Our Golden Anniversary

20 March 2013

Dear Parents

As you will know from previous newsletters we are celebrating 50 years of our school being on the Somerford site. Previous to this the school had been located next to the parish church at Purewell.

We decided that a good time to celebrate this special anniversary would be 1st May, the feast of St Joseph the Worker. I am pleased we went for this date rather than yesterday – also the feast of St Joseph but a rather chilly one at that!

We have lots of things planned to commemorate our 50th that hopefully our children will enjoy and remember for some time. However, there are a few things I want to share in good time with you.

We are hoping to be celebrating an outside Mass on Wednesday 1st May at 11am. We are currently looking into hiring a marque that will accommodate more than the school hall should it rain. If we are having to use the hall then space will be more limited for parents, however, whatever the weather all parents are invited to a picnic lunch for 12.15 onwards. If nice this will be outside- as in previous years; if raining then we shall picnic inside, around the school!  After Easter I will send out another letter so numbers are known so we can give you a treat of a scone with cream- just a little post-picnic gift for our parents or grandparents. We invite all family and friends to wear an item of gold on the day- I already have ordered my “gold” jacket – just hoping it is the colour it appeared online!

On Friday 3rd May we are inviting the children to come dressed in 1960s costume, marking the fact our school was opened 1963 – the year of the Beatles’ debut album Please Please Me, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones being enjoyed by many, the American Civil rights movement being led by Martin Luther King was having momentous impact, while the assassination of JFK shocked the world and the 1st episode of Doctor Who came to those who actually had a TV! Below are some ideas for you to get going with – if you are stuck or unsure we also welcome best party clothes for the Friday!

As I mentioned we have lots planned and the PTA will be supporting us throughout the week, allowing us to make it a special time for all. I just wanted to let you know in advance anything that may need a bit of notice and forward planning.

Best wishes and hoping you can join us for the Mass if the weather is dry and the picnic lunch even if it isn’t!

Louise Buxton


1960s Fancy Dress – Looking for ideas?

Think of…

The Beatles / Cliff Richard and Summer Holiday / The Beach Boys / The Monkees /Elvis Presley / Sandi Shaw/Mods and Rockers

Famous characters of the 1960’s such as Thunderbirds / Batman / Star Trek / The Flintstones

How about?

Beach shirts and shorts

Drain pipe jeans and trousers

Shirts with pencil thin ties

Braces for boys


Waist coats / gilets

Tank tops

Blocks of colour / flowery patterns / bold stripes


Turtle neck tops

Long boots

Mini dresses (not too mini!)

Above all, have fun recreating the look of the 1960’s (or if really stuck come in your best party gear- but no football shirts please- unless retro!)