Pirates of the Curry Bean

On Thursday 11th of July Year 6 took the stage to perform the Pirates of the Curry Bean. This amusing performance was all about a mother, Pearl (Olivia) who gets kidnapped by the Pirates of the Curry Bean in 1728. Her children, Jack and Liza (Aaron and Lourdes), set off to another boat, The Crunchy Frog, to become members of their crew to begin a search for their missing mother. But through a tragic storm they end up somewhere they only have ever dreamed of.

Their first thought was ‘It’s just an island!’ But little did they know their long lost father, who had disappeared many years ago, was closer than they thought…

It was a very good comedy and year 6 did really well with learning lines and acting!” Lourdes

“Thank you Mrs Loader and Mrs Rippon for giving us a great play!” Chiara

“As we performed the room filled with smiles, laughter and cheering (plus some boos and hissing!) None of this play would be possible without Mrs Rippon, Mrs Loader and Mrs Jung. So thank you so much” Jodie