Park and Stride


Walk to School!

We regularly hold ‘walk to school’ weeks and they are always a great success. We are really impressed with the effort families take to walk or cycle to school during those weeks and sometimes the children enjoy it so much that they continue to do it permanently. The children love our ‘walking bus’ and we sometimes count over 80 children using this service. We must say a big thank you to the parents/grandparents/child-minders who help us and help to keep the children safe.

We are also very grateful to The Somerford Beefeater who have become our official Park and Stride location. This means that you can park there safely at the beginning and end of the day and walk the short distance to drop off or collect your children. Children who do this enjoy the fact that they are actually walking a short distance.

The Walk to School campaign promotes the benefits of walking to school. It is run by the UK charity “Living Streets” – have a look at their website