 19

Complaints Policy                                Complaints Procedure (DFE Model_updated_15032019)

Special Educational Needs Policy      Please see our SEND page

Learning and Teaching Policy            St Joseph’s Learning and Teaching Policy[1]St Joseph’s Privacy Notice Parents and Pupils May 2018 version 2

Community Cohesion Policy              Community Cohesion Policy[1]


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

St Joseph’s Data Protection Policy 2018 St Josephs Data Protection Policy May 2018

St Joseph’s Privacy Notice for School Workforce  St Joseph’s Privacy Notice for_school_workforce version 2

St Joseph’s Privacy Notice for Parents and Pupils 2018 St Joseph’s Privacy Notice Parents and Pupils May 2018 version 2


Forms Available On-line

Please use the following links to access copies of school Forms:

Overall General Permission Slip:        General permission form 2020

Cycling to School Permit:                    Cycling to school form 2020

Permission to Administer Medicine:    Medication form

Parent mail Registration:                     Parent mail letter home 2020