Our Day at the London Paralympics

On Wednesday 5th September 2012, we were lucky enough to go to the London Paralympics because our letters about why we wanted to go to the Paralympics with Mrs Dayantis were chosen out of our class!

Our journey started at Ringwood car park at 5.00am… So we had a really early start! From there we were driven to Kew, which took an hour and a half, and then parked outside Mrs Dayantis’ friend’s house. We had a quick walk to the overground station at Kew. It took us 50 minutes to get to Stratford where the Olympic park is, and this was the best part of the journey. As we approached we could see the stadium, the aquatic centre, the spiralling red structure and the biggest McDonalds in the world. We were there so early that the athletics stadium was still closed so we all went to McDonalds for a hot drink and Patrick had a bagel.

Then we went into the Megastore and had a look round. Mrs Dayantis bought a T-shirt and some flags for us. 

After that we were able to find our seats in the stadium. Our first glimpse of the stadium was overwhelming! We felt really special to be there.

At first there were not that many spectators but it soon filled up. We watched lots of events, including David Weir in his heat and collecting his gold medal from the previous day. We saw long jumpers with Cerebral Palsy, blind relay, wheelchair discus and shot-put, 100m Blade runners’ heats and 200m wheelchair races. It was really exciting cheering on the athletes. The noise from the crowd was amazing.

We all did a Mexican wave which was great fun as we felt part of the crowd. We met two children from a school in Bristol and had lunch with them in McDonalds. We both had Happy Meals.

After lunch we walked around the Olympic Village and the made our way back to the station. We got to Kew and had refreshment at Mrs Dayantis’ friend’s house before travelling back home. We both fell asleep for the whole journey.

We had a fantastic day out at the Paralympics with Mrs Dayantis and went home exhausted but happy!